Love what you do: 5 NYC tech companies hiring now

Liz Warren

With a typical work week averaging 40 to 50 hours, it’s important to love your job. If you’re not feeling those butterflies at your current 9-5, it might be time to move on. Luckily, there are some awesome companies currently looking for professionals just like you. 


What they do: The Trade Desk helps buyers in advertising technology manage display, mobile and video advertising campaigns.

Coolest perks: Employees at The Trade Desk have flexible hours (great news for early risers and night owls alike), office breakfasts and lunches and a fully stocked fridge. The company also offers stock options and a 401(k) match program.

Note from an insider: “We're always looking for strong, curious and collaborative engineers across all disciplines,” said CTO Dave Pickles. “We face a wide range of challenging problems, whether it’s scaling to handle 6M QPS, reporting on PB scale data, creating a responsive, efficient and beautiful UI or enabling our internal teams to do more with less friction. There’s something for everybody! Our culture is innovative, energetic and fun. Those aren’t perks — they're just the way we do business.”


What they do: Stash Invest is a financial services company that caters to investment newbies. They provide access and education to anyone in the U.S. looking to start investing in their futures.

Coolest perks: Stash provides employees with creature comforts like weekly catered lunches, happy hours and cold brew and beer on tap. Even cooler, though, is what they offer for personal development. Employees get an annual $1,500 learning and development stipend, along with “Stash lab Fridays,” where they can spend the day working on passion projects.

Note from an insider: "We’re focused on bringing on top talent that can provide incremental value to the team,” said Dale Sperling, CMO. “If you are kick ass at what you do, you’ll have every opportunity to shine, regardless of your title or reporting structure.”  


What they do: Shutterstock is an online marketplace for commercial digital images, videos and music. They’re the ones to thank for a ton of the beautiful imagery you see online.

Coolest perks: Shutterstock offers employees a number of ways to keep a work/life balance, starting with 21 days of paid vacation days. They also have fitness and tuition reimbursement programs, along with weekly yoga classes and lunchtime meditation.

Note from an insider: "We're looking for team members who are passionate, innovative and collaborative," said CTO Marty Brodbeck. "Ideal candidates should have a combination of solid software development skills and the ability to craft creative solutions to complex problems that improve the lives of our customers."


What they do: JW Player is an online video software company that provides video hosting, live streaming and video analytics for its customers. Its flagship product, the JW Player, is deployed on over 2 million websites and streams billions of videos each month.

Coolest perks: Working at JW Player means you get unlimited PTO and the option to work from home. When you do come into the office, there’s a nice array of yoga balls, standing desks and ping pong tables available to anyone who wants to take advantage of them.

What they look for: Positive, ambitious professionals who are passionate about all things video. Candidates should thrive in a fast-paced, constantly evolving environment.


What they do: BCG Digital Ventures is a corporate investment and venture development firm dedicated to inventing, building and launching businesses.

Coolest perks: In addition to a competitive salary and fun office environment, BCG offers a different take on corporate venture capitalism. Every day, you get to see many exciting, disruptive digital ventures being incubated and commercialized.

What they look for: Passionate pioneers across any and all verticals, including venture architecture, product management, marketing and finance. BCG employees are self starters eager to innovate and grow.


Photos via featured companies.

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