What's in your workout shake? Revere launches today to make sure you always know

Liz Warren

Newly launched fitness nutrition startup Revere today announced a $2 million seed funding round. The subscription-based service delivers a monthly kit of customized pre- and post- workout formula, and says natural, plant-based ingredients are the way to go.  

“Many people are unaware of how much sugar, protein or calcium they’re putting in their body before or after a workout,” said CEO and co-founder Matthew Scott. “It’s damaging to guzzle a juice right after you hit the gym, as they typically have about 20 to 30 grams of sugar. It’s also damaging to chug one of the many popular protein shakes and powders. The ingredients are murky at best, and filled with chemicals at worst.”

That’s what inspired the creation of Revere. Users visit the site and create individual profiles that capture data like age, gender and weight, as well as information on their fitness routines. From there, Revere’s algorithms curate tailored kits that include ingredients with specific benefits, like sweet potatoes to fuel your brain and muscles and tart cherry to defend against muscle damage and minimize soreness. You’ll always know exactly what you’re drinking, and you can rest assured that it’s natural and nutritious.

“We have a founding team and advisory board comprised of Ph.D nutritionists and professional athletic trainers — including co-founder Mike Barwis, a trainer to elite athletes and senior advisor to the New York Mets — who have spent years researching these ingredients and understanding what our body needs to perform at its maximum,” said Scott. “We’re taking the guesswork out of finding the right nutritional products for you.”

Mets aside, launching in New York was no accident. Manhattan is arguably the epicenter of the modern fitness movement, and the perfect place to start a business like this.

“We’re thrilled to call NYC our home and have the support and insight that is so intertwined with what this community offers,” said Scott. “It’s nearly impossible to walk down a block without passing a boutique fitness studio or gym. This enthusiasm for health, wellness and fitness have created an incredibly vibrant community.”

The funding will be used for continuous product research and development, as well as for growing the team.


Image via featured company.

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