5 NYC marketing tech companies changing the way brands connect with consumers

Liz Warren

Let’s face it: people hate ads. To no one’s surprise, a 2016 HubSpot survey found that 70 and 73 percent of people dislike mobile and pop-up ads, respectively. Brands need to be more creative and strategic in how they connect with their audience, and as always, tech is here to save the day. These local startups are changing the way companies find and interact with consumers.


4C takes a behind-the-scenes approach to connecting with consumers. They created a solution that lets brands plan, buy and measure media across channels and devices. Their technology uses a special algorithm to track consumer behavior so they always know which messaging resonates with their audience.


People are more receptive to peer reviews than they are blatant marketing. Yotpo is a service that uses this strategy to connect brands with their target audience in just two steps. First, a customer gets asked to rate a product they just bought, and then the review is shared on the brand’s social media sites.


Conversational marketing is a more human way of connecting with consumers and creates an authentic way of promoting a product or service. Snaps is a platform that powers chatbots, iMessage apps and media buying for brands that want to interact with their audience in a more personal way. Companies can deliver messages straight to customers’ phones and have real-time conversations. There’s even an emoji keyboard for brands that are lifestyle-focused.


Sometimes, the best marketing strategy is to find brand ambassadors who can do all the promoting for you. Dovetale is a service that uses image recognition software to help brands connect to engaged, influential consumers. Brands simply upload an image, choose a follower range and receive matching results. From there, they choose influencers that best represent their product or service.


Gen.video is a company that helps with influencer marketing through video storytelling. Users can either create their own videos and use the platform to syndicate them with Amazon, or they can choose a full-service approach that creates, distributes and reports on videos on behalf of brands.


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