Taylor Majewski

Taylor Majewski

Staff Writer
Built In NYC


Taylor Majewski is a staff writer covering tech news in New York City for Built In.

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2015 - current
Built In NYC
Staff Writer

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Taylor Majewski
Venture capital investments in New York City continued to skyrocket in July, raising $1.3 billion in total fundings. The top five rounds alone raised $1 billion. Here’s a look at those investment deals.ArtsyView Profile »Follow5. Artsy, $50 million, July 18
VIEWS: 736
Taylor Majewski
A sound internal culture is the backbone of most successful tech companies.But in today’s competitive landscape, how do you build a genuinely healthy and rewarding work culture that attracts and retains employees?Smart AdServer has a few ideas in mind.
VIEWS: 640
Taylor Majewski
A startup’s mission defines what the organization is, why it exists and what goal it’s working toward. A powerful mission has the power to attract talent aligned with its goals — people who genuinely care about the company’s cause. And when mission and culture converge,...
VIEWS: 543
Taylor Majewski
The discipline it takes to become a successful entrepreneur in your twenties is no easy feat. It’s often a decade people reserve for entry-level jobs, friends and serious soul searching, but some young New York tech leaders have used their twenties to launch companies and disrupt industries.
VIEWS: 848

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