Taylor Majewski

Taylor Majewski

Staff Writer
Built In NYC


Taylor Majewski is a staff writer covering tech news in New York City for Built In.

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Built In NYC
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Taylor Majewski
The renovated kitchen at Domino's new NYC headquartersSweeten’s founding story is one often heard in the tech industry — an individual encounters a problem in their own life, decides to fix it and succeeds. In this case, architect Jean Brownhill was renovating her home in Brooklyn...
VIEWS: 500
VIEWS: 918
Taylor Majewski
Some of New York City’s fastest growing, innovative tech companies are kicking up their hiring efforts. Here are five tech companies on the hunt for new talent this month. TransferWiseview open jobsView Profile »
VIEWS: 6,005
Taylor Majewski
Ryan Williams started his first business when he was 13.He sold the company, which allowed people to buy and sell sports apparel, when he was a freshman at Harvard University.
VIEWS: 1,615
Taylor Majewski
Diversity is a hot-button issue in the tech industry.Systemic gender inequalities have shaped the industry writ-large, especially when it comes to STEM-centric jobs.
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