Taylor Majewski

Taylor Majewski

Staff Writer
Built In NYC


Taylor Majewski is a staff writer covering tech news in New York City for Built In.

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2015 - current
Built In NYC
Staff Writer

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Taylor Majewski
Since the 1920s, the American advertising industry has made its headquarters in New York City, with the world’s largest agencies sprinkled along Madison Avenue. While advertising firms have long since expanded throughout Manhattan and into other boroughs, the industry is also evolving by way...
VIEWS: 1,429
Taylor Majewski
Bootstrapping a company is no easy feat, especially when it's up against the deep pockets of a venture-backed competitor.But when successful, bootstrapping a startup leads to more control over your company and a scrappier culture at large. While few of New York’s tech companies have...
VIEWS: 5,526
Taylor Majewski
When it comes to swanky, immaculately designed office space, the tech industry knows what it's doing. Though real estate is hard to come by in New York, local startups recognize the importance of creating spaces where people feel at home.We asked three New York tech companies about what...
VIEWS: 3,265
Taylor Majewski
When it comes to hiring for designers, finding the right people is a defining moment for a growing startup. The best design talent must be able to craft products with the potential to be used by millions of people around the world, catering to the complex interactions people have online. We caught...
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Taylor Majewski
Using Data Science to Understand Student Learning Pathways, May 23 at 6:30 p.m.
VIEWS: 908

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