Taylor Majewski

Taylor Majewski

Staff Writer
Built In NYC


Taylor Majewski is a staff writer covering tech news in New York City for Built In.

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2015 - current
Built In NYC
Staff Writer

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Taylor Majewski
Martech company Zeta Global raises $140 million
VIEWS: 863
Taylor Majewski
Some of New York City’s fastest growing, innovative tech companies are kicking up their hiring efforts. Here are five tech companies on the hunt for new talent this month.theSkimmview open jobsView Profile »
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Taylor Majewski
Bringing your pet to work is still a rare perk by and large, but one of the implicit benefits of working in the tech industry is the nearly universal acceptance of dogs in the office.Pet-friendly work environments can reduce stress, boost productivity and improve morale — and you don’t...
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Taylor Majewski
Long known for its fashion scene, New York City is a natural home to beauty companies too. The latest batch puts new products and recommendations at women's fingertips. Here are four with a strong foundation in the technology industry.Birchbox View Profile »Follow
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Taylor Majewski
Somewhere in between the rise of coworking and the on-demand market, Convene is creating a ‘workplace-as-as-service’ platform. The company operates a network of on-demand meeting and event venues — it and is already by used by companies like Facebook, Google, Bloomberg and Verizon...
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