5 NYC startups about to bust out of beta

by Taylor Majewski
April 20, 2016

In startupland, maintaining foresight is imperative. The technology industry is, in many ways, the invisible hand guiding and shaping society’s future, and startups tend to work in anticipation of the years (or decades) ahead.

Earlier this year, we showed you 50 of New York’s future-forming startups that are already making waves in the tech industry. And so far, we’ve been pretty impressed with this group (as exemplified here, here and here).

Flash forward three months, and we think it’s time to take a look into the future again. This time, we rounded up a list of NYC startups that are still in beta. Take a look:

Next week, Smart Alec will be launching from its headquarters in Soho. The startup offers an on-demand in-person tutoring service to enable students to find the best local tutors for same-day help (within 1-2 hours). The company’s fleet of tutors (located throughout Manhattan and North Brooklyn) will teach students in middle school through college in all subjects. Smart Alec is honing in on the power of tech to connect people through a first-of-its-kind academic-personality matching algorithm and a proprietary scheduler that calculates travel time on the fly.


Around the Blox is a subscription service that provides a monthly, curated box of tickets and vouchers to activities in your city. While services such as Birchbox or Try the World provide their subscribers with awesome goodies, Around the Blox wants to give experiences to its customers.


Grab Coffee is a social networking service that makes it easy to share and promote your work in order to connect with like-minded people in the startup sphere. The app will let you upload four links (i.e. LinkedIn profile, SoundCloud page or a site you coded) so other users can peruse your work. The company aims to connect developers, designers, writers, investors and other startup figures to foster real-life collaboration.


This startup wants to make sure you never chase down a taco truck again. Food Moves is a mobile marketplace for food trucks that sources trucks’ real-time location information and live menus, so you’ll always know exactly where to find Coolhaus or The Morris Truck.

Artificial intelligence is breaking into the world of finance. XOBI is a virtual assistant for personal finance, giving users instant knowledge on their spending. Using an intuitive and sleek interface, XOBI records its users’ expenditures and streamlines a journal of finances into an easy-to-access library.


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