4 NYC tech companies whose tools will protect your data

August 2, 2016

Cyber crime is increasingly becoming one of the most serious threats to national, corporate and personal security out there. Even Mark Zuckerberg had his Twitter account hacked just last month. But this is bigger than Twitter. Back in 2014, the names, addresses, telephone numbers and emails of 76 million homes were compromised at JPMorgan Chase. And then in just these past few weeks, amid a chaotic convention season, it was revealed that Russian forces hacked the Democratic National Convention computers. Whether you’re looking out for you own private accounts, larger corporate accounts that protect not only your own data but the data of your clients, or entire governments, we all would stand to benefit from a much more serious approach to cyber security.

These four companies will help you keep your information secure:

Dashlane offers a secure password manager and digital wallet. Their free password manager automatically imports passwords from Chrome into a secure password vault, saving passwords as you browse. Their auto login allows you to avoid ever typing passwords again. When websites are breached, you get notified. Dash’s online wallet stores all of your payment types, allowing for express, secure checkout and form filling wherever you shop. It also captures every one of your receipts, automatically.

Security Scorecard is a security rating platform that continuously monitors third party vulnerabilities and security gaps that could compromise your company’s safety. They use open source intelligence, proprietary data and data feeds to collect and correlate hundreds of security risk indicators to deliver the most accurate rating on the market.

These days more and more actors are coordinating illicit activities on the dark web, and Flashpoint has emerged to help protect companies when they are at risk of attack. They work to discover and monitor previously concealed illicit activity, and then notify the security teams of targeted organizations that they are at increased risk. Awareness of a looming attack is the first step for companies to protect themselves.

Socure is a digital identity verification platform that offers solutions to verify the authenticity of a new user, verify an existing user for fraud, or to evaluate risk levels in a transaction. They apply machine learning techniques with biometrics and data intelligence from social media, email and phone IP and the internet at large to help organizations reduce fraud rates, compliance and annual review costs. They’re currently predicting fraud in over 180 countries.

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