Can tech improve sex? 5 NYC startups innovating in the bedroom

by Anthony Sodd
February 14, 2017

Technology has likely touched just about every part of our lives — except one. As much as we rely on technology to satisfy our every desire, there remains surprisingly little of it in the bedroom. While an analog sex life is the norm, there is a wave of young startups taking on the world of sex. Here are five NYC-based sextech companies innovating in the bedroom.


Make Love, Not Porn is a website dedicated to inspiring openness about real sexual relationships as opposed to those depicted in the porn industry. It’s a simple website where users can submit questions that are then answered frankly and without any pornographic spin. The project is the brainchild of Cindy Gallop, who is something of a serial sextech entrepreneur. Make Love, Not Porn recently launched in beta.


Another Cindy Gallop project, All The Sky Holdings claims the title as the world’s first and only sextech fund. Apparently, traditional venture capital firms haven't been eager to fund companies working on sextech projects, and many of the companies on this list were, in fact, crowdfunded. This fund aims to help normalize the industry and provide much-needed financial assistance to get good projects off the ground. Interested investors are encouraged to reach out to Gallop. 


Unbound Box is a subscription box service that delivers a curated selection of high quality, innovative erotic products to your door. If you’re not sure you’re ready to spring for a subscription, they also offer one-off boxes aimed at couples or to be used as gifts. You’re guaranteed to be as excited to see the FedEx delivery person as Fido is when he sees his BarkBox. The company also donates 6.9 percent of their profits to nonprofits that support female sexual health and wellness. 


House of Plume is an e-commerce company that specializes in making storage containers for sex toys. Their toy chests are discrete but offer common-sense things like a slot in the back to accommodate a charging cord and a small lock. They even use an antibacterial coating to discourage germs. House of Plume was the first adult brand to be accepted by Kickstarter. 


Outhouz makes the adult-themed video game ‘Triple X Tycoon,’ which you can download on Steam. The simulation game, which was funded through Indigogo, centers around an executive in the adult industry who must make hard choices in order to create a successful pornography studio. You hire performers, sabotage your competitors and navigate consumer trends as you move from a motel to a studio to a mansion. It’s kind of like Rollercoaster Tycoon, only the sounds of screaming do not come from people on roller coasters.

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