5 apps that are here to give you the real New York experience

by Liz Warren
September 20, 2017

There are tons of movies, shows and songs about NYC, and for good reason: This city is pretty freaking cool. The New York experience — where everyone works and plays hard; where nobody sleeps and everyone moves at lightning speed — is exactly how it appears in the media, and there are homegrown apps that are here to make sure you get a taste. Download some of these right now, whether you’re just visiting or here for the long haul.


Famously known for its nightlife, NYC is never void of hip events, and Round is here to make sure you never miss out on something good. By aggregating all the events happening in the city, the technology finds the ones near you and gives you insight into how they’re going. The app shows you a map of nearby events and emojis that reflect how organizers and attendees are enjoying themselves.

Did you know? They’re currently working on a secret algorithm for personalized event recommendations.


There are thousands of bars and restaurants in this city, and new ones open up on the daily. You’ll need some recommendations, and not just from anyone. Etch is here to give you real suggestions from people you actually know and trust. Users save and rate the places they visit — information that can only be seen by their friends on the app.

Did you know? The app was founded by a group of former Twitter employees.


NYC is home to a huge network of freelancers — most of whom are working on a number of different projects and any given moment. AND CO is an app that helps make freelancers’ lives just a bit less chaotic by streamlining their entire workflow, from pitching to payment.

Did you know? The team made a documentary that follows around a few NYC freelancers.


Even the most frugal people have a hard time saving money in New York, as the city is notorious for draining bank accounts. That’s why Clarity Money was founded. The app negotiates with your service providers to get you the best rates, helps you set up bank accounts, cancels subscriptions you no longer want and recommends which credit card you should open. It’s a budgeting tool that gives you total transparency into your finances.

Did you know? They were featured on Apple’s “New apps we love” earlier this year.


Hater is the dating app that connects locals who hate the same things — AKA the most New York way of forming close interpersonal bonds. Founded in Brooklyn, the app asks users to rate how they feel about certain subjects, from the phrase “YOLO” to paying extra for guacamole. The app’s technology then pairs users accordingly.

Did you know? The company recently made waves for its controversial marketing campaign, which included the caption “Love through hate” alongside an animated image of certain world leaders spooning.


Images via Shutterstock.

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