GAN Integrity just raised $15M to revolutionize compliance

January 9, 2019
GAN Integrity
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“Compliance” isn’t exactly the sexiest term in technology, but it’s undoubtedly one of the most important. When some of the of-the-moment apps fade away, companies like GAN Integrity plan on standing firm as bulwarks of the industry — and they just raised another $15 million to prove it.

CEO and co-founder Thomas Sehested explained that the funds would be used to “continue to expand globally. Businesses worldwide are challenged to manage their growing third-party relationships, new regulations and enterprise risk as they seek growth and new markets,” he continued. “One misstep and a company can find itself buried under fines, penalties and public backlash. This funding will aid us in growing our global customer base and continuing to provide [companies] with advanced compliance management solutions.”

Founded in 2004, GAN Integrity has since remained on the cutting-edge of compliance and regulatory technology. In its current incarnation, GAN Integrity helps businesses of all types maintain compliance in a single, streamlined cloud-based platform. GAN Integrity also incorporates features like training, risk management and reporting into its toolkit.

This funding will aid us in growing our global customer base.”

In 2018, the company debuted GAN Connect, a robust new version of its platform, with updated innovations such as third-party relationship management tools and features to ensure GDPR compliance. “The platform enables global organizations to flexibly tailor the platform for specific needs and business processes across risk, policy, due diligence, requests, investigations and training,” Sehested explained. By year’s end, GAN Integrity was able to reap the fruits of its innovation, and closed out 2018 having more than doubled its customer base revenue.

Now, GAN Integrity is continuing its string of successes with a brand new funding of $15 million. Aquiline Technology Growth with existing investors such as Edison Partners also participating. The fresh funds are not a traditional funding round, but a funding specifically targeted at company growth.

We love this city and the amazing talent available here has helped fuel our growth.”

While GAN Integrity may seek new clients internationally, they have the New York City advantage behind the scenes.

“We love this city and the amazing talent available here has helped fuel our growth,” said Sehested. “As GAN continues its journey, we will continue to pull in the best and brightest the New York has to offer. And with access to the greatest variety of business partners, NYC will always remain our competitive advantage.”

GAN Integrity has proven its ability to keep major global companies in working, regulated order. 2019 might just be a victory lap.

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