11 NYC UX Design Courses and Classes for Stunning Digital Experiences

October 9, 2019

With digital technology constantly advancing at breakneck speeds, it's vital that the ways users interact with websites, apps and other digital forms be placed at a premium. Individuals and teams who are managing digital enterprises today must have an understanding of the best practices for user experience in order to deliver a product that not only performs well and delivers an ROI, but is friendly enough to make sure users will return multiple times. The challenge comes not only in keeping up with developing UX standards, but also in updating legacy digital environments to continue competing in the modern era.

Luckily, developing the tools and techniques needed to master proper UX workflow is far from out of reach. Whether you're a professional looking to enhance your skillset or a team that wants to grow alongside the top of the pack, these 11 UX design courses and classes in NYC provide everything you need to learn for modernizing user experiences and keeping digital offerings well above water. 

Top UX Design Courses in NYC

  • Pratt Institute
  • American Graphics Institute
  • BrainStation
  • The Flatiron School
  • General Assembly
  • Imparture
  • New York Institute of Technology


Pratt Institute UX design courses classes nyc
Pratt Institute

Founded: 1887

Course Levels: Beginner, Intermediate

Tech Classes Offered: UX/UI, Digital Design, Digital Product Design, Motion Graphics, Web Design, CAD Design

About the School: Nontraditional students looking to study a variety of industries can feel welcomed at Pratt Institute’s School of Continuing and Professional Studies. Of the school’s variety of tech and design courses, the UX/UI Mobile Design Certificate stands out by providing students with the building blocks for becoming a UX/UI designer, working through each step until the student understands best practices for UX.


American Graphics Institute UX design courses classes NYC
American Graphics Institute

Founded: 1995

Course Levels: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Tech Classes Offered: UX/UI, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Web Design, Wordpress, Adobe Creative Suite, Apple software

About the School: Offering a wide variety of classes in coding, design and accessibility, the American Graphics Institute’s UX classes are led by a team of industry experts and cover mandatory skills for any expertise. The UX Design Principles class provides everything needed to learn UX basics, while the UX Design Portfolio workshop gives experts a chance to create professional-level projects, along with plenty of offerings in-between.


Brainstation UX design courses classes NYC

Founded: 2012

Course Levels: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Tech Classes Offered: UX/UI, Python, Machine Learning, HTML, CSS, Adobe Creative Suite, Google Analytics

About the School: With a bevy of locations nationwide and online courses available as well, Brainstation is a global leader in providing digital-learning skills to professionals looking to boost their careers. The User Experience Design course helps students discover insights in user research, information architecture, sketching/wireframing and prototyping while the Design Thinking course highlights the industry’s top UX techniques.


Fashion Institute of Technology ux design classes courses NYC
Fashion Institute of Technology

Founded: 1944

Course Levels: Beginner, Intermediate

Tech Classes Offered: UX/UI, Adobe Creative Suite, 3D Modeling, Web Design, Data Analytics

About the School: An institution noted for developing top minds in the fashion and design industries, FIT provides industry-leading expertise to working adults at its Center for Continuing and Professional Studies. The UX Design certificate program is tailored towards graphic and web designers looking to add top UX abilities to their skillset, providing the education and environment needed to begin building a quality UX portfolio.


The Flatiron School UX design courses classes NYC
The Flatiron School

Founded: 2012

Course Levels: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Tech Classes Offered: UX/UI, JavaScript, Ruby, HTML, CSS, Data Science, Software Engineering

About the School: Offering fully-immersive and bootcamp-style classes to make students interview-ready in as little as six months, The Flatiron School is a leader in professional development. The UX/UI Design course provides 900+ hours of training over 24 weeks, teaching students UX, UI, IxD and IA fundamentals before choosing an area of focus and developing an interview-ready portfolio.


General Assembly UX design courses classes NYC
General Assembly

Founded: 2011

Course Levels: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Tech Classes Offered: UX/UI, Full-Stack Development, Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React

About the School: General Assembly has pioneered careers for over 40,000 students-turned-tech professionals, providing access to the skills needed to jump into a brand-new career. UX classes are available for students of any level of expertise, and the hands-on User Experience Design Bootcamp takes students all the way from understanding fundamentals to prototyping their newly-acquired UX practices.


Imparture UX design courses classes NYC

Founded: 2012

Course Levels: Intermediate, Advanced

Tech Classes Offered: UX/UI, Google Analytics, Product Management

About the School: With both on-site and online classes available, Imparture has trained over 15,000 professionals looking to advance their careers with business development skills. User Experience Design & Testing is an intensive, two-day training workshop teaching students practical UX skills in order to understand behavior and master user-centered design, providing up-to-date industry insights and best practices for shifting to a UX-first workflow.


Kingsborough Community College UX design courses classes NYC
Kingsborough Community College

Founded: 1963

Course Levels: Intermediate, Advanced

Tech Classes Offered: UX/UI, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, Web Design

About the School: Kingsborough Community College provides Brooklynites and all New Yorkers with access to over 38 associate degrees and four certificate programs, including the Web Development and UX/UI CUNY TechWorks program. Students will take a hands-on approach to learning user interface aesthetics, JavaScript, HTML5/CSS programming, design and layout concepts, and multimedia integration fundamentals before developing a portfolio to showcase skills and knowledge to employers.


New York Institute of Technology UX design courses classes NYC
New York Institute of Technology

Founded: 1955

Course Levels: Advanced

Tech Classes Offered: UX/UI, VR, AR, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, C, Web Design, Computing Theory

About the School: The New York Institute of Technology's College of Arts & Sciences is one of the leading institutions for students looking to complete a bachelor’s or master’s degree in today’s leading fields. The UX/UI Design and Development, M.A. course is the pinnacle of UX education, providing students with the time, space and knowledge needed to become experts in designing user-based experiences and applying proper workflow to entire teams.


Noble Desktop UX design courses classes NYC
Noble Desktop

Founded: 1990

Course Levels: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Tech Classes Offered: UX/UI, HTML, CSS, Ruby, Python, SQL, Wordpress, JavaScript, Adobe Creative Suite

About the School: Providing a hands-on way for professional students to develop digital design and development techniques, Noble Desktop features courses on Web Development, Illustrator, Python, SQL AutoCAD and many more. The UX Design Bootcamp provides students with the fundamentals of engaging with users, concept development and prototyping, while the UX & UI Design Certificate goes even deeper into creating effective designs.


Spectrum Creative Consulting UX design courses classes NYC
Spectrum Creative Consulting

Course Levels: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Tech Classes Offered: UX/UI, HTML, CSS, Web Design, Adobe Creative Suite, 3D Modeling

About the School: Spectrum Creative Consulting offers both consulting and training services in a slew of digital and web design skills. The agency offers both individual and group training in programs like Photoshop, InDesign, AfterEffects, Squarespace and more, tailoring curriculum around the areas students would like to improve the most.


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