5 edtech companies innovating in the STEM space

October 10, 2017

Dip your toe into the national education discussion and you’ll hear passionate arguments for the value of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) in education. Proponents cite the fact that jobs in STEM fields are not only in high demand, but often high paying. This desire to strengthen STEM education is reflected in the New York tech space. Read on to learn about five edtech companies working to make it happen.


Kids love to play games on mobile devices, so why not build interactive games that also provide an education? That’s the thinking behind Matific’s platform, which provides interactive, engaging modular units. With a library of hundreds of activities, games and worksheets, the company provides a math-focused learning system for kids in grades K to 6.


No two kids learn at the same pace. This has long been a problem for both students and teachers, but Knowre is making it a mission to find a solution. The company has developed a technology that identifies student learning gaps and generates curriculum to fill in those gaps. The math-focused platform can be used both in a traditional classroom as well as by homeschool families.


Tiggly produces a line of toys and apps for kids to get them thinking about math and science as early as possible. The apps and toys work together to fuse the digital with the physical. By integrating their toys and learning apps together, Tiggly’s goal is to create an unrivaled learning experience for children. Their products are not just great for use at home, but also in the classroom.


It’s no secret that kids love watching videos, so what better way to trick them — ahem, encourage them — into enjoying science than giving them short, animated, science-focused video series. The videos target kids from grades 4 to 8, and each episode covers a different topic in the sciences. Associated with each video is a lesson for students to reinforce what was in the video.


Take a walk through Central Park and you’ll see as many kids tapping iPad screens as you will adults. Cupcake Digital capitalizes on this trend by developing apps for children that are both entertaining and educational. Their mobile games make use of iconic children’s characters like Shrek or Dora the Explorer, so parents have an easier time engaging their kids in activities that prepare them for the future of their education.


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