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Coupons Startups in NYC

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List of Coupons startups in NYC

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Consumer Web • Coupons
WalletHero is focused on providing deals and discounts to small business owners and startups. The startup partners with top brands such as Quickbooks, Vistaprint, and AT&T to get exclusive savings for its members. Along with deals, there's also buying guides, comparisons and more.
Local Employees
Coupons • Edtech
Good day my mates! You must know that, currently, I work as an assistant at Berryfields Medical Centre. This place was founded on 01-06-2007 with an identification code of Y01964. Q82 is the HLHG code of this institution.
Coupons • Mobile
Bindo is the one-stop iPad Point-of-Sale (POS) solution that connects local brick-and-mortar merchants to their customers, giving businesses a more cohesive and competitive technology solution that complements the ever-changing and dynamic needs of their consumers. With Bindo POS, businesses will be able to better manage their stores, keep track of...
New York
Coupons • Cloud
Oh boy! Three days ago was such a really strange day! However, I should start with telling you something about my work. I work as an assistant chef in a classic restaurant, in a gorgeous Chicago, in a grand IL state.
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