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Digital Media, Dedicated Diversity/Inclusion Staff

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Digital Media • News + Entertainment
Anchor makes it easy for anyone to start a podcast. We're a team that believes everyone should be able to create amazing things with audio, regardless of their background or experience level. That's why we've built a platform that lets you record, edit, distribute, promote, and monetize your podcast — from any device, for free.

Volunteer in local community
Partners with Nonprofits
Friends outside of work
Eat lunch together
Local Employees
New York
AdTech • Digital Media
DynAdmic can target viewers in real-time based on what they are about to watch. Using an AI proprietary audio recognition technology to understand what’s being spoken inside the videos. This is how we find the best ad placement for your message by creating an individualized ad exposure that grabs attention.

Eat lunch together
Open door policy
Open office floor plan
Dedicated Diversity/Inclusion Staff
Local Employees
New York