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At, we believe everyone deserves a helpful artificial intelligence assistant to give you back the hours spent in meeting scheduling ping-pong. We are building AI personal assistants (Amy and Andrew) that schedule meetings for you. This is a yet unsolved problem within AI, and a formidable technical challenge.

Our team has spent over 3 years building powerful, fundamental technology to allow us to solve the meeting scheduling problem. While we’ll always be working to make Amy and Andrew smarter, our next big challenge is scaling, to make them available to everyone in the world.

About You

First and foremost, you are excited about working with a development team that doesn't have all of the infrastructure and devops stuff "figured out" just yet, and you look forward to providing great impact via some minor improvements, some duct tape fixes, some paradigm changes and even some more sophisticated solutions to our needs. You love building the plumbing and structures that facilitate complex software being built, tested and deployed safely. You have solid experience with and knowledge of security concerns, and a knack for taking developer gripes and roadblocks and rolling out solutions that multiply those around you.

You’re humble, collaborative, can push and pull when discussing different approaches to solving problems and most of all, you care deeply about being part of a respectful group of engineers tackling a very difficult problem.

Challenges You'll Face:

  • Building, running, and monitoring AI applications at scale
  • Finding ways for us to build faster and safer
  • Securing our valuable customer data
  • Teaching the tech team what you know

Things You Know:

  • Software delivery methodologies such as DevOps, Continuous Delivery, etc.
  • Software engineering and “Infrastructure as Code”
  • Databases; how to scale and secure them
  • Fundamental computer science knowledge
  • Twelve-factor apps and managing production web services at scale
  • Authentication and secrets management, especially in a container environment

In Your Toolbox:

  • Modern distributed databases like MongoDB, Cassandra, and Riak
  • Cloud services like AWS EC2, SQS, and EMR and cloud platforms like AWS, Azure and GCP
  • Infrastructure as code tools like Ansible, Chef and Puppet
  • Containers and container frameworks like Docker and the related tooling
  • Monitoring systems like Nagios, New Relic, CloudWatch


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200 Broadway, 6th Floor, New York , NY 10038
200 Broadway, 6th Floor, New York , NY 10038

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