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Backend R&D Intern (Full Time) at Geopipe

| Greater NYC Area
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Geopipe automatically builds virtual models of the real world for architecture, gaming, VR, and beyond.

Backend Software Engineering Intern


About us

Geopipe is an early-stage, NYC-based startup. We are excited about problems at the intersection of GIS, Computer Vision/Machine Learning, and Distributed Systems. Our mission is to make virtual models of the real world accessible to everyone who needs them. We place a high value on curiosity, individuality, and the problem-solving power of diverse and complementary perspectives. We also believe that respecting one another and maintaining a healthy work/life balance are critical to a successful work environment.

What you’ll do

  • ●  You will work with our cofounders , Thomas and Christopher, to understand high-level product vision and customer requirements.

  • ●  You will assist in implementing, in C++, machine-learning/computer vision and (inverse-)procedural modeling algorithms , with varying levels of oversight. These algorithms rely on mathematical techniques from linear algebra, probability, and geometry.

  • ●  You will use Git to manage your source code.

  • ●  You will deploy your code on our cloud platform, to test it on large scale geospatial

    datasets (and ultimately generate 3D content that will be available to customers).

    This will require you to interact with remote machines via a Unix shell .

  • ●  You will have the opportunity to apply cutting-edge research in machine learning,

    computer vision, and computer graphics.

  • ●  Your contributions will help ensure the success of an early-stage startup .

  • ●  Your metrics for success will be based on meeting key R&D milestones .

Career Opportunities www.geopi.pe | [email protected]

● Your path to success involves an enthusiasm for the product , a willingness to learn new skills as needed , and an ability to modularize complex implementation tasks into manageable components and execute on each of those components in turn .

What we’re looking for


  • ●  A problem-solving mindset and an enthusiasm for learning new skills are more important than any particular prior knowledge or experience .

  • ●  Effective communication and collaboration with the cofounders is a must . Flexible:

  • ●  Our primary development language is C++ . Prior experience with C++ is preferred, but we will consider candidates with strong backgrounds in other “industrial-strength” languages who demonstrate a knowledge of memory management and compiler implementation.

  • ●  Prior experience with Git , CMake, and vi[m]+make or Xcode are preferred.

  • ●  We use Git for managing our source code. Prior experience with Git is best, but a

    background with Mercurial or other DVCSs is also useful.

  • ●  A mathematical background covering some subset of linear algebra , probability , and

    geometry will also be helpful.

    • ○  Corollary: computational background in some subset of machine learning ,

      computer vision , computer graphics , computational geometry , numerical

      methods , and procedural modeling will be helpful.

    • ○  We don’t expect you (or anyone) to have experience with more than a couple of

      these, but different portions of our code base touch on all of them, and you’ll

      eventually need a crash-course on most of them.

  • ●  Our development and production machines all run some flavor of Linux or macOS. Comfort with some flavor of Unix shell environment (e.g. bash ) will be helpful.

    Diversity/equal opportunity statement

    Geopipe is an equal opportunity employer. We place a high value on the complementary problem-solving power of a workplace in which diverse perspectives and experiences are represented. We seek to provide a work environment in which all employees feel safe, respected, and welcome.

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Send resume and brief introduction to [email protected] and include "Built In NYC" in the subject line
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Send resume and brief introduction to [email protected] and include "Built In NYC" in the subject line
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