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Senior Data Engineer

Greater NYC Area
14 hours ago
As a Senior Data Engineer, you will join a growing Data & Analytics organization that collaborates with decision-makers across the organization to catalyze business growth by providing insightful and actionable analysis, insights and data products. The D&A team is hands-on with a wide variety of datasets, including user data, product behavior data, financial/payment data, upper-funnel marketing data, trust and safety data, and operational/infrastructure data.

Machine Learning Engineer

Greater NYC Area
1 day ago
Video Understanding: Use Deep Learning and Recurrent Neural Networks to identify people, things, and styles within our 300M+ Videos. Text Understanding: Use NLP and Entity Extraction to extract key features from Video descriptions, tags, profiles and album descriptions for use in search. Visual Search: Create feature embeddings that allow users to search for similar stock videos with images and videos (in addition to text search). Recommendations: Make it easy for users to connect to the best content, creators, and audience. Personalization: Optimize a user's experience based on what we know about their preferences and history Ranking: Prioritize most important search results, notifications, and news feed items that we should show a given user.

Analytics Engineer

Greater NYC Area
5 days ago
Help drive the business and product architecture of the organization. Build complex functions and scripts that answer questions for the business. Facilitate the transfer of data from a variety of sources to our analytics database (for example: Salesforce, BetterCloud, our billing system, Marketo, etc.). Compile and reconcile data from multiple sources. Develop a vision to extend/improve our existing analytics and reporting technology stack. Stay up to date with the latest technologies and trends in analytics. Model data at rest to enable powerful data analysis. Work with people across the organization to identify data quality issues in source systems and help keep the data accurate. Provide solutions that help share data with the enterprise. Be an advocate for best practices and continued learning.

Hardware Supply Chain Planner

Greater NYC Area
1 week ago
We are looking for a supply chain enthusiast to build new robust relationships with all our hardware and component manufacturers. Reporting to the Senior Manager, Capacity & Supply Chain, the Hardware Supply Chain Planner  will be essential to strengthening our supply chain strategy.

Director of Analytics

Greater NYC Area
2 weeks ago
Director of Analytics (Turbonomic, Inc., New York, New York): Assist the company in the further development of IT management software products for Virtualization, Cloud, and Cloud Native technologies. Responsible for developing technical strategy, design and solutions related to the Analytics module of the Turbonomic Platform. Work with the technical leadership to shape the technical direction of the Analytics module for consistent data modeling and enhanced analytics leveraging machine learning and statistical analysis.

Data + Analytics salaries in NYC

Job Title Average Salary Salary Range
Data Analyst $78,129
Min: $45K
Max: $130K
Business Analyst $83,740
Min: $12K
Max: $145K
Business Intelligence Analyst $87,472
Min: $55K
Max: $125K
Senior Business Analyst $98,976
Min: $74K
Max: $130K
Senior Data Analyst $100,992
Min: $72K
Max: $130K
Business Intelligence Developer $115,800
Min: $100K
Max: $128K
Analytics Manager $118,637
Min: $85K
Max: $165K
Data Engineer $120,306
Min: $75K
Max: $185K
Data Scientist $132,250
Min: $50K
Max: $200K
Data Architect $135,750
Min: $85K
Max: $224K
Business Intelligence Manager $145,000
Min: $145K
Max: $145K
Senior Data Scientist $150,375
Min: $105K
Max: $178K
Director of Analytics $172,917
Min: $100K
Max: $245K
CIO (Chief Information Officer) $231,333
Min: $200K
Max: $275K

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