Content Descriptions


BuiltIn’s mission is to unite thriving local tech communities by connecting local job seekers to innovative companies in their own backyard. To maintain full transparency with our community, we will outline our different content types and who maintains editorial control of each.


What is non-paid content?

Built In employs writers to cover local tech innovation, blog about startup trends and report on breaking news. We welcome pitches and tips from all sources and pursue stories we deem fit for our readership. Inclusion in non-paid content is based on our own editorial discretion, regardless of any partnership we may have with a company featured or not featured therein. Built In maintains editorial control of all non-paid content, including publishing date and status, headline, text, company placement and photography.


This type of non-paid content includes:

  • Breaking news, funding reports, original reporting, stories on local startups, Q&As with leaders in the community
  • Curated lists of market-related news, events, and company roundups centered around a particular theme, including but not limited to: company location, industry, function, age, founder demographics, presence of open job listings, and more.
  • 50 Startups to Watch
  • Top 100 Companies Hiring


What is paid content?

Built In offers a paid for Premium Partnership wherein we work with companies to highlight their cultures, values and job openings. Built In is paid by Premium Employers to be included in specific content types, listed below. Built In maintains editorial control and decides when and why a company fits into a subject matter of our choice, including inclusion in an article, publishing date and status, headline, text, company placement and photography. Premium Employers relinquish editorial control, do not approve of content prior to publication and do not receive message-related opportunities for edits.


Employer Roundup

Curated lists based on presence of open job postings, office space photography, perks and benefits, company culture, hiring philosophies, thought leadership and more. We publish themed lists that contain both paid and non paid members. Paid inclusion is designated by an “Employer Roundup” badge.

see example


Employer Story

Standalone stories on a company’s history, technology or leaders.

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Insider Spotlight

An in-depth feature that includes original photography executed by Built In photographers and Q&A with a Premium Employers’ team.

see example


Insider Video

Documentary-style video capturing a Premium Employers’ culture.

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What are “Sponsored Insights?”

A piece of content labeled “Sponsored Insights” is paid for by a sponsor for marketing purposes. Sponsor companies can choose to syndicate their own content through Built In’s networks or work with our editorial team to co-create content on the Sponsor’s behalf. Our Sponsor companies maintain editorial control of the message and final article. A Sponsor company can also sponsor (labeled as “Sponsored By” or “Presented By”) a Built In event or non-paid lists. In the case of lists, Built In maintains complete editorial control over the final product. Sponsor companies do not receive preferential treatment in any coverage they may receive on Built In during the partnership, including in any list they may sponsor.

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