Avery Komlofske

Avery Komlofske is a Built In Staff Writer covering a wide variety of Brand Studio content. He earned an undergraduate degree in english education from Purdue University, as well as a masters in humanities from the University of Chicago.

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an illustration of a hand holding a magnet that's pulling customers closer to it
Feb 24, 2023
Not all customers will complain when they’re not satisfied; companies need to measure the right data to predict what their clients need.
Dozens of paper hands in different colors, all reaching to surround the earth.
Feb 08, 2023
These five companies are managing diversity and inclusion in a global world.
In the foreground, a man with glasses is on his laptop. Behind him, a woman sits next to him with her glasses off, watching the screen intently.
Jan 17, 2023
Ampersand’s Stephanie Mair helps her team develop the skills and trust necessary for autonomy in their work.
A glass door of a meeting room at OpenWeb. The door has "Good conversations do great things" printed on it.
Jan 13, 2023
As a company that values community and conversation, OpenWeb uses its office space to bring the team together.
Bluecore's L&D team posing for a photo. Jason Arrigo and Christopher Carmena are on either side of a TV screen, sitting at a table. The TV screen shows a Zoom call of the two of them, Emily Nassir and one other employee.
Dec 21, 2022
Bluecore’s L&D team is populated by people with a dedication to learning and pride in the team and each other.
Some of Torch's employees posing for a photo, each holding their own painting of a body of water reflecting the moon and surrounded by cherry blossoms.
Dec 13, 2022
The dental ecommerce company is partnering with thousands of practices already — and setting its sales team up to care for customers old and new.
Partner Delivery Consultant Kaitlin Fox with her back to the camera, standing on a cliff overlooking water.
Dec 09, 2022
Qualtrics’ amazing workplace benefits help their employees have a wide range of experiences outside of work.
New York City's skyline.
Dec 01, 2022
From sports bets to fintech, these companies are expanding their teams.
Postscript's team posing with their logo and several large sunglass emojis.
Nov 30, 2022
Postscript looks for humility in its candidates and fosters it in employees to create a culture of honesty, trust and diversity.
A person from the neck down, sitting at a desk with a laptop. Imposed over the image is a circular web connecting various internet widgets.
Nov 14, 2022
Engineers improve technology to fill new needs — and these NYC companies are doing just that.
Wooden people in a tree-shape. One wooden person connects via red line on the ground to a red wooden person, who then branches out to three more connected by blue lines.
Nov 08, 2022
The sales team acts as an important midpoint of communication, sharing features with clients and helping the product team build new ones based around customer need.
Five stars in a line, with a hand touching the fifth star, implying someone is rating something five stars.
Nov 03, 2022
A low CSAT score or poor customer feedback is an opportunity to build a relationship and improve your product.