Hilary George-Parkin

Hilary George-Parkin is a Built In contributor covering work culture and technology. She holds a master's degree from Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism and a bachelor's degree from New York University. She's written for publications including Vox, Fortune, CNN, BBC, Vogue Business and The Business of Fashion.

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Stock illustration of people enjoying hobbies
At Ro and Braze, leaders celebrate their teams’ lives beyond their nine-to-fives.
A minimalist rendering of a ladder leading to an open window. The background is “millennial pink.”
Current’s head of member experience knows that a new challenge can also be a new opportunity to flourish — especially with the right support.
Image of data streaming in blue (graphic illustration)
The company, which helps developers and enterprises work with Apache Kafka, is building a better way with its newest product: Conduktor Gateway.
WW team
WeightWatchers recently rolled out company-wide days off and comprehensive care benefits to support employees’ well-being.
Photo of Zocdoc team members working at bench desk seating with wall full of graphic illustrations in background.
How the fast-growing healthcare marketplace makes collaboration work.
Large group photo of Huntress team inside a room with big screen overhead that says “Summer Summit 2022”
Helping small and medium-sized businesses stay ahead of evolving cybersecurity, Huntress has been scaling up in recent years. Learn from three of its leaders how the organization is helping its team members — and itself — grow.
Inato team members in front of building throwing bandanas in the air
Join a rising business intelligence organization, an alternative investments platform or a medical research marketplace.
These New York City leaders are harnessing their companies’ support to enrich others.
MassMutual’s Stacy Metzger shares how she leveraged her engineering and marketing background into a successful new career path.
From supportive managers to collaborative teams, here’s what motivates workers to return to the fold
An illustration of three resumes behind a worker at a laptop
A candidate’s resume may be important — but don’t ignore learning aptitude, curiosity and potential.