Tyler Holmes

Tyler Holmes is a staff writer for Brand Studio at Built In. He obtained his Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from Loyola University Chicago before embarking on a multifaceted career that has included working the Chicago scene as a homicide reporter, writing as an international wine and travel journalist, and exploring the world of digital media and advertising.

As a native Texan, he is also extremely passionate about breakfast tacos (San Antonio reigns supreme) and the local music scene — in fact, he's probably at a show right now.

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A tiny plant sprouts out of a keyboard.
Engineering leaders share their best strategies for producing a successful team culture.
A group of Pinwheel employees applaud during a meeting.
Commercial Counsel Mara Berman didn’t see one green flag after accepting her role at Pinwheel — she saw several. Those initial connections have helped her thrive in her career.
Two employees chat in the office common area.
Direct-to-Consumer Vice President Michael Lewis explains why investing in employee development and company culture means a brighter future.
Two Rent the Runway employees discussing a project.
Through the fashion company’s recently launched Emerging Leaders Program, employees are poised to grow faster than ever, thanks to intentional hands-on training.
A group of Tapestry employees during a volunteering event.
By incorporating EI&D initiatives into internship and apprenticeship programs, Tapestry is on a mission to drive inclusion and belonging.
A large group of Maisonette employees in matching uniforms during a summer company event.
With a focus on Maisonette’s value of “family matters,” teams are never asked to choose between career growth and family development.
A man stands with a superhero's silhouette displayed behind him.
At Ideon, product managers are saving the day for customers through continuous curiosity and embracing their top skills.
A man focuses with intensity working on a project.
For two NYC software engineers, productivity is at an all-time high when eliminating distractions and entering the focused mindset of a flow state.
A soldier in uniform works with complex tech.
“The learning doesn’t stop once you’ve landed a job — it’s only the beginning” and other pieces of advice from veterans now immersed in the tech world.
A group of women employees at SevenRooms give a presentation about the new company values.
Known for their guest experience and retention platform, SevenRooms recently established five core company values. These values make up the key ingredients to their recipe for building and supporting a magical culture.
Pinata team picture by wall.
After an eclectic professional journey that led him to Pinata, Head of Community Steve Simkins doesn’t just get to follow a new career path — he gets to pave it himself.
A product manager and engineer work on a project.
By establishing a shared understanding of a product’s purpose, product managers and engineering teams are reshaping what’s possible.