4 NYC tech startup job fairs that can help you find work

NYC hosts some of the most exciting job fairs in the country. Here are a few that are focused on tech startup jobs and are particularly well-regarded among the people you want to know better.

Written by Emerson Dameron
Published on Apr. 25, 2016
4 NYC tech startup job fairs that can help you find work

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As more and more communication shifts online, real, in-the-flesh human interaction is becoming crucial.

Consider the job hunt. While it's easier than ever to find opportunities through online job postings, endlessly emailing resumes and hitting a wall of Applicant Tracking Software can be a lonesome and frustrating way to seek work. Plus, it is dangerous to rely on a cover letter to explain yourself to people you hope to spend a lot of time working alongside in the future.

Herein lies the old-fashioned power of the job fair. In-person networking gives job seekers and potential employers a chance to sound each other out, make an informative impression, and express the human side of their work. Even if you're not currently looking for a job at a tech startup, hitting the right job fairs can be a powerful way to hone your skills and better understand the landscape.

With its close-knit tech startup scene, NYC hosts some of the most exciting job fairs in the country. Here are a few that are focused on tech startup jobs and are particularly well-regarded among the people you want to know better.


alleyboost nyc job fair


AlleyBoost celebrates the risk, grit, and passion of early-stage tech startups. It focuses on smaller companies and caters to hungry tech enthusiasts who want to get in on the ground floor of something special.

"Our job fair features a lot more smaller startups that are looking for co-founders and hustlers who are looking to join a startup early on when it's high risk and high reward," says CEO Jason Malki.

That's not to say it doesn't host high-profile companies, too — the first AlleyBoost Career Fair included TurnToTech, Cater2Me, JustWorks, and NYDCA, among others.

If you love all the thrills and chills of the tech startup world itself, AlleyBoost may be the job fair for you.

NYC Startup Job Fair

With events in most of North America's major tech hubs, the Startup Job Fair carries the heft of a national organization, but New York is its home base. The organization launched in 2009, in the depths of a recession, and has seen its attendance grow as tech startup opportunities have begun to increase.

"We pride ourselves in bringing together startup companies who vary in size from four or five employees to several hundred at one event," said Imri Yekutiel, Marketing and Sales Director for the national operation and the man in charge of the Spring 2016 fair in NYC. "We attract a diverse range of candidates that come from both technical and non-technical backgrounds, and companies will find candidates looking for roles from internships to senior-level positions. We are not associated with any one school or organization and so are able to draw qualified candidates from a wide variety of schools, community groups, bootcamps, and professional networks."

Diversity aside, the NYC Startup Job Fair restricts itself to companies that have received at least one round of funding, which makes it ideal for tech professionals seeking security. Lots more information and some tips are available on the website.

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uncubed nyc job fair

NYC Uncubed

Uncubed may have started as a series of job fairs, but it has become a one-stop online resource for up-and-coming tech professionals, offering training, advice, news, and even a bit of local humor. Its digital presence is a logical extension of its flagship NYC event, which includes educational content from founders throughout the day and is steeped in the fun and freewheeling aspects of startup culture.

"I've had so many amazing moments at Uncubed that it's hard to pick a favorite," said Jodi Donner, Uncubed's Communications Lead. "In general, my favorite moments of each NYC Uncubed are when attendees come up to us and explain how overjoyed they are after speaking with their dream company. The look on their face and excitement in their voice reminds us why we do this, and shows that nothing can compare to an in-person interaction. Also, the dogs. I'll never get tired of playing with [sponsor] BarkBox's adoptable puppies or all of the company's office pets."

TechDay New York

TechDay is the largest event of its kind, bringing together 30,000 guests and 550 companies, including too many marquee names to mention without leaving someone out.

With live demos, an open casting call for Shark Tank, and many more eye-popping attractions, TechDay cultivates a carnival-like atmosphere. When we attended this year's event, we discovered another benefit of tech job fairs — they can be a lot of fun. It's hard to feel too discouraged when you're surrounded by pirates and robots.

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