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Professional Designers can have a hard time balancing art with business. We provide tools and community to help our members be more successful. Coined “the future of the design industry” by Architectural Digest.


In 2010, we sought to capitalize on the market potential of the new web and launched the agency, which has grown exponentially since its launch thanks to the agency’s uncanny ability to identify trends in consumer behavior and align brands with them. What started as a three person team is now a thriving 50-strong agency with global clients.

Agency • Marketing Tech • Mobile • Software
10 Employees

Awesome is a UI/UX design agency for tech startups since 2011. We specialize in startups and have worked with over 140 founders, including Udemy, Skift, and Wanderfly. We design everything from MVPs to full-scale products, and as startup founders ourselves, we have the experience to help bring those designs to fruition—whether it's raising seed fun

Agency • HR Tech
20 Employees

Applyup is increasingly gaining recognition in the employment market as the best platform for employers and candidates to connect.

Agency • Fintech • Professional Services
28 Employees

We founded Bevel in 2017 through a hunger for success, passion, life and most importantly - our work. We felt there was a need for a new kind of PR agency: one that combined events, SEO, digital media and traditional approaches to launch brands and further build brands through meaningful introductions.

Agency • Digital Media • Information Technology • Other
Brooklyn, New York, USA
13 Employees

We’re experts in product, UX, and visual design backed by an outstanding development and devops team that brings innovation to life. We're also a community of friends/collaborators/colleagues that love to work together. We take on compelling projects with exceptional clients: A24 Films, Google, the Atlantic, Pivotal, MoMA, and MIT Media Lab just to name a few (see some of our [case studies](https://typecode.com/)). Over the past decade we’ve made a name for ourselves, and we’re particular about what clients and projects fit in our portfolio - which is to say, we don’t swing at every pitch.

Agency • Professional Services
10 Employees

At ingenium, we specialize in representing the most sought after recruits in web, mobile, data, cloud, security, SRE, DevOps, FED, BED, UX, Architect/Lead/Manager/Director/VP and product design, management and marketing. Candidates love working with ingenium because of our high bar of professional communication, industry knowledge and honest feedback. We aim to really understand your personal & professional goals, help you build your business and further your career as a trusted listener, advocate and coach. ingenium translated from Latin means talent, intelligence, natural character and wit. That defines our internal staff, clients and candidates perfectly.

Agency • Healthtech • Biotech • Consulting • Pharmaceutical
35 Employees

Since 2013, Lightmatter has built digital products for all kinds of founders, teams, and industries. Building is intoxicating. It's core to our DNA. As we've grown, we noticed that the work we were most proud of, the work that had the greatest impact on others, was in health. Our clients were building products to solve problems we've all experienced as patients: broken telehealth portals, apps that neglected usability, and software that compromised PHI. Covid heightened just how inadequate these digital health experiences are when we’ve needed them most. We've narrowed our focus to health because the digital products we build can have an immediate impact on the health, wellness, and HCIT companies we serve...and the patients that they serve. To make any meaningful change in the world, we have to take care of the humans in it.

Agency • Professional Services • Consulting
New York, New York, USA
1,500 Employees

Monstarlab is a digital consultancy established in 2006 in Tokyo, Japan. The company has 29 global offices powered by 1,300 strategists, designers and engineers who excel at strategy and delivery. Specializing in providing end-to-end enterprise-level digital solutions, the company has successfully delivered more than 2,200 projects.

Agency • Food • Real Estate • Travel • Consulting

Founded in 2020 by entrepreneur Whitney Robinson, DW NorthStar is a sui generis entity in the world of interior design, architecture and hospitality. Our core strength is to connect and orchestrate creative and logistical entities, with a focus on big-picture vision and fine details, to execute projects that deliver an enriched and elevated result. We specialize in experiential luxury rooted in exceptional design and the art of living well. DW NorthStar believes in the intrinsic value of good design, both the emotional and the commercial, and in supporting the best design talent at every level.

AdTech • Agency • Marketing Tech
New York, New York, USA
150 Employees

We create advertising, branding, and design work for the largest media company in the world to help millions connect to what they love the most. With a team of top industry veterans, we always strive for the highest standard of quality across every discipline you can imagine. The kind of stuff that wins awards and makes your parents proud.

10 Employees

Matrix is a performance driven marketing agency that drives predictable revenue growth using, strategy, people, & tech. We develop integrated strategies that take a full-funnel approach to marketing, build the brand at the top of the funnel, generate leads and convert sales in the middle of the funnel, and increase customer loyalty at the bottom.

13 Employees

We build digital experiences with today's startups and tomorrow's brands.


Magnetic's marketing platform helps marketers find, keep and bring back customers, while connecting people with products they love & want.

40 Employees

Based out of NYC, we design and develop highly polished native iOS&Android apps for startups and enterprise clients helping them increase their revenue. 10+ years experience 150+ native apps done 100% job success Whether you are a startup looking to build a tech-enabled business or a large brand looking to innovate, Omega-R can help you.

15 Employees

Majestyk’s mission is to create a better everyday life through exceptional experiences. Our work is crafted to achieve results that combine business strategy & tech savvy thinking that connects with consumers. We have served some of the world’s most emerging tech, toy, social, lifestyle, fashion, auto, pharmaceutical & hospitality brands.

Agency • Software
4 Employees

A creative agency focusing on web design and branding. We love ideas and love to talk about exciting, new ways to make an impact in the digital realm. Feel free to get in touch at any time.


Faction Studio team is hugely experienced in developing apps and responsive websites for startups to help them gain traction and acquire funding. We have worked with many startups over the years, some of which have gone on to huge success, most notably FitBit, DropCam and Matcha.

Agency • Enterprise Web • Mobile • Software
50 Employees

Ruca is a versatile cooperative of passionate professionals who love working together and love doing great work. As independent consultants, we’ve discovered a style of collaboration that fuels our greatest strengths. We form teams based on our talents and interests to create the perfect match for any project, product, brand or endeavor.

AdTech • Agency • eCommerce • Marketing Tech • Social Media
New York, New York, USA
46 Employees

Eventige Media Group is a full service marketing agency that offers innovative branding, design, web, marketing, and advertising services to businesses of all shapes and sizes.