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Angel or VC Firm • Biotech
8 Employees

S CAP is an impact investor focusing on Corporate Social Responsibility to bring about a social change in the Environmental, Food & Biotech industries. In just a few years S CAP has earned an industry-wide reputation for balancing impact, innovation and growth powered by a vision to use impact investing that brings about a social change. S CAP uses disruptive technologies to develop applications for wastewater effluent treatment across verticals like Oil & Gas, Chemicals, Agriculture & Food Processing, Municipalities, and Manufacturing to name a few. We focus on the reduction of Fats, Oils & Grease (FOGs), Surfactants, and Absolved Metals for industrial water usage. Built on our team’s decades of experience means we can identify and develop applications with early stage Biotech & Clean-tech startups in Wastewater Effluent Treatment, Agriculture, Scientific Research and other disciplines with the potential to treat disease and provide global access to nurturing food and clean water while maintaining ethical sustainability.

Information Technology • Biotech • Pharmaceutical

The first end-to-end compliance and business data analytics SaaS solutions technology provider for global pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies.

Child Mind Institute Thumbnail
Consumer Web • Gaming • Healthtech • Kids + Family • Software • Virtual Reality • Biotech
New York, New York, USA
387 Employees

Artificial Intelligence • Consumer Web • Healthtech • Social Impact • Biotech
5 Employees

Evvy is a female-founded startup building a new understanding of the female body. Our at-home vaginal microbiome test is the first to leverage metagenomic sequencing to help anyone with a vagina understand what’s up down there, why it matters, and what they can do about it. Why the vaginal microbiome? Turns out, at least 30% of people with vaginas suffer from imbalances in the vaginal microbiome every year (read: bacterial vaginosis, yeast infections, and UTIs). What’s more — the latest research has uncovered groundbreaking links between the vaginal microbiome and infertility, STIs, preterm birth, gynecologic cancers, and more. But even though the vaginal microbiome is an important biomarker, women and people with vaginas have never had access to that information about their own bodies — until now.

Artificial Intelligence • Machine Learning • Software • Biotech • Pharmaceutical
New York, New York, USA
221 Employees

Valo is a technology company built to transform the drug discovery and development process using human-centric data and AI-powered computation. Valo is fully integrating human-centric data across the entire drug development lifecycle into a single unified architecture, thereby accelerating the discovery and development of life-changing drugs while simultaneously reducing the cost, time, and failure rate. The company’s Opal Computational Platform™ consists of an integrated set of capabilities designed to transform data into valuable insights that may accelerate discoveries and enable Valo to advance a robust pipeline of programs across cardiovascular metabolic renal, oncology, and neurodegenerative disease.

8,229 Employees

Since Bio-Rad was founded 70 years ago, we have continued to provide the healthcare industry with innovative and useful products that help life science researchers accelerate the discovery process and medical diagnostic labs obtain faster, better results. Throughout our existence, we have built long-lasting customer relationships that help advance our research and development efforts in the introduction of new products and solutions. Today, Bio-Rad is a global leader, with a team of over 8,000 employees and a global network of operations that serves our life science research and clinical diagnostics customers, helping people live longer, healthier lives.