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AdTech • Consumer Web • Digital Media • Marketing Tech • Software
5 Employees

We are on a journey to help thousands of creators and businesses create, monetize, and grow their audiences. Our mission is to help others succeed by providing a superior suite of content creation tools, advanced data analytics, robust growth engines, end-to-end customization, and monetization opportunities at scale.

Fintech • Real Estate
New York, New York, USA
41 Employees

EquityMultiple is a commercial real estate investment and technology firm whose mission is to build investor wealth through streamlined access to diverse real estate investment products. To date, EquityMultiple’s investors have participated in over $4 billion in commercial real estate transactions through its online investing platform. The firm pairs innovative technology with real estate experience and industry-leading investor services to offer an unparalleled investing experience. For more information, please visit https://www.equitymultiple.com/.

eCommerce • Fashion • Retail • Software • Virtual Reality
New York, New York, USA
80 Employees

Obsess is an Experiential E-Commerce Platform, that enables brands and retailers globally to create 3D 360 VIRTUAL STORES on their websites. We are a managed SaaS platform and have created proprietary patent-pending technology to deliver beautiful and fast web Virtual Reality (VR) shoppable experiences. Our customers are large brands and retailers across fashion, beauty, and various other verticals. Some of our customers include Ralph Lauren, Christian Dior, Coach, Fendi, Tommy Hilfiger, Charlotte Tilbury, NARS, Dermalogica, Sam’s Club, Party City, General Mills, and AT&T. We are a startup based in New York City, backed by Village Global, Jump Capital, The VR Fund, Techstars and more. Our founder and CEO is an MIT alum who was formerly an engineer and tech lead at Google for 5 years and then led product at Vogue.

Fintech • Payments • Software • Financial Services
New York, New York, USA
135 Employees

BUILDING THE FUTURE OF CORPORATE PAYMENTS Mesh transforms the way finance teams operate with a centralized and automated spend platform. With Mesh, finance managers have total visibility and control over corporate spend, with a best-in-class tool that helps them know everything—and optimize anything. With a tailored solution for every payment, Mesh provides maximum flexibility while saving time and effort at every step of the payment journey.

eCommerce • Healthtech
New York, New York, USA
27 Employees

Founded by Ashleigh Hinde in 2017, WALDO is leading the movement in making eyecare an essential part of everyday life. Challenging industry perceptions by removing alienating jargon, and investing in product innovation and services that are always centered around the customer. Since launch, WALDO lenses have been worn by over 200,000 customers and the company has expanded its eyecare product range and services across the UK, USA and EU. Through innovative products, an insightful and thoughtful business philosophy and courage to push boundaries - WALDO strives to lead industry evolution.

Cloud • Security
60 Employees

Mitiga is a Series A funded early-stage company dedicated to helping organizations prepare for incidents by improving readiness and resilience to these threats. Mitiga combines a cloud-oriented technology platform with expertise in incident readiness, response, and recovery to get businesses back to work, fast.

Information Technology
New York, New York, USA
20 Employees

Advisory is a managed services provider focusing on helping companies define, implement and support their IT strategy. We focus on three components: endpoint security, identity security, and network security. We have been helping our clients understand how to design, implement and leverage technology to advance their organizational and business goals since 2016.

Legal Tech
Fully Remote
35 Employees

Lupl is The Collaboration Platform for Legal™ It is a secure legal collaboration platform that makes it easy for everyone to work together on legal matters within and between organizations. It combines powerful native communication, collaboration, legal project management, knowledge management, and document sharing functionality with the ability to plug and play with your own tools and systems.

Fintech • Information Technology • Payments • Software
New York, New York, USA
355 Employees

Paddle offers SaaS companies a completely different approach to their payments infrastructure. Instead of assembling and maintaining a complex stack of payments-related apps and services, we’re a Merchant of Record for our customers, taking away 100% of the pain of payments fragmentation. It’s faster, safer, cheaper, and, above all, way better. Profitwell by Paddle, helps companies solve the hardest parts of growth. We're sitting on the largest collection of Subscription data in the industry - we analyze insights to discover Subscription industry truth, and then turn that understanding into outcome-centered products that reduce churn, optimize pricing, and grow subscription businesses. We. know. subscriptions. We have over 360+ talented employees serving over 3000 software sellers in 245 territories globally. Backed by investors including FTV Capital, Kindred, Notion, and 83North, Paddle aims to define the next wave of B2B SaaS leaders.

Blockchain • eCommerce
New York, New York, USA

Novel is the no-code platform for NFT commerce backed by top angels and funds across e-commerce and web3. Novel’s first product is a Shopify plug-in that gives brands and creators the ability to create and sell NFTs within their existing store or a brand new one. At Novel, we are driven by a vision to accelerate the mainstream adoption of NFTs by reducing the sale and purchase of them to a trivial concern. The market cap for NFTs is already over $31bn; by eliminating large technical barriers for both creators and consumers, Novel will open the floodgates for NFT adoption. 

Child Mind Institute Thumbnail
Consumer Web • Gaming • Healthtech • Kids + Family • Software • Virtual Reality • Biotech
New York, New York, USA
387 Employees
Mirakl Thumbnail
eCommerce • Information Technology • Retail • Software • Consulting
New York, New York, USA
800 Employees

Consumer Web • Digital Media • News + Entertainment • Social Media • Software
Brooklyn, New York, USA
3 Employees

At Laterpress, we believe in a different and better future for authors. Readers want a direct connection with the authors they love, not with a company or marketplace. And authors deserve to control their relationship with readers. That’s why Laterpress is building a platform that reimagines book publishing and gives power back to storytellers.

Information Technology • Productivity • Software
Manhattan, New York, USA
42 Employees

Our mission is to help engineering teams radically improve their knowledge of the code through continuous and auto-synced documentation. With Swimm, Continuous Documentation becomes an integral part of the development lifecycle, making it a must for organizations that need to scale fast while maintaining the knowledge on their codebase.

Agency • Enterprise Web • HR Tech • Professional Services • Software
Fully Remote
70 Employees

HireArt is building the first full-stack platform for businesses to source, employ, and manage contract W-2 employees. Our employment platform is the world’s first fully-featured HRIS for the contract W-2 workforce, a massive and growing segment of the labor market. We combine hiring and employment in a single platform, creating a magical experience for businesses: search, interview, make offers, and manage workers, all in one place. Once on board, HireArt provides contract workers with a caring home base that comes with all of the benefits & support associated with permanent employment. Our goal is to enable businesses to focus on the people who make up their workforce, instead of the tools to manage it. That's why we've developed a transparent and simple to use end-to-end platform that provides contract work opportunities with the security and stability of traditional W-2 employment while still giving businesses the flexibility they need to scale their workforces.

HR Tech
Fully Remote
20 Employees

Bundle's personalized work-life benefit helps organizations empower employees to be their best in all aspects of their careers and personal lives, improving performance, retention, and culture. Through an interactive employee experience platform, employees engage with vetted experts in live, virtually facilitated sessions for themselves, their work teams, or their family members, allowing employees to enhance their well-being, grow their professional skills, and connect with colleagues. Our tailored, 1-on-1 or small group sessions focus on Well-being, Team Building, Skills Development, Training, Professional Development, Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion, Coaching, Academics, Tutoring, and more.

Edtech • Fintech
New York, New York, USA
4 Employees

Most people were never taught about personal finance and in 2020, this cost Americans a collective $415 Billion. This is one of the world’s biggest societal problems, but it’s a solvable one. At Parthean, we build hyper-personalized, bite-sized, and engaging financial education so that everyone can learn what they need, right when they need it.

AdTech • Marketing Tech • Business Intelligence • Financial Services
New York, New York, USA
2 Employees

Perk is building a platform that inspires investment through shareholder rewards. Our platform allows individual users to connect a brokerage account, and explore public companies offering discounts, products, and experiences to their retail shareholders. We’re not a typical startup. Perk is building a new sub-industry of Shareholder Rewards, and we’re excited to have a flourishing waitlist of excited users, alongside snowballing interest from large public companies trading on US exchanges. Retail shareholders, who now make up 25% of market volume, deserve more access (like institutional investors have enjoyed for decades), and public American companies are finally understanding this. We’re backed by some incredible investors, including FinTech founders (who exited via IPO), FinTech executives at top banks, fund managers, and startup founders raising Series B+.

Information Technology
Bronx, New York, USA
1,500 Employees

Lehman College, of The City University of New York, ranks among the top five institutions in the nation for fostering social mobility. A four-year Hispanic-Serving Institution in the Bronx, Lehman offers bachelor’s, master’s, and advanced degrees and certificate programs in the Liberal Arts, sciences, and professions. The College’s community-driven mission and notable academic programs attract a diverse, international enrollment of over 15,000 students who take courses on its 37-acre, tree-lined campus and online degree programs. Many thousands more community members benefit yearly from its active cultural, educational, health, and economic outreach programs and services.

Fully Remote
30 Employees

Our mission is to empower creators. Designlab is an online platform for expert-driven creative skills education. Students learn design skills through online courses with hands-on projects, live 1-on-1 mentorship from top designers, and community interaction. We’re building a cutting-edge educational experience that provides the rigor and outcomes of offline courses, with the flexibility of an online platform. With today’s design tools, creators can build products and services with the potential to enrich the lives of billions of people worldwide. New products are launched every day, so good design is crucial to staying relevant in a competitive market. Today, more than ever before, you can cheaply experiment and reinvent your skills until you find what you truly love. After all, you spend 60% of your waking hours at work, so it’s only right that you enjoy it. In this environment, we believe these traits are more important than ever: Creativity. Lifelong learning. Passion for your work. These have no place: Crippling student debt. Unfulfilling jobs. Unsatisfying careers that we choose by default. We’re combining the power of the internet with the magic of 1-on-1 mentoring to create an invaluable educational experience that is affordable and accessible worldwide. Our goal is to guide you to find the creative work you love, and to help you become a master of your craft. Join us!

Blockchain • Other • Software
Lewis Center, Ohio, USA
50 Employees

CoinsQueens is the one-stop solution for all your blockchain business solution. Yes, we’ve successfully worked & deployed more than 50+ blockchain projects such as crypto exchange, token creation, payment gateway, NFT marketplace in a significant time period. Our project deployment is on-time so that we’ve clients from all the parts of the world. And, our blockchain developers are well-experienced & skillful so we can easily customize the product based on your business needs. We are using high-end technology tools so our software/scripts are 100% bug-free, secured, & easily customizable. Our prime focus is on clients satisfaction, therefore, our services are very budget-friendly without sacrificing the quality. If you’ve any business-related business quires, feel free to connect with our experts directly via, Whatsapp @ +918754053377 Telegram @ Coinsqueens Mail: [email protected] Skype: live:.cid.2c9e7bb84396db52 Live Chat: CoinsQueens.com

Consumer Web • Fintech • Payments • Real Estate • Financial Services
New York, New York, USA
200 Employees

Aspen Capital is a private equity firm based in Portland, OR and New York, NY. We utilize data and technology to enhance business insight, propel growth, transform our investment strategies and business operations, and execute industry-leading deals. The unique Aspen Capital worldview is reflected in a nimble, efficient organizational structure that allows the company to capitalize on market demands, seize business opportunities and excel in a wide range of roles including investment, lending and servicing, acquisitions, management, joint ventures, asset management, recapitalization and advisory services.