21 Coworking Spaces in NYC You Should Know

by Taylor Majewski
May 3, 2018

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Coworking spaces are spreading like wildfire across New York City, where the city’s thriving tech scene is undertaking a growing number of nomadic workers. As the need for coworking spaces with wifi, power outlets and creative stimulation have become in demand among burgeoning startups, the city known for making the most out of limited space has obliged. Coworking is the undercurrent flowing through New York’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, and as such, many of the city’s historic areas have become breeding grounds for creative collaboration. So whether you’re living near SoHo's surging tech scene or in the Flatiron’s cradle of Silicon Alley, here’s a breakdown of NYC coworking spaces by neighborhood:

Top Coworking Spaces in NYC

  • WorkHouse NYC
  • OfficeLinks Hub
  • Ensemble
  • The Studio Guild
  • In Good Company
  • WeWork
  • The Farm
  • Wix Lounge
  • Impact Hub NYC


coworking midtown manhattan new york
Midtown Nanhattan

Midtown Coworking Spaces

1. WorkHouse NYC

About: WorkHouse NYC features perks including a landscaped rooftop, stocked pantries, Wi-Fi, a coffee bar, conference rooms, and lounge areas. The space also offers fully furnished office suites complete with “idea walls,” glass-front offices and break-out tables.

Location: 21 West 46th Street, New York, New York 10036

Price: Shared desk—$450/month


2. SoTechie

About: SoTechie offers free coffee, Wi-Fi and a communal kitchen, but also provides bicycle storage and evening use of the space from 6 p.m. - 9 p.m. on Fridays.

Location: 28 West 39th Street, New York, New York 10018

Price: Part-time use—$275/month, Full-time use—$400/month


3. OfficeLinks Hub

About: Nicknamed, ‘The Hub,’ OfficeLinks Hub is located on the penthouse floors of two adjacent former office buildings, and has been renovated to maximize creativity. The space provides views of the East River and boasts extensive audio visual equipment for delivering content.

Location: 460 Park Avenue South, New York, New York 10016

Price: Shared desk—$500/month


4. The Productive

About: The Productive brings artists and writers together in a comfortable space. All members receive individual open desks, conference room access, WiFi and a communal kitchen with free coffee and tea. Computer Work Station members have access to a desktop equipped a suite of graphic design software ideal for editing, animating, modeling, illustrating and designing. To accommodate creative-types who often irregular working hours, Full Time and Computer Work Station members have 24/7 access to The Productive.

Location: 40 W 38th St, New York, NY 10018

Price: Full Time Open Desk—$250/month, Computer Work Station—$310/month, Nights & Weekends—$170/month, Dedicated Desk—$610/month


5. Ensemble

About: Ensemble is centrally located in the center of Midtown Manhattan, in close proximity to nearly every subway line in Manhattan. In addition to access to conference rooms, a full kitchen and lounge space, Ensemble provides a program called “Social Eatia” every weekday afternoon and serves homemade treats to everyone in-house at the moment.

Location: 32 W 39th St, New York, NY 10018

Price: Dedicated desk—$450/month


6. Alley NYC

About: Alley NYC boasts unique amenities including over 100 desks, 24 private offices, series of speakers and free yoga on Tuesdays. The space also has an ambassador program where members can work for Alley NYC in exchange for subsidized rent.

Location: 500 7th Avenue New York, NY 10001

Price: Shared desk—$450/month , Private desk—$650/month , Private office—$2,200/month


coworking spaces in flatiron nyc
flatiron nyc

Flatiron Coworking Spaces

1. The Studio Guild

About: The Studio Guild is one of New York City’s oldest collaborative work spaces, and is powered entirely by wind. In addition to its commitment to sustainability, The Studio Guild has two conference rooms and a shared kitchen available to its capacity of 35 members. Members have access to the space 24/7.

Location: 18 West 27th Street New York, New York 10001

Price: Private desk—$540/month, Private office—$2,000/month


2. 42West24

About: 42West24 is an airy loft, easily accessible by subway and walking distance to Madison Square Park. Additional amenities include a communal kitchen, WiFi and 24/7 access. 42West24 is also committed to an eco-friendly environment, and tenants are eligible for car-sharing memberships with Zipcar.

Location: 42 West 24th Street New York, New York 10010

Price: Shared desk—$299/month, Private desk—$499/month, Private offices— $2300-$3000


3. Cowork.rs

About: Cowork.rs offers unique amenities including 3D printers, gourmet coffee, event space and high-tech conference rooms. The coworking space also provides ping pong tables for work breaks and workshops for continued learning.

Location: 115 E 23rd Street, New York, New York 10001

Price: Shared desk—$350/month,  Private office—$800/month


4. In Good Company

About: In Good Company is a coworking space focused on supporting female entrepreneurs. In Good Company’s network of members connects women business owners organically and provides members with 15 entrepreneurial classes per month upon joining.

Location: 16 W. 23rd Street New York, NY 10010

Price: $250/month for unlimited workspace access


coworking spaces in soho nyc.jpg

SoHo Coworking Spaces

1. WeWork

About: WeWork is a popular coworking space with locations across New York City and around the country. While WeWork SoHo was the inaugral WeWork community in New York, the coworking company also has spaces in Midtown, the Meatpacking District, Bryant Park and Fulton Center. WeWork’s attractive perks include weekly happy hours, affordable health insurance plans, product launches and subsidized credit card processing fees for members.

Location: 154 Grand Street New York, NY10013

Price: Shared desk—$350-600/month, Private office—$650-1000/month 

*Prices depend on WeWork location 


2. The Farm

About: Located in the heart of SoHo, The Farm is a huge 1500 square ft loft with high ceilings and antique furniture. The airy space provides conference rooms for meetings, white boards for brainstorms and a decked out sound system for presentations.

Location: 95 Spring Street New York, New York 10012

Price: Daily Rate—$25/day, Dedicated Desk—$500/month


3. The Fueled Collective

About: The Fueled Collective is a coworking space replete with ping pong tournaments, designer conference rooms and stunning views of lower Manhattan.  The shared workspace houses over thirty startups.

Location: 568 Broadway, 2nd Floor New York, NY 10012

Price: Designated desk—$800/month


4. Collab

About: Collab coins itself as a “fabrication and innovation studio” and provides the space and manufacturing equipment for artists, architects, engineers, musicians, entrepreneurs and designers to experiment. The space provides a wood shop, a Laser Cutter, a 3D printer and an industrial sewing machine for artists and scientists alike.

Location: 304 Hudson Street, 6th floor New York, New York 10013

Price: Individuals—$650/month, Private Studios—$1750/month


coworking in the lower east side
Lower East Side

Lower East Side Coworking Spaces

1. Projective Space

About: Projective Space houses around 30 startups comprised of 2-12 person teams and caters to events, meet ups, demo days and partners with NYC-based accelerators. Other perks include free event tickets, free beer and 24/7 access.

Location: 72 Allen St. New York, NY 10002

Price: Shared workspace—$455/month, Dedicated workspace—$555/month


chelsea coworking

Chelsea Coworking Spaces

1. Wix Lounge

About: Wix Lounge is a unique coworking space in that it is completely free to use. The catch? To occupy in the space, entrepreneurs need to use Wix’s website building platform for six months. The space provides hands-on workshops and events for Wix users to exhibit products.

Location: 235 W 23rd St New York, NY 10011

Price: Free


2. The Centre for Social Innovation

About: The Centre for Social Innovation makes workers feel like they're at home, as the space is decorated with an elegant and rustic interior. The workspace provides a robust amount of event programming as well as 32 private offices, 50 private desks and 300 shared desk spaces available for entrepreneurs to use.

Location: 601 West 26th Street, Suite 325 New York, New York 10001

Price: Dedicated Desk—$450/month, Team Cluster for 6 people—$1050/month


TriBeCa Coworking Spaces

1. Impact Hub NYC

About: Impact Hub NYC is a coworking & events space for entrepreneurs, activists, creatives, and professionals working to drive positive social and environmental change. Perks include ergonomic furniture, privacy booths and discounted event space.

Location: 394 Broadway New York, New York 10013

Price: Daily Rate—$35/day, 24/7 Laptop Lounge—$360/month, Private Desk—$575/month


Financial District Coworking Spaces

1. Joynture

About: Joynture is part of a recent movement revitalizing traditional banking districts with technology. Unique amenities include a replica of Alexander Hamilton’s library, ping pong, video games, amphitheater seating and private phone booths.

Location: 48 Wall Street New York, New York 10005

Price: Daily Rate—$35/Day, Shared desk—$400/month


Gramercy Coworking Spaces

1. Neue House

About: NeueHouse is an invitation-only home for solopreneurs and teams of up to 10 people working in film, design, fashion, branding, architecture and the arts. Following an ultra-creative and upscale coworking model, members are provided with a broadcasting studio, a screening room and private dining space.

Location: 110 East 25th Street New York, NY 10010

Price: "Atelier" membership (unlimited access to the office's open plan)—$1,300/month, Designated desk with private office—$1,600/month,  "Gallery" membership (10 weekdays per month)—$600/month, "Gallery Noir" membership (evening-only access)—$200/month.*All amounts denote annual memberships.



About: WECREATE’s space is centered around innovation and productivity through design. The coworking area is arranged with classroom seating, features specific colors on the walls and has ergonomic furniture. Members between 18-27 are eligible for a discounted rate of $100/month.

Location: 58 East 11th St New York, NY 10003

Price: ”Innovate” Package (unlimited hours + 4 hours Conference Room use)—$400/month, “Collaborate” Package (100 hours + 2 hours Conference Room use)—$250/month

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