71 SaaS Companies in NYC You Need to Know

We’ve rounded up NYC-based SaaS companies that are using cloud technology to influence just about everything — from which fashions make it to stores to finding a cure for cancer.

Written by Dustin Harris
Published on Apr. 17, 2024
71 SaaS Companies in NYC You Need to Know
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New York has become a major player for Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) companies offering unique and innovative technologies. NYC-based SaaS companies are using cloud technology to influence just about everything — from which fashions make it to stores to finding a cure for cancer.

Top SaaS Companies in NYC

  • Actuate
  • Contentsquare
  • Stack Overflow
  • Dashlane
  • Kustomer
  • Ocrolus
  • Pitchbook Data
  • Saturn Cloud
  • Justworks
  • Celonis
  • Bizzabo
  • BetterCloud
  • Asana
  • CB Insights
  • DigitalOcean
  • Flatiron Health
  • Yext
  • Namely


Findigs offers an underwriting platform property managers use to quickly screen potential tenants. Its solutions verify applicants’ identity, employment and income within half an hour to facilitate faster decision making for renting and leasing. The company’s technology is meant to enhance productivity and prevent fraud.


Route makes a platform that enhances the post-purchase customer experience for e-commerce companies. Its solutions cover shipping protection, package tracking, carbon neutral shipping and customer engagement. The company says businesses that use its products spend less time dealing with customer questions related to the status of their shipment and see increased checkout conversion.


Upside makes software that enables cashback customer rewards, bringing e-commerce strategies to brick-and-mortar businesses including big box stores, fast food restaurants, grocery stores and gas stations. Through Upside’s platform, these businesses get access to a merchant dashboard that includes analytics capabilities.


The Smartly platform comes with features designed to strengthen brand and creative teams across industries like retail, gaming and travel. Smartly says clients that use its technology solutions experience increases in content views and conversions, as well as a reduced manual workload. The company’s capabilities support campaigns on major media platforms such as TikTok, YouTube and Facebook.


Redgate Software makes end-to-end database DevOps solutions, offering products for development, testing and monitoring that are available under a SaaS model. With clients in the finance, healthcare, technology, government and other heavily regulated industries, the company says 91 percent of Fortune 100 companies and over 800,000 users around the world depend on its products.


Templafy offers a platform for document templating and management. Clients use its services to create business content without having to start at the drawing board in terms of design and functionality, instead entering their content and data into pre-made branded templates. The software also manages content distribution, automates document processes and includes productivity tools.


Navan offers a platform businesses around the world use for administering their travel and expense management programs. Its business travel solution includes user-friendly online booking for individual and group trips, 24/7 support from human travel agents and an AI-powered agent, tools for ensuring policy compliance and sustainability features that help companies cut back on travel-related carbon emissions. On the expense management side, Navan’s technology is equipped with automations to streamline reconciliation.


Specializing in software solutions designed to enhance business productivity, monday.com offers a cloud-based platform with products for managing project tasks and workflows; streamlining sales processes and managing product lifecycles. Its features include dashboards that connect users to real-time data insights and automations that help team members improve efficiency by cutting down on repetitive manual tasks.


Enigma takes diverse data on the financial wellbeing and behavior of private businesses, analyzes it using AI and machine learning and offers its clients clarity on who to do business with. Its data platform solutions guide financial decisions as well as enable targeted customer acquisition and retention in sales and marketing.


HiBob’s cloud-based HR software gives businesses tools for managing internal processes from payroll and scheduling to performance analyses. One of its notable features is a 360-degree review program that offers a holistic assessment of performance, salary and bonuses. The technology is designed to facilitate horizontal engagement across roles, managing all team members through its core functions instead of delegating from senior roles on down.


Hivebrite makes a SaaS platform for community management and alumni networking. Geared toward educational institutions, nonprofits, professional organizations and corporations, the platform functions like a private social network, with features for communications, newsletter delivery, event management and a jobs hub where users can browse listings and post their resumes.


Personio makes HR software with an emphasis on serving small to medium sized businesses. Its platform handles the full suite of HR operations, from scheduling to automated payroll processes. Personio’s tech also includes features for talent management, such as recruiting, training and compensation management solutions.


DearDoc's healthtech platform facilitates communication between patients and providers, telemedicine visits and payment reminders. Doctors can use the company’s AI-powered software solutions to grow and digitize their practices, while also improving patient experience and lightening the load on support staff.


Bubble is a software building platform that gives users the tools to design, develop and launch software products like apps, social networks and websites without any code. Users work with a drag and drop editing tool that allows for quick design without specialized software development skills, and integrated hosting services allow apps to be instantly connected to the user’s domain.


Miro is a visual workspace tool designed to foster collaboration across departments including product management, sales, engineering, IT and marketing. The platform helps companies with distributed teams visualize workflows, gather feedback on projects and enhance productivity.


Tropic is a spend management platform designed to help customers manage costs more efficiently. The application combines tools, data and services that allow customers to manage expenses alongside vendor acquisition and contracts. By consolidating procurement workflows, supplier management and benchmark data within a single platform, Tropic streamlines the discovery and implementation of savings opportunities for businesses.


Wingspan offers a payroll platform specifically designed to cover every aspect of the work lifecycle for contractors. The Wingspan Flexible Work Cloud includes features for getting contractors paid quickly, generating invoices, conducting background checks and offering health benefits contractors can opt to purchase.


Click Therapeutics is a biotech company focused on developing SAMD, or Software as a Medical Device, products to enhance treatment for conditions like opioid use disorder and insomnia. The company calls its software products Digital Therapeutics, which undergo clinical trials and regulatory review so that doctors can prescribe them either on their own or in conjunction with other drugs and therapies.


Order.co provides businesses in industries such as retail, hospitality, fitness and wellness with a platform for procurement management. The company says its product allows businesses to save time with streamlined workflows that cut down on manual tasks and enhance their visibility into budgets and spending.


Spotnana is a cloud-based travel tech company that bills its services as “TaaS,” or Travel-as-a-Service. Its service is designed for both individuals and groups of business travelers and is priced at a flat per-trip fee, no matter how large or complicated the booking is or how much support it requires. Spotnana’s capabilities include real-time analytics and support for traveler safety. 


PatientPoint’s patient engagement platform can be used to display health content on digital screens in waiting rooms and interactive educational materials in exam rooms. It also helps providers connect patients with their patient portal, website and other helpful resources. The company’s healthtech solutions, which cover various stages of the patient experience, reach 750 million patient visits a year.


Narmi’s platform allows financial institutions to offer both businesses and consumers an array of digital banking services. In addition to enabling activities like account openings and money transfers, Narmi also offers its customers an admin platform to streamline their back-office operations. Banks, credit unions and other financial services companies have used Narmi’s products to bring their users quality digital experiences, while also combatting challenges such as fraud.


Rather than rely on sluggish mainframe-based systems, Clear Street is streamlining trading with a cloud-based platform. Traders can now quickly access financing, securities lending, and execution options. Intuitive reporting tools also allow investors to survey and manage their portfolios, creating a more personalized experience with the Clear Street platform.


Not everyone knows the ins and outs of pet care, so Kinship provides deeper insights through its tools and connections. While its platform, Wisdom Panel, shares information on each pet’s breed mix, VetInsight delivers crucial health services for pets. Wherever confusion may lie, Kinship instills pet owners with clarity and enables them to become more informed caretakers for their four- and two-legged companions. 


Mulberry ensures finding affordable warranty options while online shopping is no longer an issue. The company has developed a platform where customers can select plans, submit claims, and seek out support when needed. Meanwhile, businesses can integrate Mulberry plans into their customer shopping experiences and rely on Mulberry representatives to manage their claims process. 


Financial institutions need to deliver insights quickly, so Addepar simplifies the process with a convenient platform. Wealth managers can view complete client portfolios, analyze information, and generate personalized reports in an instant. Addepar also provides additional layers of data security, so clients have peace of mind while building their financial portfolios. 


What they do: Greenhouse's recruiting software helps businesses streamline and optimize their hiring efforts. The company's HR-SaaS platform helps recruiters create job campaigns, structure interviews, and identify the specific skill sets and personality traits for their ideal candidate.


Actuate utilizes real-time video analytics and AI capabilities while making use of existing cameras and infrastructure to provide necessary enhancements to school and building security systems. The AI software works to detect weapons, intruders and people traveling within an environment while eliminating biases and reducing false alarm possibilities to respect privacy without missing real threats, all while easily integrating into virtually any system. 


Contentsquare produces a User Experience Analytics platform that allows organizations across industries to analyze their customers’ journeys and optimize content for the most pleasant and efficient user experiences possible. The platform features insights on how users progress through a site from entrance through exit, with zone-based heatmaps, AI analysis, session replay, merchandising analysis, struggle analysis, impact quantification, APIs and integrations all available to increase ROI and maximize conversions.


Dashlane offers simple, secure password management capabilities for both businesses and individuals, allowing them to create, store and autofill passwords while maintaining top tier security. Ideal for ensuring control over personal information, payments and passwords alike, Dashlane encrypts all data upon receipt so only users have access to their own data at any given time.


PitchBook Data is a platform for use by professionals in venture capital to discover crucial information on companies in the private and public financial markets. The PitchBook Data platform allows them to make more informed investment decisions by providing robust data on price-to-earnings ratios, recent acquisitions/mergers and additional data. Powerful insights and market intelligence are easily attainable through Pitchbook Data, and users are able to network, fundraise and execute deals directly through the platform.


Smartling provides cloud-based translation software that helps businesses go global by quickly translating their websites and apps. The company recently helped GoPro launch online stores in six languages in just three weeks.


Kustomer produces a customer service CRM platform for managing high support volumes with ease. The platform integrates and unifies data from multiple sources to allow companies and support teams to provide effortless support across multiple channels — all from a single timeline. 

Ocrolus has developed an intuitive, automated process for checking financial documents like pay stubs and mortgage forms, blending powerful AI technology with human quality control specialists for over 99+% accurate analysis. The platform combines pattern recognition and data verification capabilities to process documents quickly and detect fraudulent data with ease, perfect for employment verification, invoice processing and mortgage automation purposes. 


Justworks is a HR SaaS solution that helps businesses manage their payroll and employees. The startup also partners directly with providers such as Aetna and MetLife to offer benefits at affordable rates.


Celonis designs big data technology that analyzes and visualizes different parts of a businesses’ processes. The company’s individualized tools harness a businesses’ data to improve everything from procurement to manufacturing, logistics and IT.


Flatiron Health provides cloud-based oncology software that connects cancer centers across the country, aggregating the data in an effort to improve treatments and accelerate research on the disease. The platform currently boasts 400,000-plus cancer patient visits per month from more than 2,000 healthcare providers. 


Frontify provides a digital branding ecosystem that enables frictionless cross-department collaboration. With a single location, creators can develop libraries of digital assets, store brand-approved templates, and list best brand practices. Teams no longer have to rely on sluggish pdfs to share ideas, leveraging the branding platform of Frontify to support and strengthen brands at a rapid pace. 


Vimeo is a leading video hosting and viewing platform, offering a community of over 200 million users and creators a space to share high-quality video content. From creatives to entrepreneurs and businesses looking to grow their brands, Vimeo provides a home with exceptional reach and unprecedented control over privacy and content.


Bizzabo is an all-encompassing platform for marketers and events. The company’s event command center helps marketing teams create meaningful event marketing, management and registration tools. The platform includes website building and social media tools, as well as, an analytics dashboard.


Transfix is a logistics software platform for shippers to receive instant price quotes, match with carriers and track their shipments. The company’s algorithms pair shippers with carriers that fit the specific needs of the shipment, including those that have refrigeration or flatbed needs.


Aircall equips its users with a full suite of call center software that easily integrates with most CRMs.  The company’s advanced software allows for everything from call center analytics reports to the ability to collaborate with team members, no matter where they are. In addition to its New York office, Aircall also calls Paris home.  


CB Insights specializes in aggregating and analyzing massive amounts of data points to predict technology trends. The company's market intelligence platform has become a trusted source for data, research and analytics on global private markets.


Digital Ocean is a cloud-based Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provider built for developers. Netcraft considers it the second largest hosting company in the world, and allows dev teams to create, automate and manage infrastructure through API, floating IPs, shared private networking and team accounts.


Yext provides digital location management software that helps businesses leverage geo-technologies to reach mobile consumers across a network of apps, search engines, maps, directories, social media and more. 


Zipari’s software is the first consumer experience and CRM platform specifically designed for the insurance world. The platform helps insurance companies manage their digital customer experience portals, and provides real-time data on their customer interactions and marketing campaigns.


In the accelerating field of online wealth management, Betterment is a runaway success story. It builds algorithms for wealth management with a portfolio designed for optimal returns at every level of risk, and has been called the “Apple of finance.”


AB Tasty is a customer experience optimization platform designed to help companies in e-commerce, media, and other industries have more control over their ROI. The company offers a suite of scalable services that include client side A/B testing, personalized marketing, and progressive product rollout.


Trustpilot offers software dedicated to customer reviews. Trustpilot, Europe’s leading customer review software, helps companies learn about their product or service using real-time data gathered by a community of customers.


Movable Ink pioneered a SaaS email technology that lets marketers dynamically change and personalize their messaging in real-time depending on a customer's behavior. In early May 2016, the company celebrated a milestone when it passed 100 billion content impressions.


Namely makes HR software that helps businesses handle functions like employee management, performance reviews, payroll, benefits, workflow and approvals. The company has offices in New York, San Francisco, Austin and Atlanta, and recently ran a Super Bowl ad touting it's HR app.


Dataminr uses proprietary algorithms to mine real-time Twitter and public datasets for actionable signals that can be used by finance, public sector, news, corporate security and crisis management clients. For example, last year Dataminr used Twitter to detect a a large gas explosion in New York City and sent an alert to the NYFD before the first 911 call was received.


Socure combats identity theft with its digital identity verification software, an easily integrated SaaS solution. The platform uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to analyze data from phone, email, social media, addresses and IPs to validate identities, keeping businesses and their customers safe.


Asana’s software helps teams coordinate on projects, stay organized and manage deadlines. The software’s visual tools show the progress of each member on their scheduled tasks, creating accountability and transparency throughout the entire project.


Datadog is a leading SaaS-monitoring platform that helps companies centralize important metrics from apps, tools and services. The consolidation of data helps operations and development teams avoid downtime, fix performance problems and streamline development and cycles. 


Stack Overflow is an intuitive platform that allows individuals and teams to access the technical knowledge they need to build exceptional products. Featuring both a free, public platform where users can contribute to and learn from an ever-expanding collection of coding questions and answers, as well as a private collaboration and knowledge sharing SaaS platform for companies, Stack Overflow helps decrease cycle time and protect valuable data regardless of the goal in mind.


Lifion by ADP is a human resources software that helps HR professionals track workflows, manage payroll and benefits and accomplish much more. As a business grows, the platform will provide historical data that assists HR teams in making the best personnel decisions that fits their company’s needs.


Stensul’s email creation software platform assists marketing teams in crafting personalized emails. The platform enforces brand and design guidelines, removes the need for optimizing images and even enables marketers to customize the email to their specific language, region or role.


Saturn Cloud provides data scientists with everything they need to excel, including collaboration tools, breakthrough analytics and resources that help companies and projects scale. The platform is built entirely on Python, meaning Spark, Scala and Java can be taken out of the equation, leading to accessible data and powerful insights in less time. 


BetterCloud is a management tool for SaaS-powered organizations. The platform helps businesses manage their SaaS applications, files, groups and users in one place.


Custora is a predictive marketing platform that helps online retailers gather customer data to more accurately target their advertising efforts. The platform integrates its analytics directly with email providers to deliver insights into individual consumer experiences, helping marketers improve their acquisition and retention efforts. 


SpotMe’s software helps enterprise companies increase engagement at company events. The company builds end-to-end digital experiences that help businesses foster engagement and enhance learning experiences among event participants.  


Bizly is an all-in-one events platform. The company’s platform allows event managers to tap into a network of more than 15,000 venues, craft customized invitations and even send reminders and participant surveys. The Bizly platform also comes with reporting tools to measure and optimize attendee satisfaction and event ROI. 


Catchpoint Systems is a digital experience platform used by more than 400 companies in 30 countries. Catchpoint offers multiple solutions, including integrated, synthetic and real user monitoring, real-time analytics and real user measurement.


X.ai has created an artificial intelligence personal assistant that will coordinate with colleagues and friends to schedule meetings. The invisible software allows the user to simply Cc "Amy" on their email and she will handle the scheduling from there.


Sprinklr is a social media management platform that helps enterprise brands reach customers across networks. Its Experience Cloud technology provides listening capabilities across a number of social touchpoints, helping marketers manage their social media, brand websites, content and paid advertising campaigns. 


MongoDB is a NoSQL database ecosystem designed to help businesses harness their data and build applications. The platform focuses on delivering an agility and scaleability, while also improving customer experience, faster time to market and lowering costs.    


PeerLogix provides a SaaS-based data aggregation platform that tracks and catalogues the activity of torrent networks in order to determine consumer trends and preferences through the downloads of movies, music, books and other media. The insights can be used to help clients better target and serve ads.


Yodle is a digital marketing company that specializes in helping local businesses with customer retention, growth and management. The company was recently acquired by Web.com for $300 million. 


Lately is a SaaS platform that acts as a single-tool solution to help businesses integrate social, traditional media, content, communications, budgets, files, analytics and calendars for their marketing campaigns into a centralized location.


Booker provides an all-in-one local service commerce platform that helps businesses acquire customers, book appointments and process payments, while also managing relationships with employees and clients.

This story was originally published in 2016. Margo Steines, Rose Velazquez and Sara B.T. Thiel contributed reporting to this story.

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