6 innovative wearable tech products to come out of New York City

by Taylor Majewski
December 14, 2015

When we think wearable tech, Apple Watches or Fitbits are likely the first thing to come to mind. And while these devices have taken considerable strides in the wearable market, technology’s ability to organically meld into our everyday lives is only just beginning. We’ve rounded up a group of NYC startups that have been particularly innovative in this realm, all of which offer wearable products to suit your day-to-day needs. 


ringly wearables company nyc

Ringly is at the forefront of the intersection between jewelry and technology. The company has made a line of wearable rings that connect to your phone via Bluetooth. You can then receive customized text, email, phone call, calendar and social media notifications through vibrations and subtle lights on the side of the ring.


caeden wearables company nyc

Caeden has created a line of sleek and simple wearable bracelets to optimize mind and body performance. The pieces sync up to the Caeden App over Bluetooth to track wearer’s Resonance mediations sessions, time spent being active and heart health.


wooftale wearables company nyc

WOOFtale is a dog collar wearable that allows dog owners to track their pet’s daily activity and location. The device is helpful for learning new training techniques and implementing a new routine for your dog, whether it be changing up their exercise or sleep schedule.


biotrak wearables company nyc
biotrak health

BioTrak’s Halo is an electronic headband that monitors tension and provides gentle feedback to prevent tension headaches and TMJ pain. Halo’s smartphone app collects EMG data from your headband via Bluetooth in order to monitor muscle tension and provide gentle relaxation exercises via the headband.


waverly labs wearables company nyc
waverly labs

Waverly Labs’ The Pilot is a smart earpiece designed for highly connected professionals. The Pilot utilizes Artificial Intelligence to help people schedule appointments, email coworkers, take notes and create reminders. The device connects with a smartphone via voice commands and even has the ability to translate between different languages for professionals who work internationally.


empowered wearables company nyc

emPowered fuses fashion and technology with its line of leather bags that can charge electronics on the go. The leather pieces are universally compatible (they can charge an iPhone, Android, Kindle, etc.) and solve the modern woman’s consistent problem of a dead device.


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