These New York startups are making waves at CES

by Taylor Majewski
January 6, 2016

CES 2016 has officially begun.

The decades-old Consumer Electronics Show is the biggest of its kind, luring more than 150,000 techies, executives and reporters to peruse the innovations in store for 2016.

Virtual reality. Self driving cars. 3D Printing. Drones. Internet of Things and smart, connected everything. If many of the trends highlighted this year at CES come to fruition and strike a chord with consumers, 2016 could be the year that realizes many a flashy technology once reserved for futuristic fiction.

Companies like New York-based,

, have already starting to make headlines, as the code-friendly toy company is competing in TechCrunch’s Hardware Battlefield at the event.

Additional NYC wearables companies are also making a splash at the convention, including

, which created a smart headband to prevent headaches, and , which makes headphones designed to help you sleep.

Other New York companies also trekked to Nevada to participate in the convention, including

, , , , and . At-home spinning startup, , will be participating in the expo’s Fitness Tech Summit, and Brooklyn’s  will let anyone without service at CES easily communicate.

On Thursday, be sure to checkout Arun Sundararajan, NYU Professor of Business, speak at the “Disruptive Innovators: Growing Jobs with Old Regulations” talk. On Friday, you can catch Dr. Jan Plass, NYU Paulette Goddard chair in Digital Media and Learning Sciences, speak at the “Agile Learning: What Developers Can Teach Us” session.

This year, attendants flew in from around the world to partake in the expo, representing as many as 150 countries around the globe.

Companies in attendance hope to join a growing list of world-changing innovations that have made their respective debuts at CES shows over the last half century. Tech standards like the VCR, camcorder, DVD, Xbox, Blu-Ray and HDTV were all publicly announced at the yearly show.

The exhibit runs January 6 through January 9.

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