Inside the NYC offices of 4 Silicon Valley giants

by Taylor Majewski
March 8, 2016

In Silicon Valley, tech executives are repeatedly placing priority in property investment and elite architectural commissions, as we’ve seen here, here and here. This movement has transformed the Bay Area into a series of futuristic campuses set against the backdrop of the Golden Gate, and created the world’s most prominent tech center. However, while Silicon Valley tech giants were able to set up sprawling corporate complexes throughout the South Bay and beyond, New York City is a bit more strapped for space. Here’s a look at how four Bay Area darlings expanded east, and snagged some real estate on the crowded island of Manhattan.



Twitter’s New York City headquarters is in Chelsea, occupying 12 floors of space. The office is laid out in an open floor plan, with video conferencing technology set up around the space to help employees stay in touch with their San Francisco-based peers. Every other week, the entire office comes together for a “local tea time,” where all NYC employees congregate and share thoughts.



The social media giant chose Greenwich Village for its New York branch, where more than 300 employees work. While Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg commissioned Frank Gehry for the company's revamped Menlo Park headquarters, Zuck also trusted the deconstructivist starchitect with Facebook's NYC space. The office features a myriad of amenities, including microkitchens, a library and a music room.



Uber’s Chelsea office only occupies one floor, but provides spectacular Hudson River views to inspire the company’s NYC employees. The office features arched windows, exposed brick, steel columns and digital walls to boot.




Google is infamous as the foremost innovator when it comes to office space, and the web search giant’s New York branch makes no exception. The space was designed to encapsulate the essence of New York City, complete with a room dedicated to the city’s Meatpacking district and a conference room that replicates a crammed New York apartment.


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