7 NYC tech companies with perks that make employees healthy and stress free

by Anthony Sodd
August 22, 2016

The benefits of a living a low stress lifestyle, coupled with a healthy diet and physical activity are innumerable. Of course, as much as many of us strive to achieve such an existence, it’s not as easy as it should be in our modern world. But, some tech companies are tackling the problem head-on, offering a host of perks to employees to help them be the best person they can be. Here are 7 companies that create environments where their employees can be healthy and stress free. 



What they do: Greenhouse makes employee recruiting software. 

How they keep you healthy: Greenhouse employees work in a holistic office environment where things like peer-led yoga and mediation sessions are regular occurrences. What’s more, they also offer AMAs with their CEO, Daniel Chait, and that sort of an open environment really helps keep insidious stress in check.  




What they do: ShopKeep is modernizing the archaic point-of-sale systems that many small businesses are still using. 

How they keep you healthy: You know how great you feel after a back rub? Employees at ShopKeep get to feel like that at work. Not only does this chilled out bunch enjoy in-office massage therapy, they also benefit from meditation sessions and yoga classes. Once they're done crushing their day jobs and mastering the art of the handstand, they’re also known to hit the bar for team happy hours. After all, you can make a case that beer’s healthy too




What they do: Compass is bringing the world of real estate into the digital age. 

How they keep you healthy: It’ll probably come as no surprise that Compass’ offices are super-swanky and really well designed — they are a real estate company, after all. But, as much as a quality work environment promotes a healthy lifestyle, Compass actually goes a step further and offers gym and tuition reimbursements. After all, a healthy brain is as important as a healthy body. 




What they do: Yext is a global location data management company. 

How they keep you healthy: Yexters enjoy a whole host of healthy mind/body perks. They work from ergonomic work stations, enjoy paid parental leave for mothers and fathers, have a flexible vacation policy and get their gym memberships reimbursed. Best of all, though, is a wellness program that includes flu shots, health diagnostics, free in-office massages and pressed juice days. 




What they do: Poppin is transforming the office products' industry — I hope you’re paying attention, Staples… 

How they keep you healthy: Poppin’s offices are an interesting mix of energetic and zenful. Dogs are welcomed, so there’s usually a friendly, furry face running around. They have a 'wall of sound,' where music plays all day, and everyone is encouraged to DJ. But, they also have a Quiet Room where you can retreat. Working in a fun environment was never so peaceful. 




What they do: Shutterstock is an online photography marketplace. Chances are, you’ve already seen quite a few images that came from them today. 

How they keep you healthy: Shutterstock employees have access to daily lunchtime meditation sessions, weekly yoga and fitness classes. And, although their offices sound like a yoga-retreat, they also have a 21-day paid leave policy and everyone is encouraged to use it to it’s fullest — so if you so choose, you can spend a guilt-free month hanging out with a yogi in India too. Om namah shivaya, and enjoy your trip.




What they do: Teckst is a platform where businesses can send and receive text messages with their customers. 

How they keep you healthy: Teckst offers monthly wellness perks, combined with unlimited vacation days and the flexibility to work from home. Of course, they also have an office ice cream cart and popcorn machine that you’ll have to navigate around, but we’re guessing without the stress of a micromanaged schedule you’ll be able to forgo the temptation of a daily 2 o’clock scoop of chocolate pick-me-up. 


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