4 NYC startups that will pay for you to take classes

September 1, 2016

Tuition reimbursement has long been a benefit for employees of corporate companies. The benefit can help retain employees, advance a worker’s skills and attract new talent. While educational reimbursement programs aren’t typically a perk offered at startups, these young NYC companies are breaking the mold.


What they do: Axial is a network for professionals who run, advise, acquire, or finance private companies.Think social networking for business professionals. Currently, 22,000 CEOs, buyers, lenders, investors and advisors are using Axial to share business information.

What they offer: Axial provides in house educational sessions and a yearly stipend to spend on classes. Axial also hosts a “Lyceum” series, which features monthly engineering speakers and quarterly sales speakers.


What they do: Tumblr is a micro-blogging platform and social networking website that allows users to post multimedia and other content to a short-form blog.

What they offer: In addition to free dinners, car services and gym memberships, Tumblr’s suite of perks includes tuition reimbursement.


What they do: SecurityScorecard is a cybersecurity rating and continuous monitoring platform. Through an automated and self-service tool, the company provides a proprietary cloud platform that helps organizations with their security needs across their company, partners and vendors.

What they offer: SecurityScorecard invests in its employees by offering an education and conference stipend.


What they do: Peloton is bringing the cycling studio into people’s homes. The company sets itself apart from other like-minded spinning startups by honing in on the at-home experience, which is at the core of its product.

What they offer: Peloton offers substantial yearly tuition reimbursement to help its employees continue their education and grow professionally.


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