4 NYC companies rethinking the coworking model

January 11, 2017

Coworking spaces have given entrepreneurs of all types an opportunity to come out of the shadows — or at least off their couches — and have a place to call their office. The model has worked extremely well and some coworking companies, namely WeWork, have grown remarkably big in a short time period.

But, for one reason or another, the traditional coworking model doesn't work for everyone, and there is clearly some room for innovation and improvement. A new cohort of companies and entrepreneurs are tackling a new problem — what do you do when the traditional office AND the coworking model don't work for you? Welcome to New York City, where, for every problem, there are at least four entrepreneurial answers.


Breather offers on-demand meeting rooms and workspaces. If you have a company offsite and need a place to meet, you can hop on the site and find a space that fits your needs. While that’s great for companies that have traditional offices, it’s a game-changer for companies that are completely remote and need a space to periodically gather their team into one room. The company is based in New York, but has spaces available across the United States, as well as in Toronto, Montreal and London. 


Spacious makes use of restaurants, cafes and bars that would otherwise be closed during the day and transforms them into temporary coworking spaces. These sorts of places tend to already have a lot of the amenities that people value in a coworking space, but are otherwise sitting empty. And, because these spaces are already generating income from their nighttime activities, Spacious can charge rock bottom prices for people who want to use them during the day. For just $95 a month, you can get unlimited access. Right now the company operates in New York, but will be coming soon to Los Angeles, San Francisco and London. 


Croissant is where you go when you can’t decide on one space — or just don’t want to. The company runs a service that gives entrepreneurs access to coworking spaces around the city. You sign up for a subscription and are then allowed access to 59 different coworking spaces. Pricing is competitive too, with plans starting at $39 a month and going as high as $299 a month for unlimited access and other perks. Most spaces are located in New York, but there are enough spaces available in San Francisco, Boston and Washington D.C. to keep you busy while you travel. 


The New Lab is like a coworking space merged with a super high-end tech shop class. Instead of just offering a place to drink coffee and sit with a laptop, New Lab caters to entrepreneurs working with robotics, artificial intelligence and connected devices. As such, they have all the super-fancy, pricey and unwieldy tools that those companies need. So, if you need access to things like a 3D printer, a spray booth or a bed-sized laser cutter, they’ve got you covered. 

Images via featured companies.

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