7 coolest perks members receive at coworking spaces

June 13, 2017

Amenities like rooftop access, on-site gym classes and an in-house salon are luxuries many New Yorkers only dream of having at home, but some lucky people actually reap these benefits at work. Shared working spaces are growing in popularity, and heavier competition is forcing them to think outside the cubicle with the perks they offer members. Here are some of the ways New York coworking spaces get their teams excited to come into the office every day.


1. Sweet outdoor areas

Normally it’s what’s on the inside that matters, but let’s be real — the outside is pretty important, too. When the weather is nice and you want to take a breather from your screen, perks like WorkHouse NYC’s landscaped rooftop and Bat Haus’s charming backyard area are perfect mini retreats to break up your work day.


2. Snacks that are ‘so extra’

Snacks are a common perk at coworking spaces, but some shared offices go that extra mile. We’re talking popcorn machines, ice cream carts and even some homemade treats available to the entire office. Midtown- and SoHo-based Ensemble and The Fueled Collective both make it a priority to keep minds and stomachs well-fed.


3. Gym classes 

Because snacks are common at shared office spaces, you’ll want to pay extra attention to your wellness plan. Primary, a wellness-focused coworking space located in the Financial District, offers a juice bar, healthy snacks and classes for yoga, cardio and meditation exercises. WeWork offers exercise classes in the common areas at many of its locations throughout New York, and members can purchase massages and join team sports.


4. Female-friendly amenities

Female-centric workspaces like In Good Company and The Wing offer perks with their audience in mind. For those at In Good Company, that means access to 15 women’s entrepreneurial classes per month. For those at The Wing in the Flatiron District, it means — wait for it — their very own personal glam squad. Members have access to on-demand makeup and blowouts, because when you look good, you work good...or something like that. 


5. Fancy trade equipment

Think coworking spaces are only for jobs that can be done from a laptop? Think again. Collab in SoHo and New Lab in Brooklyn offer niche equipment like a 3D printer and laser cutter for professionals who need them. Similarly, Neue House in Gramercy has a broadcasting studio and screening room for its teams.


6. Cool libraries

Bookworms, rejoice. Two NYC-based coworking spaces offer libraries that are very...unique. Joynture in the Financial District features a library modeled after Alexander Hamilton’s very own. The Wing also has a charming library curated by writer RH Lossin and features only female authors.


7. Transportation deals

If you have a car and live in New York, congratulations: you’ve made it. For everyone else, a car is a luxury. Luckily, teams at 42West24 located at — you guessed it — 42 West 24th street in the Flatiron District are eligible for car-sharing memberships at Zipcar. So go ahead, take that road trip.

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