Signals Analytics raises $25M to advance its military-inspired intelligence platform

August 9, 2017

Signals Analytics, a decision-science-as-a-service company, raised $25 million in a Series C funding round today. Led by Pitango Growth, the round also included participation from existing investors Sequoia Capital and Qumra Capital.

The funding will be used to continue their growth and global expansion, as well as advance their cloud-based augmented intelligence platform Signal's Playbook. The technology isolates meaningful signals from big data and transforms them into specific actions that drive commercial decision-making with a higher probability of success that’s faster and less risky.

“Signals Playbook empowers global brands to uncover the fundamental truths about consumers, competitors, market forces and potential disruptions,” said John Seaner, chief marketing officer. “It enables them to anticipate and react to constant change 24/7.”

The platform is military-inspired — the company’s co-founders are both ex-Israeli military intelligence officers — and uses a combination of battle-field tested concepts, processes and technologies to unify disparate data sets, detect signals and uncover insights that drive action.

“Our military-inspired augmented intelligence platform simplifies the complex decisions typically faced by global brands surrounding product portfolio health, the market acceptance of new products and the execution of an innovation agenda,” said Seaner.

Ultimately, the company is helping ease the challenge of finding good data and analyzing it in real-time.

“Ninety percent of today's data is noise — it’s unstructured, unconnected and lacks meaning. Compounding this reality is the fact that the organizational ability to analyze data is not growing as quickly as the data that needs to be analyzed,” said Seaner. “Traditional analytics solutions cannot uncover meaningful signals from this noise the way [our platform can].”


Photo via featured company.

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