6 Data Science Bootcamps in NYC Where You Can Up Your Numbers Game

by Alyssa Schroer
February 22, 2019

An explosion of big data and analytics over the last decade has transformed the business world, creating high demand for data science skills. While many data scientists have formal training in mathematics and statistics, there's a wide range of professionals who can use advanced data skills to enhance their current and future careers. For example, many software engineers are looking to combine their coding skills with data science, especially as machine learning and other AI subsets become important business drivers. A programmer with coding and data skills is a very valuable employee indeed. 

As you may have already guessed, data science bootcamps and courses are becoming increasingly popular, especially here in NYC.  For anyone interested in becoming a player in the data game, these six programs have you covered.

Notable Data Science Bootcamps in NYC

  • Data Science Dojo
  • Byte Academy
  • The Flatiron School
  • Metis
  • NYC Data Science Academy
  • General Assembly


data science dojo data science bootcamps nyc
data science dojo

Overview: Data Science Dojo is a short-term training program designed for employees looking to bring new skills to their current careers. From the fundamentals to machine learning, the program covers a wide range of data science topics, ending with a Kaggle competition. The learning doesn't stop after the intensive five-day course, however, and students have up to one year of access to the program's education portal.

Duration: Five days

Languages and frameworks: R and Python

Location: Upper East Side

Cost: Varies per program


byte academy data science bootcamps nyc
byte academy

Overview: Byte Academy provides immersive and part-time coding bootcamps that teach students in phases. The first phase focuses on fundamentals of Python and software development while phase two gives students a more focused application of their skill. The data science program covers major tools needed for data wrangling, statistics, data visualization and machine learning.

Duration: 14 weeks

Languages and frameworks: Python

Location: Murray Hill

Cost: $14,950


flatiron school data science bootcamps nyc
flatiron school

Overview: The Flatiron School offers an immersive data science bootcamp — with money-back guarantee. Flatiron students gain a rounded data education and build projects to create a solid post-program portfolio. The bootcamp offers other career services like mock interviews and 1:1 career coaching. In addition to locations in NYC, Flatiron has campuses sprinkled across the country.

Duration: 15 weeks

Languages and frameworks: Python, SQL and related frameworks.

Location: Lower Manhattan and Dumbo Heights Brooklyn (Access Labs Initiative)

Cost: $17,000


metis data science bootcamps nyc

Overview: Metis is an immersive, accredited data science training program structured around 2-3 hours of daily classroom instruction followed by 4-6 hours of hands-on development and project work. Between advisors preparing students for new careers and senior data scientists teaching with real-world experience, the program sets students up for success. Graduates from Metis have gone on to work at Etsy, Apple and Fitbit.

Duration: 12 weeks

Languages and frameworks: Python, Hadoop, Spark, NumPy, Pandas and Matplotlib

Location: Midtown

Cost: $17,000


nyc data science academy data science bootcamp nyc
nyc data science academy

Overview: NYC Data Science Academy provides immersive data science programs for beginner and intermediate level students. The program has some steep pre-requisites, preferring students have masters or PhD degrees in fields like technology, science, math and engineering. The project-based program focuses on all the necessary skills needed for a data science career and has produced graduates that have gone on to work at Google, Spotify and IBM.

Duration: 12 weeks

Languages and frameworks: R, Hadoop, Python and Spark

Location: Midtown

Cost: $17,600


general assembly data science bootcamps nyc
general assembly

Overview: General Assembly offers many adult education courses and programs including an immersive data science bootcamp. Students learn valuable skills like data wrangling and visualization through the hands-on experience of creating predictive models. The program also offers in-house career help like resume guidance, technical interview prep and networking opportunities.

Duration: 12 weeks

Languages and frameworks: Python, SQL, Git and UNIX

Location: Midtown

Cost: $15,950


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