13 NYC Web Design Classes Training Future Creatives

October 4, 2019

Websites today are built using a variety of methods and platforms, from drag-and-drop models, like Squarespace and WIX, to sites built purely using HTML and coding, and even hybrid approaches, such as Wordpress and Dreamweaver. Accordingly, the skills needed to become proficient in web design and the demand for high-quality designers/developers has never been higher. Of all the abilities professionals can add to their skillsets, web design ranks among the most useful and beneficial for accelerating careers in any industry.

Whether you're a complete beginner when it comes to building websites or you are a seasoned pro looking to expand your knowledge, these 13 NYC web design classes can help you build new skills around your schedule.


Beginner Courses

Baruch College – CAPS web design classes NYC
Baruch College – CAPS

About the School: The Continuing and Professional Studies School at Baruch College provides adults in New York with access to a variety of programs that send careers into entirely new directions.

Course Name: Adobe Dreamweaver CC

About the Course: One of the most popular methods of website design and creation, Adobe Dreamweaver is an invaluable platform for designers to know. This course takes students from inception to completion of a Dreamweaver website, introducing concepts like template creation, integrating various video and audio elements, creating image hotspots, using JavaScript, error checking, browser compatibility and using CSS.

Cost: $425

Average Class Size: 10

Number of Classes: 5


Borough of Manhattan Community College web design classes NYC
Borough of Manhattan Community College

About the School: This CUNY-system school offers students an affordable option for earning a degree or continuing their education. The Borough of Manhattan Community College features a wide variety of courses intended to align students with fulfilling careers, not just good jobs. 

Course Name: Web Development Bootcamp

About the Course: Taking students from beginner-level concepts through the skills needed to jumpstart a career in web development, BMCC’s Web Development Bootcamp teaches students best practices for structuring content with HTML, stylizing with CSS and using JavaScript and JQuery to interact with visitors. Additionally, students will learn to use responsive web design to optimize sites for various screen sizes and mobile views.

Cost: $1,814

Average Class Size: 20

Number of Sessions: 20


The New York Public Library web design classes NYC
New York Public Library

About the School: An essential learning institution with 93 locations throughout NYC, the New York Public Library hosts several series of free classes to provide career and technical education to anyone willing to learn.

Course Name: Create a Website With HTML and CSS: HTML Focus

About the Course: In this course, students will learn entry-level skills in the HTML, CSS and JavaScript coding languages, utilizing them to create their first basic webpage. The class takes a hands-on approach to learning coding skills, and classes at NYPL are filled on a walk-in basis.

Cost: Free

Average Class Size: 8

Number of Classes: 1


Pace University CPE web design classes NYC
Pace University CPE

About the School: Pace University's Division of Continuing and Professional Education provides adult students who are committed to competing within their profession with high-quality and industry-driven courses. The school also offers degrees and certificates for many courses upon completion.

Course Name: Certificate in Adobe Web Design

About the Course: The Adobe Creative Cloud software suite is among the leading platforms for creating websites that stand out. Students will learn skills and proper workflow in Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver and Acrobat, utilizing their new abilities to plan, create and build a dynamic website that they can maintain after completion.

Cost: $2,950

Average Class Size: 25

Number of Sessions: 39


Proctor University web design classes NYC
Proctor University

About the School: A center specialized in teaching students how to build and manage websites on Wordpress, Proctor University features both one-on-one tutoring and four-session courses where students can create their own high-functioning website.

Course Name: Learn to Build a Website and Blog with Wordpress

About the Course: Wordpress.org powers a huge chunk of websites and blogs on the internet, and students enrolled in this course will learn the steps for launching their own website. Instructors take students from acquiring domain names and hosting space to utilizing themes, plugins and widgets, all the way through creating impactful content. Students will leave with their own website and the skills needed to continue managing it.

Cost: $100

Average Class Size: 10

Number of Sessions: 1


Spectrum Creative Consulting web design classes NYC
Spectrum Creative Consulting

About the School: A digital design agency located in Brooklyn, Spectrum Creative Consulting also offers workshops and private classes on web design, coding languages, the Adobe suite and more.

Course Name: Introduction to Web Design with HTML and CSS

About the Course: Students taking this course will be introduced to the fundamentals of using HTML and CSS in web design, covering how to structure the code and the major features of each language. Exercises are focused around creating a small website that includes text, images, embedded videos, links and CSS elements.

Cost: $570

Average Class Size: 4

Number of Sessions: 1


Course Name: HTML/CSS Web Design Private Immersion — Custom Training

About the Course: A one-day, private immersion course teaching students how to use essential web design tools at their own pace, Spectrum Creative Consulting’s class gives beginners the attention they need to jumpstart their skills. Students can choose to focus on specific skills not covered in group workshops, including HTML/CSS syntax, embedding media content, formatting graphics and more.

Cost: $1,200

Average Class Size: 1

Number of Sessions: 1


Intermediate Courses

Certstaffix Training web design classes NYC
Certstaffix Training

About the School: Certstaffix Training provides virtual, real-time instruction on a variety of professional services to students who already have a career. Courses run from one to five days and the school only accepts students whose employers cover tuition.

Course Name: HTML5 & Cascading Style Sheets 3

About the Course: This course from Certstaffix training teaches students with a fundamental understanding of HTML to gain a greater control of their website’s look and feel. Focusing on the application of CSS, to alter layout and presentation, the course takes students through a series of project-driven labs that teach how to standardize colors, fonts and layouts across groups of pages, plus how to customize appearance for various browsers and devices.

Cost: $445

Average Class Size: 10

Number of Sessions: 6


General Assembly web design classes NYC
General Assembly

About the School: A giant in the tech education field, General Assembly houses a slew of expert instructors skilled in teaching cutting-edge techniques that lead to enhanced careers. General Assembly is home to over 40,000 alumni and 2,500 hiring partners.

Course Name: Front-End Web Development

About the Course: Front-End Web Development from General Assembly gives students the understanding they need to create beautiful, fully responsive and interactive websites. Instructors will provide a curriculum rich in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, GitHub and Sublime basics, teaching students how to use the tools in concurrence with each other to create a website that meets today’s standards. 

Cost: $3,950

Number of Sessions: 20

Average Class Size: 20


INNOVO Studio web design classes NYC

About the School: A full-scale digital advertising agency skilled in web design, branding and SEO, INNOVO Studio offers training to individuals and companies looking to bring unprecedented expertise to their tech abilities.

Course Name: Website Design: Complete Pro Course

About the Course: Designed for those looking to build upon their skills in website design, this course at INNOVO Studio gives students the space and knowledge they need for in-depth practice of their web design skills. Students will learn about using templates, creating accounts, releasing content and how to use web design skills to add text and pictures to their site.

Cost: $200

Average Class Size: 8

Number of Sessions: 5


ONLC Training Centers web design classes NYC
ONLC Training Centers

About the School: ONLC provides expert training in IT and technical skills to professionals in a variety of industries. The school provides certifications after completion of a majority of its programs, giving students everything they need to take their careers to new highs.

Course Name: Adobe Dreamweaver Core Skills: Level 2

About the Course: Featuring a faster-paced, more in-depth curriculum than ONLC’s Level 1 course, students will be challenged to improve their workflow by diving into content creation, learning shortcuts and understanding real-world tips. The curriculum delves into working with Extract, CSS Designer, Visual Media Query, various other Dreamweaver tools, HTML and CSS basics, designing for mobile devices and more.

Cost: $1,195

Average Class Size: 7

Number of Sessions: 3


Spectrum Creative Consulting web design classes NYC
Spectrum Creative Consulting

Course Name: HTML/CSS Web Design Tutorial — Private Training

About the Course: This private, one-on-one course from Spectrum Creative Consulting lets students learn essential HTML and CSS fundamentals at their own pace, ideal for students looking to enhance specific skills. Intended for beginner and intermediate students, these private sessions can be customized to provide an overarching view of web design skills or a narrow focus on one skill.

Cost: $450

Average Class Size: 1

Number of Sessions: 1


Advanced Courses

INNOVO Studio web design classes NYC

Course Name: Website Design: Complete Advanced Course

About the Course: In INNOVO Studio’s most challenging course, students will receive the most in-depth and career-focused insights on web design needed to jump start a career in the industry. Students will leave the course with a brand-new, beautifully designed website along with the abilities to use templates and create content for additional websites in the future.

Cost: $169

Average Class Size: 8

Number of Sessions: 5


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