How GameChanger is Creating a Roadmap for DEI in Tech Through Community Partnerships

Discover how building community connections promotes diversity and leads to mutually beneficial outcomes.

Written by Lucas Dean
Published on Apr. 24, 2024
 How GameChanger is Creating a Roadmap for DEI in Tech Through Community Partnerships
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As DEI remains a top priority for many companies, community engagement has emerged as a resource for both boosting employee retention and sense of purpose as well as cultivating impactful partnerships beyond office walls.   

According to Alessandra Cavalluzzi, author of A Million Dollars in Change: How to Engage Your Employees, Attract Top Talent, and Make the World a Better Place, demonstrating social responsibility in the community is a crucial driver of employee engagement. 

However, according to Cavalluzzi, less than 10 percent of midsize companies use community involvement programs to boost employee engagement. This discrepancy suggests a significant opportunity for businesses to harness the mutual benefits of stronger local ties and increased employee satisfaction.

Corporate integration with community development has emerged as a strategic approach for forward-thinking companies focused on diversity, equity and inclusion, not just in their internal activities but in their external engagement. 

Such collaborations forge a shared commitment, bridging the gap between corporate success and community prosperity. In such a win-win scenario, businesses benefit from lower turnover rates and stronger local connections, while communities enjoy ongoing support and resources from these partnerships.

GameChanger exemplifies this approach by strengthening its DEI initiatives through strategic local partnerships that boost community vitality. The company’s model provides a practical guide for supporting surrounding communities while creating an inclusive, engaging workplace.

Senior Manager of Community Support Rachelle Jacques shared how GameChanger’s team cultivates these relationships and their impact on both corporate culture and the communities they engage with. 



Rachelle Jacques
Senior Manager, Community Impact • GameChanger

SportsTech company GameChanger provides solutions that support families, coaches and volunteers in youth sports, offering live video streaming, scorekeeping and team communication tools for over 550,000 teams.


How does partnering with community organizations and local groups help advance DEI efforts at your company?

At GameChanger, our partnerships with local organizations advance our diversity, equity and inclusion efforts by fostering a culture of genuine care for and tangible actions in our community. 

These partnerships reinforce our company’s core values — such as collaboration — and exemplify to our teammates that we have a vested interest in improving the lives of not only the users we serve but also the communities within our reach. The opportunities we present through our partnerships allow members of our organization to participate together as a collective group, further strengthening the inclusive environment we aim to achieve.


Which organizations and partnerships have had the most impact on your organization? 

We value our partnerships with different organizations, and we have found great value and impact in partnering with after-school programs and high schools that serve diverse populations. Partnerships with organizations like Henry Street Settlement in New York allow us to stay connected to youth groups that often represent marginalized populations and present them with future opportunities. 


“We have found great value and impact in partnering with after-school programs and high schools that serve diverse populations.”


Recently, we worked with Henry Street Settlement to run a youth networking event. The event brought GameChanger teammates together with students and young adults from Henry Street. Our programming introduced the group to different careers in sports, outside of being an athlete, and connected them with future opportunities at GameChanger, such as our internship program. This experience enviably strengthened the pipeline for us to receive applications from a diverse group of candidates.


What advice do you have for other local companies looking to build deeper connections within your city or region?

My advice to local companies would be to first identify the strongest connections they have to their communities, whether that be through their mission or values, and then seek out genuine connections with the community leaders from those points of connection who will likely be associated with a slew of organizations. Identifying those connections comes from understanding the way that your company wants to embody and foster your mission or core values, which will build authentic relationships with the external community.



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