12 Social Media Companies Building Community in NYC

Apps and networking sites are everywhere, so we decided to take a survey of the NYC scene. These social media companies span the gauntlet of major players that have set up shop in the city to smaller companies that have found a niche in the social landscape.

Written by Alyssa Schroer
Published on Nov. 20, 2023
12 Social Media Companies Building Community in NYC

If you haven’t heard, social media is running the show these days. When Facebook has more than a billion active users a day, the influence social media has had in shaping everyday life is undeniable. Apps and networking sites are everywhere, so we decided to take a survey of the NYC scene.

Top Social Media Companies in NYC

  • Hinge
  • Meetup
  • Snap Inc.
  • Citizen
  • Instagram
  • Twitter

These social media companies span the gauntlet of major players that have set up shop in the city to smaller companies that have found a niche in the social landscape.

hinge social media company nyc

What they do: Hinge is a dating app that helps users meet other people through smarter matches and deeper connections.

How to be social: Hinge’s dating app suggests other users based off of your personal interests and likes. On the app, users can forge deeper connections with each other by getting to know them by liking quotes, activities or photos on their profiles, rather than quickly swiping.

Founded: 2011


foursquare social media company nyc

What they do: More than 50 million people use Foursquare each month to find the best places to eat, drink or shop all over the world.

How to be social: Need a fun night on the town? Foursquare offers the ability to check-in, review and post photos of restaurants, bars, entertainment venues and shopping centers all around the world. The platform allows for users to scour the best options and past customer reviews in the area for a truly enjoyable experience.

Founded: 2009


meetup social media company nyc

What they do: Meetup is a social catalyst that connects people with similar interests across thousands of cities. The app is all about bringing people together to foster new friendships and engage in activities or hobbies they have in common.

How to be social: The Meetup community does more than post pictures and discuss their interests, they get together for real. Whether you're looking to join a book club, go hiking with a group, or schedule a play date for your puppy, you'll be able to find others who are down for getting together. 

Founded: 2002


snapchat social media company nyc

What they do: Snapchat is a creative way to share photos, videos and messages. While they call the Venice boardwalk in Southern California home, Snapchat boasts offices in over 10 locations, including NYC. 

How to be social: Snapchat users can capture content and messages with different filters and overlays to send to friends for a specific amount of time. The app is now expanding their product, offering "spectacles" that let users record and snap memories right from the specs. 

Founded: 2011


citizen app social media companies nyc
citizen app

What they do: The Citizen app supplies real-time notifications of crime and news-worthy incidents around cities. The app is currently available in New York and San Francisco and boasts a map with every current 911 occurrence in the area.

How to be social: The app features live streaming and sharing, enabling users to be aware of important events while keeping them safe.

Founded: 2015


brainly social media company nyc

What they do: Brainly is a social educational network where users ask questions about topics or assignments to other students. Founded in Kraków, Poland, the company has expanded to an office in New York, and the community is accessed by 80 million students a month across 35 countries. 

How to be social: If you're simply curious about a topic or seriously stumped, Brainly can help. Use the app or hop on your desktop and ping the community for help.

Founded: 2009


copromote social media company nyc

What they do: CoPromote helps creators expand their audiences by cross-promoting one another. Reaching 70 million people on a daily basis, the services provides free access to larger audiences on each social platform, gaining creators new followers and customers.

How to be social: CoPromote connects people with similar interests, and the more content you post, the more likely your content will be shared.

Founded: 2009


facebook social media company nyc

What they do: Facebook is pretty much the pinnacle of social media, connecting billions of people around the world and allowing unlimited sharing of content and ideas. Though headquartered in Menlo Park, CA, Facebook has offices worldwide, New York being no exception.

How to be social: If you don't already have a profile, it's free to create and easy to find and connect with friends, family, companies, organizations and groups everywhere. 

Founded: 2004


influenster social media company nyc

What they do: Influensters is a network and community of shoppers and trendsetters where members can find new products, read reviews and provide ratings. The site hosts more than 14 million product reviews, three million members and two million products.

How to be social: Influensters use social networking to provide consumers with tips, honest reviews and real knowledge of the brands they're purchasing, allowing them to make more informed decisions and provide feedback of their own.

Founded: 2010


instagram social media company nyc

What they do: Instagram is a simple app to capture and share photos and videos instantly. Acquired by Facebook in 2012, Instagram's home base is in California but they also set up shop in NYC. 

How to be social: If you like to take or look at photos, Instagram is the place to be, and with over 700 million users globally, there's plenty to see.

Founded: 2010


mogul social media company nyc

What they do: Mogul is an online destination for women worldwide. Providing advice, job searches, mentorship, stories and products, Mogul reaches millions of women a week.

How it's social: Whether you're looking for a new job, curious about learning a new skill, or want to take a finance course, Mogul is a place where women can connect, share and learn. 

Founded: 2014


twitter social media company nyc

What they do: As a quick, easy way to post thoughts, ideas and comments, Twitter has become a near ubiquitous presence in our lives. Like many social media giants, Twitter's HQ is in the San Francisco area, but just like their user reach, Twitter has offices around the globe, including NYC.

How to be social: Follow anything and anyone including your favorite celebrity, a news source or your next door neighbor. 

Founded: 2006

This article was originally published in 2017.

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