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Artificial Intelligence • Fintech • Payments • Retail • Financial Services • Big Data Analytics
New York, New York, USA
104 Employees

Kafene is a cutting-edge digital platform used by thousands of merchants at the point-of-sale to help offer underserved consumers more flexible purchase options through transparent lease-to-own (LTO) agreements that help retailers of furniture, appliances, electronics, tires and other goods meaningfully broaden their addressable market. Kafene utilizes more than 20,000 data inputs in tandem with best-in-class artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to underwrite, approve using efficient risk-based pricing, and enable payment in a near-instantaneous manner, while creating a best-in-class customer experience.

Financial Services
Fully Remote
491 Employees

BlueCrest Capital Management was founded in 2000, focused on fixed income macro trading. The firm has now developed into one of the largest global alternative asset managers, with offices in London, Geneva, Jersey, New York, Miami and Singapore.

Financial Services
New York, New York, USA
58 Employees

Chilton Trust is a boutique wealth management firm designed to provide the continuity, structure and acumen to protect and enhance the intergenerational wealth of select families and institutions. The firm is built on the deep investment culture and rigorous standards of performance excellence which have been the hallmark of Chilton Investment Company. We offer a full suite of individually customized services including access to internal equity and fixed income management, best-in-class external traditional and alternative managers, standalone trust company capabilities, consolidated wealth reporting, comprehensive family office services and transactional planning. Furthermore, our emphasis on relationship management is vital and built upon integrity, confidentiality, high quality service and customization to meet the evolving needs and complexities that often exist with our clients.

Blockchain • Fintech • Financial Services • Cryptocurrency
New York, New York, USA
335 Employees

Galaxy Digital (TSX: GLXY) is a tech-driven financial services and investment management firm that provides institutions and direct clients with a full suite of financial solutions spanning the digital assets ecosystem. Galaxy Digital operates five synergistic business lines: Trading, Asset Management, Principal Investments, Investment Banking, and Mining. Galaxy Digital's CEO and Founder is Mike Novogratz. Galaxy Digital is headquartered in New York City, with offices in Chicago, San Francisco, London, Amsterdam, Tokyo, Hong Kong, the Cayman Islands (registered office), and New Jersey. Our mission is to drive systems change through technology. Today, we are primarily focused on digital assets, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, and how these technological innovations will drastically alter the way we store and transfer value.

Fintech • Payments • Financial Services
New York, New York, USA
59 Employees

Come and build the easiest and most rewarding way to pay!

Financial Services • Agriculture
Jersey City, New Jersey, USA
48 Employees

Bridging the gap between Wall Street and US agriculture, the Funding Corporation is a government-sponsored enterprise that issues top-rated bonds to support the Farm Credit System. This nationwide network was established to provide loans and financial services to farmers, ranchers, and agricultural cooperatives. The Funding Corporation connects investors with this vital sector and ultimately empowers rural communities to thrive, care for the land, and strengthen the nation’s agricultural system.

Fintech • Payments • Professional Services • Software • Financial Services
New York, New York, USA
580 Employees

When we started Melio, we wanted to totally reinvent the way businesses pay each other. More than an efficient accounts payable tool, we’ve created a digital B2B payment platform that not only saves time but also improves cash flow. With Melio, you choose exactly how you pay and get paid, and stay on top of invoices for good. Every transaction is simple and seamless. We’re proud to help our growing community of businesses spend more time with their customers—and less time with their books.

Financial Services
New York, New York, USA
310 Employees

Rimes provides transformative data management and investment intelligence solutions to the world's leading investors and asset managers. Driven by our passion for solving the most complex data problems, we partner with our clients to help them make better investment decisions using accurate information and industry-leading technology. Headquartered in New York and London, Rimes serves its global clients through offices in Europe, the Americas and the Asia Pacific.

Fintech • HR Tech • Payments • Social Impact • Financial Services
New York, New York, USA
900 Employees

DailyPay, Inc. is transforming the way people get paid. As the industry’s leading on-demand pay solution, DailyPay uses an award-winning technology platform to help America’s top employers build stronger relationships with their employees. This voluntary employee benefit enables workers everywhere to feel more motivated to work harder and stay longer on the job, while supporting their financial well-being outside of the workplace. DailyPay is headquartered in New York City, with operations throughout the United States and in Belfast.

Artificial Intelligence • Fintech • Financial Services
260 Employees

Founded in 2018, TIFIN creates engaging wealth experiences to improve financial lives through AI and investment intelligence (II) driven personalization for the advised or self-directed investor. We deliver this through our investment communities and marketplace Magnifi (https://www.magnifi.com/) and TIFIN Wealth (https://www.tifinwealth.com/), a collection of personalization and intelligence capabilities for wealth managers and other intermediaries. Learn more about us at https://tifin.com/.

Fintech • Insurance • Financial Services
New York, New York, USA
4,104 Employees

AmTrust Financial Services, Inc., through its subsidiaries, operates as a multinational property and casualty insurance company. Founded in 1998 to provide workers’ compensation insurance to small businesses in the United States, the company now operates in three segments around the globe.

Fintech • Marketing Tech • Financial Services
New York, New York, USA
233 Employees

Masterworks is democratizing the art market—one masterpiece at a time. Over 400,000 members are investing in contemporary art by icons like Koons, Banksy, and Warhol without breaking the bank.

Financial Services
New York, New York, USA
196 Employees

PDT, which stands for Process Driven Trading, was founded by Peter Muller in 1993 as a proprietary trading group within Morgan Stanley. In 2013, after establishing a 19-year track record finding inefficiencies in financial markets, the group spun out of Morgan Stanley to become an independent investment management firm, PDT Partners. Today we are a leader in the field of quantitative finance, known for our rigorous scientific, systematic, and model-driven approach to investing, with multiple billions in assets under management. Peter Muller, Founder and CEO, and a small group of managing partners lead around 200 scientists, engineers, and professionals in New York and London.

Software • Financial Services
New York, New York, USA
300 Employees

Payhawk is the leading global spend management solution for scaling businesses. It combines company cards, reimbursable expenses and accounts payable into a single product. Its future-facing technology enables finance teams to control and automate company spending at scale.

Fintech • Information Technology • Financial Services
New York, New York, USA
225 Employees

Yieldstreet is changing the way wealth is created, providing access to asset based investments historically unavailable to most investors. We believe our technology platform creates a unique experience for investors at every level and provides valuable diversification and strength to most portfolios.

Blockchain • Fintech • Payments • Software • Financial Services
New York, New York, USA
170 Employees

Anchorage Digital was founded in 2017 to advance institutional participation in digital assets. With an emphasis on security and usability, we provide the technology, infrastructure, and tools that make it easy for institutions across the world to participate in crypto. Our team brings together the brightest minds from security, finance, and distributed systems to build the infrastructure of a new financial system. We’re looking to diversify our team with people who are humble, creative, and eager to learn.

Financial Services
New York, New York, USA
704 Employees

BTIG is a global financial services firm specializing in institutional trading, investment banking, research and related brokerage services. Located throughout the U.S., and in Europe, Asia and Australia, our professionals leverage their expertise to service clients at every stage of the investment lifecycle. Fueled by our passion to help maximize results for our institutional and corporate clients, BTIG offers personalized multi-asset class execution, expertise and insights worldwide across equities, equity derivatives, ETFs, fixed income, futures, commodities, foreign exchange, interest rates, credit, and convertible and preferred securities. The firm’s core capabilities include global sales, portfolio, electronic and outsource trading, transition management, investment banking, prime brokerage, capital introduction, corporate access, research and strategy, commission management and more. With a team of seasoned industry experts, BTIG provides end-to-end solutions for a diverse global client base. As we look to unlock value and propel growth for clients, we are consistently capturing market share year after year. Committed to excellence, we are proud of our rich history of designing solutions that help our clients achieve their objectives. For more information about BTIG, please visit www.btig.com. Member of FINRA and SIPC.

Financial Services
New York, New York, USA
42 Employees

Casdin Capital, LLC is a New York-based research investment firm focused on the innovations in molecular medicine currently reshaping Life Sciences and healthcare. Founded in 2011, and with an eye to long-term returns and disruptive technologies, Casdin Capital is an expert working with experts, benefiting from its position at the crossroads of the science and investment communities. As trusted investor-partners in both private and public companies, we collaborate with industry leaders to fuel their visions, adding energy, insight, and experience to our over $3 billion under management. As we push into new markets and new developments, we stick to our core principles—deep analysis, intellectual honesty, hard work and partnerships with the best people. That approach translates to thousands of conversations with the developers of the drugs, diagnostics, tools and technologies that power this industry, and the data assets and service companies that support the research and product commercialization. In our first ten years, Casdin’s hands-on approach and on-the-ground experience led us to identify the key innovations that are spurring today’s remarkable industry growth. Today, we remain just as focused. Life Sciences and Casdin Capital are just getting started.

Financial Services
52 Employees

Doran Jones Inc. (DJI) is the leading financial services Data Engineering and Application Development firm, specializing in Capital Markets, Risk, and Regulatory Compliance. We are US-based, helping our clients fill gaps in capacity and expertise, reduce risk, and accelerate change. Our leaders average over 25 years of experience in Financial Services and Technology. DJI is repeatedly engaged by the largest and most complex clients for our Agile transformation expertise and practical understanding of the critical relationship between data, architecture, and application development. DJI has a mission to place more people from non-traditional backgrounds into sustainable technology careers. Through partnerships with non-profit technology programs in underserved communities and Veteran organizations, candidates transition from tech training programs into real IT careers at DJI. Our unique recruitment policy allows us to create exceptional teams, bringing a broad spectrum of experience to our company and creating anything but a traditional consulting firm. DJI is a wholly-owned subsidiary of McLaren Strategic Ventures, a private equity firm, that invests in start-ups and scale-ups. They provide a full range of highly trusted domain consulting, advisory services, and innovative technologies globally. Doran Jones is able to offer a broad range of technology, deeper AI and machine learning tools, data intelligence, alternative resourcing capabilities, and capital access to invest and digitize at scale. Our clients benefit from this unique portfolio allowing them to accelerate the pace of their own digital transformations through innovative products and services designed around industry-wide issues.

Financial Services
New York, New York, USA
1,390 Employees

Jane Street works differently. As a liquidity provider and market maker, we trade on more than 200 trading venues across 45 countries and help form the backbone of global markets. Our approach is rooted in technology and rigorous quantitative analysis, but our success is driven by our people. Our bright, beautiful offices in the heart of New York, London, Hong Kong, and Amsterdam are open and buzzing with conversation. We come from many backgrounds and encourage travel between offices to share perspectives. Some of our best ideas come from bumping into a visiting colleague at the office coffee bar. Markets move fast. Staying competitive as we’ve grown has required constant invention—of new trading strategies, technology, and processes. We’ve found this is easier when you hire humble, kind people. They tend to help each other, and prioritize teamwork over titles. We invest heavily in teaching and training. There’s a library and a classroom in every office, because deepening your understanding of something is considered real work. Guest lectures, classes, and conferences round out the intellectual exchanges that happen every day. People grow into long careers at Jane Street because there are always new and interesting problems to solve, systems to build, and theories to test. More than twenty years after our founding, it still feels like we’re just getting started.