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Internet of Things

Seva is a hosted information discovery and collaboration platform that helps teams be smarter, work faster, and be more efficient.

Consumer Web • Hardware • Internet of Things • Other
New York, New York, USA
740 Employees

Welcome to Happy Interneting. We love the internet, but not the complicated plans, bloated bundles, and poor service. So we reinvented it from top to bottom. Starry is a different kind of internet service. We use next-generation technology to beam nothing but lightning-fast internet. And we’ve designed everything around the simple goal of making your internet life happier. Starry is in 6 major markets all across the US: Boston, NYC, Denver, LAX , DC and Columbus

Hardware • Internet of Things

Meural combines the best of art, technology and design to create products that make us feel something. We believe that the best products come from a humanistic design approach. Meural incorporates culture, craft and circuitry in order to foster physical and emotional well-being. Our first product is a beautiful digital canvas. It is elegant, connec

Hardware • Internet of Things • Robotics

BREAKFAST is a world-renowned art studio with a reputation for conceiving and producing some of the most high-tech, connected artworks in the world. BREAKFAST’s pieces can be found in various museums, lobbies, stadiums, private collections, and public spaces all around the world. Our 50+ works have all been created by a group of 10 or less full-time employees. We believe strongly in hiring extremely talented people who work together to do great things in the most efficient manner. While we plan to expand incrementally, we aim to keep our table small and only invite the very best to join

Internet of Things • Wearables

We are a global strategy and innovation company focused on mobility, wearables and the Internet of Things. Connect the Future Today.

Internet of Things • Social Media
3 Employees

Pingwheel is the best way to make friends in a new city. Whether you're moving back home or traveling halfway around the world, Pingwheel helps you jumpstart your social circle, and connect to local users with common interests. Join the community bringing new friends together by the things they both love.

Blockchain • Internet of Things • Mobile • Software

ITExpertsIndya has been providing services like Custom web application development, offshore Software Development, E-commerce and CMS development, web design and multimedia and (SEO) Internet marketing from the past 10 years.

Internet of Things

Helpshift bridges the disconnect between conventional customer service channels—like email and phone support—and a growing consumer base that does more on mobile phones and has a strong preference for messaging as the primary mode of communication.

Internet of Things

Powering more than 2 billion connections every day, Mitel helps businesses connect, collaborate and take care of customers.

Internet of Things

REGISTER® products provide a range of resources usually reserved for larger organizations - from Web hosting, Web site design, e-commerce, search engine marketing, SSL Certificates, e-mail and domain name registration services, including WHOIS services, that can help your business grow on the Internet.

Internet of Things

We are a global product development company that converts ideas into products. Our ideas and companies use real-time technology to change how people interact with each other. Our clients love our ability to quickly convert an idea into a prototype and then into a product or company.

Information Technology • Internet of Things • Software
1 Employees

Inservit is a startup Information Technology company based in Totowa NJ, specializing in data intelligence, security, software applications and services. We research on technology that matters to data, make sense of data with security in mind. Our core segments are Product Development, Consulting Services & Research.

Information Technology • Internet of Things • Social Impact
25 Employees

Website Development Company is a web development company that specializes in creating custom web Development tailored specifically to fit your business needs. Website Development Company focuses on transparent cooperation and excellence of work; therefore, each project begins with a diving into and true understanding of the client's needs. After years of custom business web development, we thoroughly understand the challenges our customers face. We systemized that knowledge and established accurate and useful business processes of software development that truly deliver value to businesses.

Big Data • Internet of Things • On-Demand • Retail • Sharing Economy
New York, New York, USA
30 Employees

TULU creates a new way of living that helps people reduce their cost of living in the city while creating more responsible consumption patterns that accommodates the trend of smaller living spaces. TULU’s Usage Economy platform, elevates products and brands to win immediate consumers' needs using IoT-based smart rental units that are customized to provide the most necessary and useful items, while leveraging data to analyze behavioral patterns, optimizing usage, refining inventory, and creating a personalized experience for our users. We are a global company that operates in 19 cities across the US and Europe, already working with the largest landlords in the world, in residential buildings, student housing, and offices, with 30,000+ households under management and a very exciting wait-list.