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Healthtech • Retail
New York, New York, USA
20 Employees

HEYWEAR is an eyewear brand and network of all-in-one Optical Studios that makes an eye exam and prescription eyewear a one visit, one price process.

Food • Other • Retail
Fully Remote
75 Employees

Boisson is a nonalcoholic beverage retailer that offers a highly curated selection from around the world. We make the act of drinking more positive and more inclusive.

Retail • Appliances
San Antonio, Texas, USA

Hammond.com offers the perfect gift for that special someone, from clothing and accessories to home decor and office supplies. We have something for everyone, and our prices are unbeatable. Visit our site for more info.

eCommerce • Retail
New York, New York, USA
105 Employees

Forum Brands builds and operates a portfolio of e-commerce brands across five categories of consumer goods - home goods, pet, baby & toddler, health & wellness, and sports & outdoors. We use our proprietary technology and data science to acquire, integrate and scale these brands into multi-channel leaders. Combining our experience managing 9-figure Amazon P&Ls, advising the world’s largest retail businesses, and executing more than 70 M&A transactions, we set out to launch a CPG company designed for the digital age.

eCommerce • Retail • Software
Fully Remote
109 Employees

We’re a passionate team building the technology to power the future of commerce. Our B2B SaaS platform helps the world’s fastest-growing brands and retailers, including L’Oreal, IL MAKIAGE, La Colombe Coffee, and Petsmart, remove friction from their customer experience with subscriptions experiences -- shifting their consumer interactions from one-and-done transactions to long-lived, highly profitable relationships.

eCommerce • Retail

Spikeball is creating the next great American sport. We are harnessing the powers of technology, rock solid products, and a passionate community to get us there. We have grown 100+% each year since 2008. We are #139 on the Inc 500 and are profitable. Think you have what it takes to keep our ship moving forward?

Retail • Software

Brickwork is a SaaS platform powering the pre-visit experience for retailers.

eCommerce • Food • Kids + Family • Retail
15 Employees

Every parent wants their kids to eat fresh, healthy foods - but our generation of parents are so busy! Yumble was born to get real food on the table for kids every single day. We hand-craft prepared meals for kids that are healthy, fun, and delivered directly to your door for 100% ready-to-eat and delicious meals.


FireFold started with a team of husband and wife and has evolved into a leader in the technology industry. We have a team of 30 including technology experts, installers and technicians. Contact: (704) 979-7100

Retail • Software

Bevite, Inc. brings omni-channel retail strategies to life with our proprietary block commerce (blockchain, blockshare, and blocktrade) technology.

Mirakl Thumbnail
eCommerce • Information Technology • Retail • Software • Consulting
New York, New York, USA
800 Employees


Need it. Text it. Get it. Jetblack is a members-only, text-based personal shopping and concierge service that combines the convenience of e-commerce with the customized attention of a personal assistant.


b8ta is a software-powered retailer designed to improve the customer and maker experience. We help people discover, try, and learn about new innovative products while empowering makers with a simple retail-as-a-service model that puts them in control.

Artificial Intelligence • Information Technology • Retail • Analytics
57 Employees

Once a week, CB4 sends stores a list of SKUs that they can sell much more of now. Each store’s unique selling patterns and operating conditions determine which products are on the list—so no two stores get the same set of recommendations. Sometimes products are underselling because of how or where they're placed. Sometimes there’s labeling issues or inventory discrepancies. Sometimes they’re out of stock. We don’t slow you down with irrelevant, stale insights. We only highlight SKUs that will add significant revenue now. Stores make quick fixes—like taking units out of backstock or ordering more—to gain new sales and satisfy shoppers. Over time, CB4’s algorithms learn from store managers' responses to send more actionable, valuable recommendations over time.

Retail • Sports

NIKE, Inc., named for the Greek goddess of victory, is the world's leading designer, marketer, and distributor of authentic athletic footwear, apparel, equipment, and accessories for a wide variety of sports and fitness activities.

Artificial Intelligence • Gaming • Mobile • Real Estate • Retail • Software • App development
West Palm Beach, Florida, USA
499 Employees

Cubix is a full-stack software development company, empowering businesses to thrive in the modern era through innovative mobile apps, mobile games, custom software solutions, and cutting-edge technologies like blockchain and AI. With over 17 years of experience, Cubix is a trusted partner for enterprises, SMEs, and Fortune 500s seeking an innovation partner to leverage the power of cutting technology to drive growth and stay ahead of the curve.


New York & Company is a nationwide specialty retailer of fashionable, attractively priced women's apparel, accessories and beauty. Our customers will find the latest, "must-have"​ trends for every season.

eCommerce • Food • Retail
20 Employees

SIMULATE’s mission is to develop nutrition technology that advances nature’s codebase. SIMULATE’s first product, NUGGS, is a chicken nugget simulation made from plant inputs. Since NUGGS launched in the Summer of 2019, NUGGS has evolved into the fastest growing chicken nugget on the planet. SIMULATE is currently developing new nutrition technologies, some that will launch later in the year.

Cannabis • Retail
New York, New York, USA
4 Employees

House of Puff empowers women to consume cannabis unapologetically by making it chic and easy.

Blockchain • Internet of Things • Payments • Retail

Dropp is designed and built by OpenCrowd, Inc., a 16-year-old FinTech company based in NY that has been an innovation bed for many startups and investment banks. Dropp is a “pay per use” small value transaction platform designed to make it easy for consumers to purchase digital goods securely without signups. Dropp enables the “Pay-per-usage” model that appeals to a growing customer base that wants to use services on an ad-hoc, on-demand basis and only pay for what they use. Digital services ranging from streaming video or music, news publications, gaming platforms, e-learning, telemedicine and a lot more could immediately benefit from Dropp. Additionally, merchants providing cloud-based data API, market data feed, IoT sensor data, and others facing a similar challenge can leverage this platform to offer their services in smaller increments. Dropp is the culmination of all our prior financial, Peer to Peer payment, and technology experience over the last 25 years. In building Dropp the team has carefully selected the best features of the existing well-regulated banking world and the transparency and cryptographically secure access offered by Hedera Hashgraph, the world’s fastest, most fair and secure distributed ledger, to create the best possible solution.

eCommerce • Marketing Tech • Retail • Software
10 Employees

Shopping Online is Boring - We're Here to Change That What if brands could engage their communities with the personal touch of offline, with the scale and reach of online? What if shoppers never had to leave the comfort of their homes to have a real interaction with sellers? The best brands understand the value of the intersection of both worlds. The future of eCommerce is always-on, it's more human, authentic, and engaging. It’s more fun and convenient for shoppers, and more profitable for sellers. To make this happen we need 2021 solutions, but eCommerce is stuck in 2006. At Plaza we believe that the future of online shopping is video. We're building a commerce platform that enables brands and retailers to connect with customers over live video, helping drive authentic engagement at every step of the customer’s journey. Our 'made-for-commerce' video solution helps make shopping and selling online a little more human.