From summer Fridays to free lunch: 8 NYC tech companies that offer sweet perks

by Liz Warren
June 24, 2019

Sure, summer Fridays and WFH days are great for employees, but how do they impact a company? According to a recent Stanford study, flexible work models can actually set the stage for increased employee productivity.

Many NYC tech companies have taken note and offer employees benefits like unlimited PTO, remote days and many other perks that make work not just more enjoyable, but also more impactful. Continue reading to see the standout perks eight local companies offer their teams.


jw player
image via jw player

Video platform JW Player offers employees a slew of perks, but People Operations Specialist Cristina Kamaratos listed full coverage health insurance as her No. 1. Here’s why.


What are your favorite perks your company offers and why?

One of the amazing perks we have here at JW Player is free medical and dental insurance. As prices for coverage continue to rise, it’s rare to find companies that offer 100 percent coverage. It’s so nice not to have to worry about it coming out of my paycheck! I also love that JW Player has a professional development reimbursement program. The fact that our company offers reimbursement for professional training, certifications, seminars and conferences shows that it is truly invested in the professional growth and development of its employees. My list of favorites goes on, but these are definitely my top two.


How do these perks make you a better employee?

I’ve worked across the tech industry, and this is the first time that I’ve encountered the sheer number and variety of perks that a company like JW Player offers.

It is a reflection of how much the company values its employees, and that keeps me engaged in my role. I’m excited to come to work and contribute to the company’s mission every day because I feel that my contributions are valued.


image via hyperscience

Artificial intelligence company HyperScience prioritizes a work-life balance for its employees. Perks include parental benefits and stipends of all sorts. Sarah Bierenbaum, VP of Customer Success, gave us more details.


What are your favorite perks your company offers and why?

It’s so hard to choose! I consider the benefits at HyperScience the best I’ve encountered. But I would have to say my two favorites are the support for nursing mothers as well as the childcare and education stipends. When I tell friends about these benefits, their jaws drop.

As a working mother, I’ve experienced firsthand the challenges of juggling work, parenting and personal priorities. HyperScience knows that diverse backgrounds and perspectives lead to greater company success, and I’m excited to work at a company that aims to level the playing field with meaningful benefits for all employees.


How do these perks make you a better employee?

My work doesn’t grow from some isolated bubble in my brain separate from the rest of my personality. I am a woman, a mother, a wife, a lover of theatre, a swimmer — the list goes on. Everything I’ve experienced in my life impacts the way I think, the way I collaborate with people around me and the way I lead my team.

HyperScience gives employees the ability to do our jobs exceptionally well without compromising our lives outside of the office — or the lives of our colleagues. The benefits, the perks and the culture they support allow me to bring my full self to the table and know I’m welcome.


image via cockroach

Cockroach Labs, the team behind SQL database CockroachDB, offers benefits that matter. Dan Kelly, senior technical marketing manager, listed some of the perks that make the biggest impact on his life.


What are your favorite perks your company offers and why?

Flex-Fridays are a unique and wonderful perk. There are projects that I want to work on that fall slightly outside the boundaries of my daily responsibilities and Flex-Friday is the day in which I get to prioritize those projects (which have been mostly videos). It's very satisfying to me that Cockroach Labs values our interests in exploring projects outside of our primary responsibilities. And I know that a lot of interesting and useful work has come out of Flex-Fridays that otherwise would not have seen the light of day.


How do these perks make you a better employee?

Generally speaking, the perks make me feel valued, which makes me grateful. I want to produce quality work so that I honor the generosity of the company.

On a more granular level, I feel like Cockroach Labs reduces the complexity of my life by providing food, insurance and flexibility, which creates more space in my days for working. Because of the perks provided, I am a happier and more efficient employee.


the knot
image via the knot

As a digital media brand focused on people’s biggest moments, The Knot Worldwide’s perks measure up. Henry Chung, lead engineer, walked us through some of the biggest highlights.


What are your favorite perks your company offers and why?

There are so many good perks! First and foremost, the people and the culture are the No. 1 asset in my opinion. Doing what I love, with people who I respect and who respect me, makes coming to work a joy. Our weekly happy hours are great as well — we all get to unwind and catch up with folks we don’t necessarily work with every day. Lastly, what helps keep my stress levels down is the unlimited PTO. Knowing that I can take the time I need to rejuvenate when I need it allows me to focus on doing the best job possible.


How do these perks make you a better employee?

All of these perks contribute to my team’s general happiness. A very social culture, along with people who are dedicated and passionate about what they do, makes for a great environment to work in. The emphasis on a good work-life balance allows me to feel dedicated to my projects without feeling like I need to sacrifice anything in my personal life.


image via ironpaper

Digital marketing agency Ironpaper trusts its employees and provides benefits that reflect that. Web Designer Caroline Kim detailed the perks that she’s been enjoying as a member of the company for the past three years.


What are your favorite perks your company offers and why?

My favorite company perks are WFH days and summer Fridays. Having the flexibility to work outside the office alleviates the stress that comes with random apartment mishaps, inconvenient package deliveries and sick days that take up valuable vacation days. Leaving the office earlier on a Friday makes the weekend feel so much longer. It feels like I have a three-day weekend every week in the summer!


How do these perks make you a better employee?

These types of perks make me feel valued and trusted. The flexibility that my company provides helps me balance my personal and work life.


image via spell

Artificial intelligence company Spell strives to keep their employees healthy and comfortable. Chief of Staff Noah Robbins, a founding member of the company, listed the benefits he enjoys most.


What are your favorite perks your company offers and why?

My two favorite perks of working at Spell are our tri-weekly team meals and free insurance plans. The team meals are great opportunities for our small team to get together and have some good bonding time over delicious food. The free healthcare is very special to me after working in industries that did not offer any health coverage, let alone free. We believe the best way to be successful is to make sure our employees are as healthy and comfortable as possible, and this is a huge step toward that.


How do these perks make you a better employee?

Free insurance gives me a very important peace of mind. Instead of worrying about how I will afford to take care of myself when I am sick, or avoiding going to the doctor at all, I am able to get myself taken care of immediately and get back to work ASAP. It allows me to focus my mind fully on work when I am at work, instead of worrying about a nagging injury or health issue. It is also important that employees have access to mental healthcare, and this allows us affordable access instead of paying the usual high amounts.


image via kangaroo

The team at home security device company Kangaroo might not be as productive as they currently are if not for their flexible work arrangement. Web Designer Jordan Beckvonpeccoz explained more about why that is.


What are your favorite perks your company offers and why?

My favorite perk is our flexible work hours and PTO policies. The option to work from home when I need to makes it much easier to take a half-day and dive deep into some design work. Taking a day off here and there to rest and recharge — even if I don’t go anywhere — is also super important to me. People feel comfortable actually taking their vacation time, too. It’s a really supportive environment. Plus, we all get input on our free snacks stash!


How do these perks make you a better employee?

I’m more productive with that flexibility than I would be otherwise. I don’t think our website would be so on-track if I wasn’t able to occasionally get time alone or a reflection day here and there. Whenever I come back to the office after a day of working from home, I’m bursting with ideas that I'm excited to talk to everyone about, and they usually end up turning into something cool.


image via barrel

Creative and digital marketing agency Barrel provides food and flexibility for employees. Developer Thomas Nguyen-Huu, who’s been with the company for three years, walked us through the details.


What are your favorite perks your company offers and why?

Barrel offers us daily catered lunch, as well as flexibility in where and how we work. We’re given the opportunity to work remotely from home or anywhere in the office.


How do these perks make you a better employee?

Spending money on food can be a source of stress. Now that I don’t have to worry about that, I can focus on more important matters at work. Also, being able to work from anywhere inside or outside of the office helps me feel less pressure with regard to fitting into a formal environment.


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