9 NYC Trading Firms Helping the World Invest Better

Written by Anthony Corbo
Published on Feb. 27, 2024
9 NYC Trading Firms Helping the World Invest Better
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New York City is one of the largest hubs for fintech companies in the world, which is fitting considering the city’s status as the global financial capital. With expertise in trading stocks, bonds and even cryptocurrency, these are the names you’ll want to know in the NYC trading scene.

Top NYC Trading Firms

  • Artivest
  • Betterment
  • IEX
  • Trumid
  • Hudson River Trading
  • XR Trading


Founded: 1992

DRW is a team of approximately 2,000 professionals — a mix of technologists and market and risk management experts — pursuing trading and opportunities across global markets. In addition to fixed income, ETF and commodities trading, the firm operates a group of subsidiaries intended to complement its business strategy by expanding into real estate, venture capital and cryptoassets.


Founded: 2000

MarketAxess focuses on digital solutions for fixed income trading, making technology, data and liquidity accessible to institutional investors and broker-dealers. The company is based out of a New York Headquarters, but has offices in other countries like China and the United Kingdom to support its more than 2,000 global clients.


Founded: 2008

Helping individuals tackle their finances with a variety of services is Betterment’s goal. The direct-to-consumer investment service help users build a portfolio rich in stocks and high-quality bonds, offering lower costs, lower taxes and optimal risk.


Founded: 2012

Known for having deep midpoint liquidity, IEX allows investors to trade in size without moving the price. The trading firm partners with brokers to help their clients receive the best possible execution quality, bringing transparency to the market data space.


Founded: 2011

Artivest simplifies alternative investments for wealth platforms, fund managers and investors, streamlining operations and providing clients with a vetted selection of private equity and hedge funds. The platform fuses technological, regulatory and operational expertise to execute on investing and reporting that brings the benefits of alternative investments to high-net-worth individuals.


Founded: 2014

Bringing efficiency to credit trading through data, technology and intuitively designed products, Trumid is an electronic trading program that utilizes a powerful network, protocol flexibility, seamless workflow and data science expertise. Trumid Financial features a growing network for trading corporate bonds with over 1,400 enabled traders on their platform.


Founded: 2002

Hudson River Trading takes a scientific approach to trading financial products, building a sophisticated computing environment devoted to research and development. The team is constantly working to improve HRT’s automated trading algorithms and boasts a strong internal code of ethics to promote a fair and transparent market.


Founded: 2006

Comprised of quantitative traders and technologists working in unison to discover solutions, Volant Trading specializes in automated options, futures and equities trading. The firm is constantly updating its robust set of market-making technologies and has ultra-low latency applications in place at all US options exchanges.


Founded: 2002

XR Trading is a proprietary trading firm with an emphasis on designing and building cutting-edge technology that can be leveraged across a range of asset classes. The firm separates its operation into nine different teams, with areas of expertise including agricultural products, energy, equity indexes, foreign exchange, metals and treasuries.

This article was originally published in 2019. Rose Velazquez contributed reporting to this story.

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