Covera Health Raises $23.5M to Prevent Misdiagnosis With Analytics

January 10, 2020
Covera Health
Covera Health

While a medical diagnosis can help save someone’s life, a misdiagnosis has the potential to be deadly.

NY-based Covera Health is on a mission to decrease the prevalence of incorrect diagnoses through data analytics in radiology.

Imaging techniques like MRIs or CT scans are extremely helpful for spotting potential health issues, but according to founder and CEO Ron Vianu, the same image can often result in very different readings from different medical professionals. For that reason, the company has created an analytics platform that uses millions of data points to give radiologist experts a second opinion on their diagnoses — acting as a line of defense against human error.

On Thursday, Covera Health announced that it raised $23.5 million in a funding round led by Insight partners.

This investment will help fund new R&D efforts into measuring the impact of diagnostic errors. It will also help Covera expand its Radiology Centers of Excellence program, which is geared towards serving health plans, self-insured employers and Covera’s strategic partners.

While an incorrect diagnosis is dangerous for patients, it’s also a common reason for malpractice claims. So patients and providers alike benefit from Covera’s preventative measures.

“Medical misdiagnosis is one of the most impactful and overlooked areas of our healthcaresystem that, when addressed properly, has the opportunity to dramatically improve patient outcomes,” Vianu said in a statement.

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