Looking for Your Next Move? These 17 Local Companies Are Hiring.

We met with a member from each team to learn more about company culture and opportunities for growth.
Written by Remy Merritt
November 30, 2021Updated: May 19, 2022

Company culture described from the eyes of an employee can say a lot more than even the most detailed company mission statement. First-hand knowledge of the daily work environment, as well as the tools and opportunities that are available for growth, are invaluable to anyone on the job hunt. 

And while many companies are doubling down to finish the year strong, there is an opportunity to pause and reflect on the impact company culture has had on individual and team growth. After almost two years of tumultuous changes and ongoing adaptations, hearing how employees have still met professional goals and remained connected to their teams is a welcome boost of positivity.

We met with members of 17 local organizations to learn more about how a specific aspect of company culture has impacted their professional development. If you’re considering gifting yourself a new job for the holidays, one of their open positions might be for you.


Courtney Siegel
Director, Demand Generation, Email and Cross-Sell • Yotpo

What they do: Yotpo is an e-commerce marketing platform that helps thousands of brands like Rebecca Minkoff, MVMT, Bob’s Discount Furniture and Steve Madden accelerate direct-to-consumer growth.

Describe Yotpo’s culture in one word. What made you pick that word? 

Connected. The team I am a part of is one of the biggest at Yotpo, and it is a truly global team. That being said, we do try to bridge our gap geographically and physically; especially over the last two years. More than anything, we really enjoy each other’s company, which translates to an enjoyable working relationship. Whether that is through Slack channels or weekly video updates, we are all there to celebrate each other’s big moments and achievements.



Marley Kamford
Head of Talent + People Ops • Flowcode ®

What they do: Flowcode builds direct connections for brands and consumers. By unifying data-driven design with the latest in QR technology, Flowcode enables contactless connection with speed, security and ease. 

How long have you been with Flowcode, and what professional growth or development have you seen in that time?

I was part of the founding team of four at Flowcode. The expanse of white space and opportunity ahead got me excited to join, and it’s what has kept me engaged three years later. New white space emerges every day, and with it comes a host of new opportunities and challenges. We’ve gone from four people to 80; working from coffee shops to having the coolest office we call our own in SoHo, New York; having product roadmaps scribbled on napkins to more than two million customers. I have had the chance to learn from some exceptional leaders during my time at Flowcode, and I have also been faced with plenty of opportunities to just figure it out and learn on the job. There is no shortage of autonomy and well-placed initiative here. But there is also no shortage of support, encouragement and recognition of growth along the way.



Kirsten Faurot
VP Human Resources • Bombora

What they do: Bombora helps sales and marketing teams focus on businesses that are actively interested in what they sell.

Describe Bombora’s culture in one word. What made you pick that word? 

Supportive. If I had to choose just one example, it would be how supportive Bombora is about employee’s career growth. Employees can take online classes through Udemy or use an annual learning stipend to attend conferences or educational programs. And they can take advantage of our tuition reimbursement program to further their education. 

These programs have led to many successes, including one employee who started as an intern and is now one of our senior machine learning engineers. While growing into progressive positions, she received mentoring from her manager and other senior leaders, encouragement from peers, and even support with 16 weeks of parental leave when she and her partner added to their family. She credits Bombora with supporting her desire to pursue career opportunities that have allowed her to flourish and we feel lucky to have such an amazingly smart team member!



Nyala Khan
Vice President, Talent Brand & Employee Experience • Eden Health

What they do: Eden Health provides simple, tech-enabled primary and mental health care sold directly to employers as a benefit for their employees. 

Describe Eden Health’s culture in one word. What made you pick that word? 

Trust. Creating a strong workplace culture is more important than ever, and trust is an integral part of achieving that. Trust is at the core of our company values and mission to restore trust in the healthcare system. When trust is prioritized at the organizational level, employees are empowered to bring their full selves to work every day, inspired to be more productive and motivated to create strong relationships with their team members. Building trust is not something that happens overnight. It takes time, and we believe in implementing standardized programming best practices including monitoring attrition rates and conducting exit interviews to help us understand where we can grow as a company.


David Vigilante
Director of Product Management • Reonomy, an Altus Group Business

What they do: Reonomy leverages big data, partnerships and machine learning to connect the fragmented, disparate world of commercial real estate. By providing access to property intelligence, Reonomy products empower individuals, teams and companies to unlock insights.

How long have you been with Reonomy, and what professional growth or development have you seen in that time?

I have been with Reonomy for more than three years, coming from a background in real estate and finance. When I first joined the company as a product manager, Reonomy invested in building my technical skills such as SQL and Python and encouraged my collaboration with the engineering team to learn from the experts. After establishing myself as a leader on our product, I was promoted to a senior product manager and given much more responsibility. Many successful projects later, I wanted to develop my management skills. I was given the opportunity to manage a couple of reports, then was promoted to director of product management. I now manage a team of six product professionals and am very happy to offer them the same guidance and training I received. Reflecting on my time here, the primary constant has been being given the opportunity to learn, prove myself and level up.



Vivienne Chen
Content Manager • Bubble

What they do: Bubble is a visual programming platform that lets users build and host a full-featured web app without needing to code. The goal? To become the go-to place for all startups and entrepreneurs beginning their journey to building a web application.

Describe Bubble’s culture in one word. What made you pick that word? 

Empowerment. Bubble’s mission as a company is to empower people. Within the product, Bubble empowers its users to build web apps without needing to hire expensive engineers. Within the company, Bubble is a place where high trust and ownership gives employees the tools and support system to do impactful work, no matter how new they are to the company. I’ve seen junior team members make the case for a feature or initiative on behalf of our users, be taken seriously, and be given serious trust and responsibility into bringing that project to launch.



Devin Kanaley
Enterprise Sales Director • RTB House

What they do: RTB House is a global company that provides marketing technologies for top brands worldwide. Its proprietary ad buying engine is powered entirely by Deep Learning algorithms, enabling advertisers to reach their short, mid and long-term goals.

How long have you been with RTB House, and what professional growth or development have you seen in that time?

I have been with RTB House for over two years. The culture prioritizes investing in sales professionals, and there isn’t the “hire-and-fire” culture that I’ve experienced at other companies. Before I came to RTB House, I had a very strong adtech background, but a little less experience with traditional enterprise sales. The training here and the company’s commitment to helping people grow the necessary skill sets they need is very comprehensive. Pre-pandemic, I was able to spend two weeks when I started training at the company’s headquarters in Warsaw, and it was a great mix of internal and external skills. There is also continuing education and training throughout your time here. This is a place where you can feel confident that your career growth will be a company priority.



Meredith Thomas
Senior Director, Talent • Publishers Clearing House

What they do: Publishers Clearing House (PCH) is a multiplatform entertainment and commerce publisher with a growing portfolio focused on first party data and identity solutions for advertisers. 

What’s the coolest project you’ve worked on recently, and how did it help you grow professionally?

I was hired specifically to spearhead the media talent initiatives and help facilitate more cohesion across the board. I was on-boarded during the pandemic, and that process was insightful. Although we’re now a hybrid-remote team, I found myself laser-focused on communication, operating under the ‘high touch’ mentality both internally and externally. I try to offer employees a platform to allow each individual to speak their mind and collaboratively provide subsequent action points. 



Vanessa Pestana
Risk Manager • Capital One

What they do: Capital One’s mission is to change banking for good by bringing humanity, ingenuity and simplicity to banking. 

How long have you been with Capital One, and what professional growth or development have you seen in that time?

One constant in my nearly seven years at Capital One has been sticking to my personal mission statement: “Empower others while continuously learning.” I’ve continued my education through Capital One’s Tech College, which offers thousands of free courses for associates seeking to develop new tech skills. I’ve taken classes on Python, Snowflake, Agile processing and structured query language. Through the platform, I also take exam prep courses on Amazon Web Services Solution Architect certification. These courses enabled me to quickly build a foundational understanding of our data infrastructure and the various tools we use to build our models. With the help of my colleagues, Capital One, and Tech College, I’ve been able to work my way up from a principal risk specialist to risk manager. 


Vicky Rodriguez
Jr. Software Engineer • MANTL

What they do: MANTL’s mission is to expand access to financial services. They help community institutions raise billions of dollars in core deposits each year.

How long have you been with MANTL, and what professional growth or development have you seen in that time?

I have been at MANTL for around seven and a half months. A lot of the professional growth and development I’ve seen is in the knowledge for our product and how it translates to a user-centric application for our customer. We are building a pretty complicated tool to help financial institutions become more competitive with the help of our account opening platform. And to be totally transparent, I don’t think I fully understood how our product works the first few months I started. I was focused on learning our tech stack and becoming more fluent in our code base. Recently, a lot more product knowledge and information started “clicking,” and it has made me become a better engineer because I’m able to think from a product perspective. It’s super exciting to see and understand the product requirements before working on the technical side. Our VP of product once told me that MANTL tends to hire very technical product managers and product-focused engineers. This is a truly symbiotic relationship where collaboration allows the teams to learn from each other to create and push for an app that people want to use.



Alex Comiskey
Senior Director - Customer Success; Consumer Electronics • Howl

What they do: Howl is a subscription technology platform for brands to acquire new customers through trusted creators, not sponsored content or ads. 

Describe Howl’s culture in one word. What made you pick that word? 

Collaborative. When I think of the culture at Howl, I am struck by the fact that everyone is offered a seat at the table if they have an idea or a perspective to share. Collaborating, communicating and contributing to a shared culture and project are not perfunctory at Howl. Eather, they are viewed as the most critical levers of our own success and growth. In my first weeks after joining, when I expected to be spending most of my time shadowing and learning, I was invited to share my perspective and help shape strategy and goals for one of our largest clients alongside leadership. I was amazed at how quickly my voice mattered, and at how the different voices in conversation considered one another. It showed me very quickly that this was a place where I could help craft and create the future.



Bill Serino
VP of Sales • Code Climate

What they do: Code Climate is an engineering intelligence platform, helping more than 100,000 developers and thousands of engineering teams improve the efficacy of their people, process and code.

Describe Code Climate’s culture in one word. What made you pick that word? 

Welcoming. From my first day at Code Climate, I was treated in an extremely hospitable and welcoming manner. My experience has been open, honest, sociable and enjoyable.  I was elated to see that the company has extended this culture outside of our four walls to our clients and partners.

What’s the coolest project you’ve worked on recently, and how did it help you grow professionally? 

Most recently I was part of a company wide offsite Q3 business review. Having been part of these types of meetings for years, you come to expect a long and tiring day. This was the exact opposite. The day was put together with care and attention to detail, and more than 20 cross-functional employees were recognized for their efforts in the previous quarter and the day was filled with amazing and relevant content. It was really special to be a participant, and I’m looking forward to more of these extremely productive and enjoyable meetings.


Gabrielle Heller
Head of UX & Design • DeepIntent

What they do: DeepIntent is an independent healthcare marketing technology company built purposefully to influence patient health and business outcomes. The DeepIntent Healthcare Marketing Platform combines real-world health data, premium media partnerships, and custom integrations to reach patients and providers across any device.

What’s the coolest project you’ve worked on recently, and how did it help you grow professionally?

Having the opportunity to work on the DeepIntent Outcomes project has been extraordinary. For the DeepIntent UX team to succeed, we really must understand our customers’ goals and needs and the specific “how” our product answers this. The more we learned about the capabilities of outcomes, the more questions we had. Fortunately, our colleagues in engineering, product and strategy were able to withstand the barrage of questions we assailed them with. It really helped us better understand the complexities of our data pipeline and quite frankly how much more extraordinary what we are now able to do is.



Jordan Stein
Growth Marketing Lead • OpenWeb

What they do: OpenWeb (formerly Spot.IM) is on a mission to inspire and elevate quality conversations online. They build technologies to create thriving engaged communities, reduce toxicity and increase safety. 

Describe OpenWeb’s culture in one word. What made you pick that word?

Openness. This applies to how we bring new ideas to the table, but also with our broader culture and how we communicate. There’s accomodation to different work styles, schedules and life outside of work that’s mature, transparent and understanding.

How long have you been with OpenWeb, and what professional growth or development have you seen in that time?

I’ve only been with OpenWeb for four months, and there’s been no shortage of learning opportunities since coming on board. This is also my first foray into media and adtech, so understanding what motivates publishers (and what makes them tick) has been invaluable for my day-to-day marketing approach.



Akshay Kumar
Senior Software Engineer • Trail of Bits

What they do: Trail of Bits helps secure the world’s most targeted organizations and products. They combine high-end security research with a real-world attacker mentality to reduce risk and fortify code.

Describe Trail of Bits’ culture in one word. What made you pick that word? 

Collaborative. The leadership at Trail of Bits is communicative and has a clear vision that helps us to strategize our goals. The company has three teams offering research and development, software engineering and assurance services. They work on multiple joint projects where we exchange our knowledge and expertise to solve challenging problems for our clients. This encourages us to explore the full potential of our skill sets. Cross-departmental training for existing and new employees also reduces the departmental barrier and increases the efficiency of the team. We also hold trust-building activities like team outings and company outings. 



Emmie Katz
Head of People Operations • Spruce

What they do: Spruce is a platform that enables fast, frictionless and transparent real estate transactions across the country. 

Describe Spruce’s culture in one word. What made you pick that word? 

Trust. We trust each other to bring our best work to meet our opportunity as a business. For example, our business teams model is a cross-functional team of employees from product, operations and engineering who work together to drive value in a critical area of the business. We trust the business team in each area to know the space best and prioritize a dedicated roadmap. The team includes employees directly enabled by the technology they build, so they know the space, know what’s important and know what success looks like. Leadership supports and unblocks the team by ensuring they have the right people and tools to deliver the impact they want.



Sarah Richter
Director, Sales Engineering • DailyPay, Inc.

What they do: DailyPay is a mission-driven company designing technology that can build a better financial system and future. 

How long have you been with DailyPay, and what professional growth or development have you seen in that time?

DailyPay has been an ideal environment to grow professionally. Startups aren’t always nurturing environments and growth takes a combination of drive, opportunity and support. Luckily, I had the perfect mix of new challenges in a growing market, support as well as inspiration from my peers and investment from leadership, which allowed me to achieve several steps in my career. I was initially hired into a small but scrappy implementation team, and have made several role changes over the years, now leading and scaling a hybrid-technical and client-facing team. I still feel challenged every day and hope to continue to foster an environment where new team members excel.

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