Rewarding Remote Opportunities Await at These 12 NYC Tech Companies

Want to join work somewhere that values and invests in its remote employees? These NYC tech companies are all hiring.
Written by Michael Hines
February 15, 2022Updated: December 7, 2023

In today’s job market, candidates don’t just want to have the option to work remotely. They want to know that the company they’re joining actually knows how to “do” remote work.

What does that mean, exactly? For starters, it’s about setting remote teams up for success by providing them the tools they need to communicate and collaborate. 

It’s also about ensuring that onboarding programs, feedback mechanisms and even meetings are designed specifically for the realities of remote work, as opposed to being a carbon copy of the in-office experience with a Zoom link added on. Being a supportive remote employer means constructing a culture that shows people they’re appreciated even if they aren’t in the office. It also provides team members opportunities to connect with colleagues near and far over fun and educational virtual events. 

There are plenty of remote opportunities out there, especially for companies based in the New York area. While some merely give employees the option to work from anywhere, the companies featured here offer much more than that. These local companies ensure the success and happiness of their remote workers along with the roles they’re hiring for.


Sara Taryla
Recruiter • Fetch


What they do: Fetch Rewards is a consumer rewards company whose app is designed to make it easier for people to be rewarded for their purchases. Users scan their store or restaurant receipts using the Fetch Rewards app and are given points that can be redeemed for gift cards.


Fetch Rewards’ current remote workforce: We currently have employees in 42 states, with hybrid offices or coworking options in Chicago, Madison, New York, Boston, Birmingham, San Francisco and Connecticut. We believe in an employee-first culture, so whether team members prefer to work remotely, hybrid or fully onsite, we provide options to ensure their success and comfort. For remote employees who want the occasional in-person experience, Fetch Rewards offers optional quarterly onsites where employees participate in group activities and casual hangouts. 

Last year, Fetch Rewards doubled from 300 to almost 700 employees, and this year we’re expecting most of our hires to be for product management and design, engineering and revenue generation, which encompasses sales and partner development. We’re also anticipating additional creative marketing, paid media marketing, data analyst and people experience hires. 


Their remote work culture: Our employee-first culture means remote work is simple, fun and easy for our teams. When employees begin their journey at Fetch Rewards, they are sent a link to select their free office equipment. Then they are enrolled in “Fetch University,” an interactive learning and development portal that is expanding in 2022 to include ongoing professional and leadership development modules. We also provide employees with unique Slack integrations that incentivize and reward teamwork, facilitate diversity and inclusion discussions in our employee resource groups, or that randomly match members of different teams for virtual coffee meetups. Love pets or the state you live in? We have Slack channels for that, too. 

Daily communication is equally fast and convenient. We leverage Google Workspace, Jira and other project management tools for live collaboration. Zoom and Google Hangouts are seamlessly integrated into employee calendars so you’re only one click away from easily scheduling one-on-ones with colleagues and leaders. 



Evann Welty
People Operations Associate, DEIB Advocate • andros


What they do: Healthtech company andros uses data and software to build technology designed to make it easier for healthcare networks to expand and simplify credentialing and compliance.


andros’ current remote workforce: We made a quick switch to a fully remote-first and friendly culture in 2020. This transition was easier than expected because of our uniquely transparent style of communication, which allowed us to build upon our inclusive working culture. We have no plans to stop growing our remote workforce, and it’s exciting to see how many great and talented people have joined us from all over the nation. We went from having employees in only two states to having employees in more than 28 states and counting in 2022.


Their remote work culture: Our remote culture is collaborative, supportive and fun. Every team has a unique operating style, but as a company we connect on a weekly basis with an all-hands meeting where we receive transparent companywide updates and give shoutouts to our stellar teammates. 

Inclusion and mental and physical wellness are also part of our core values at andros. We have an employee-led book club where we read a book by an author of color and participate in a monthly discussion. We look forward to launching our ERGs and continuing to host DEI events and activities throughout the year. We are also excited to kick off our February wellness challenge, a virtual team wellness bingo activity. As a company, we all collectively contribute to a culture of feeling excited to come to work.



Conductor Team in Times Square


Tamba Aghailas
Director of Talent Acquisition • Conductor

What they do: Conductor is an SEO and content marketing platform marketers use to create content that gets noticed by search engines and answers questions and helps solve problems for real people.


Conductor’s current remote workforce: Conductor is a New York-based SaaS business focused on helping companies deliver customer-first content to grow their revenue and brand presence. About 73 percent of our workforce is based out of the NYC office, 21 percent is remotely based across the United States and 6 percent is in the United Kingdom. Although the majority of our team is NYC-based, we are excited to meet with applicants for certain roles across the United States. We support 100 percent remote work for employees outside of commuting distance to New York City.  


Their remote work culture: Conductor is a mission-driven, people-focused company. We’re not just here to do a job. We’re here to make an impact — on our customers, on each other and on our industry. To keep our team connected, engaged and supported, we provide generous employee benefits and host regular virtual events. These include a weekly all-hands meeting where we celebrate wins, share stories and progress against goals, ask leadership questions, introduce new hires, and more. Conductor also has monthly tech and sprint demos where engineers showcase their latest product advances. Our quarterly town halls provide updates on the business and the progress we’re making toward our vision.

Additionally, Conductor’s virtual DEI activities drive awareness and foster inclusivity and are led by our internal Conductor resource groups. Our Slack Donut coffee chats give Conductors the chance to connect with colleagues they otherwise might not interact with. We also encourage all Conductors — both those working remote and in-person — to prioritize their well-being with our resources, including gym membership discounts, mental health benefits and employee assistance programs.



Quartet Health Team Photo
Quartet Health


Khetam Sukkar
Manager, Care Navigation • Quartet Health


What they do: Quartet Health has built a platform designed to enable people to access quality mental healthcare faster. In addition to making it easier for doctors to refer their patients for care and for patients themselves to sign up for services, Quartet’s platform can also proactively identify people who could benefit from mental health care.


Quartet Health’s current remote workforce: Quartet began in New York City, but today more than half of our team lives outside the New York City area. We are excited for the opportunity to grow our team and are currently hiring for remote roles across market operations, technology, people and care navigation. Each of these roles is a vital part of how we deliver for our patients and clients. Every function makes a significant contribution to Quartet and our mission to quickly deliver quality mental health care.


Their remote work culture: Everyone who joins the company is mission-driven, and this is one of the fundamental factors that bonds us together. Although we are remote, a culture of belonging and inclusion unites us. Providing communication forums and transparency ensures all voices are heard and allows us to feel connected to Quartet and our mission. Recently, the patient operations team hosted a remote offsite to promote collaboration. We focused on initiatives for the year, however, it didn’t only consist of work. We had games planned throughout, including a virtual escape room, which led to some healthy competition for the prizes at stake. 

We also have employee resource groups that help foster a diverse and inclusive remote environment and a culture committee that develops programming to increase engagement and bring our Quartet values to life. We recently launched “city leads” in 10 cities across the country to provide an opportunity for in-person gatherings for remote Quartetians. 



Bombora Team Zoom Call


Amy Cridlebaugh
VP Human Resources • Bombora


What they do: Bombora has built technology designed to tell B2B sales and marketing teams which companies are actively interested in their products and services. It does this using “intent data,” which is comprised of search data and content views, with the idea being that this information enables marketers and salespeople to identify and reach out to the hottest prospects at the right time.


Bombora’s current remote workforce: We have doubled in size over the past 18 months and now have employees in 29 states. Prior to 2020, about 30 percent of our employees worked from home offices. Since then, we’ve adopted a fully hybrid structure. For us, hybrid means that employees are allowed to choose if they wish to work in the office, from home or a combination of both. We find this flexibility helps all teams, from software engineers, customer success folks, HR and other support functions. Employees gain a better work-life balance by cutting out commuting time and end up being more productive, too.  

Meeting face to face is also important, however, so we try to bring teams together whenever feasible. Hackathons, all-hands meetings and team working sessions all take place in person at one of our offices in Denver, Reno or NYC. Our hope is that teams will be able to meet face to face two to four times a year so that they can collaborate in person and get to know each other on a personal level. This will help strengthen team bonds and that feeling of belonging while allowing people to continue working remotely as much as they wish.


Their remote work culture: We are fully invested in hybrid working and love the flexibility it offers our teams. But we also know that being remote can lead to employees feeling less connected to their colleagues. With this in mind, we have invested heavily in collaboration software to connect employees. We have very active Slack communities and use tools like Pingboard, Confluence and Google Workspace to make it easier for people to collaborate. 

We also recently launched a system called Lattice to manage weekly one-on-ones between managers and employees as well as quarterly check-in meetings focused on an employee’s progress toward their career goals. Lattice is great for giving team shout outs and kudos, too, and we also use it for pulse surveys to stay in touch with how our people are feeling. 



Tara Sussman
VP of Human Resources • Bluecore


What they do: Bluecore’s retail marketing platform is designed to enable marketers to more quickly act on digital buying signals. When signals are received, Bluecore uses predictive data analytics to automatically craft and execute campaigns around them.


Bluecore’s current remote workforce: We are now a remote-first company with more than 350 team members across the United States and India, and we offer employees the option to work in our New York City headquarters on occasion. Bluecore gained unicorn status last year with a $1 billion dollar valuation and continues to grow. Being a customer-centric SaaS organization, most of our openings are in sales, customer success and engineering. As we expand our business, we also have some exciting new positions open on our marketing team as well.


Their remote work culture: We are proud of our remote-first culture, which is grounded in our “#onebluecore” values of flexibility, inclusiveness and trust. Team members can work from where they feel most productive because we measure outcomes, not face time. That said, we do enjoy getting together sometimes to brainstorm and solve problems.

A few ways we stay connected are through weekly all-hands meetings, participation in fun Slack channels like “#bluecorecooks,” quarterly trivia nights and company-sponsored team events. In terms of support, Bluecore provides a monthly reimbursement for remote work and wellness needs like office supplies, exercise classes, massages and more. We also have active DEI and employee resource groups that provide safe spaces for people to connect. Additionally, the HR team is always keeping a pulse on engagement through surveys — feedback is extremely valued and heard — so that we can continue to build a positive and inclusive culture as we scale.



Kinetik logo at the office


Mahbub Rahman
Chief Technology Officer • Kinetik


What they do: Healthtech company Kinetik is bringing technology to the non-emergency medical transport industry. Its APIs and products are intended to streamline and simplify the billing process for transportation providers and make it easier for transportation brokers to manage their fleet.


Kinetik’s current remote workforce: About 60 percent of our workforce is currently remote and makes occasional visits to our New York office. We are back to our pre-Covid-19 levels of physical office attendance. Our team is very much familiar and used to working remotely without any impact on productivity as we were hiring for remote positions prior to the pandemic. Having said that, there are roles that we prefer to be in-person or hybrid based on the specific department and the team. 

One of our goals for 2022 is to allocate more resources to the recruiting team. We have hired internal recruiters to further improve our hiring process and outreach efforts to attract both local and remote candidates. Some of the roles we are actively hiring for include senior software engineer, software engineer II, solutions architect, product manager and sales development representative. 


Their remote work culture: Communication is very important in any organization but more so in a company where more than half of the workforce is remote. We use Slack mainly for internal company communication and our internal teams are independent in terms of assessing the different processes and tools they want to use. We have teams that prefer active meeting rooms during work hours to have easy access to one another, and there are also teams who stick to daily standup calls to plan and stay on top of ongoing projects.

We use the Nectar platform as a way to recognize collaborative accomplishments on a day-to-day basis. It’s a great way to show appreciation for our team members who are helping each other reach their goals. Very recently we have started doing random coffee generators where employees from different departments are matched together to talk about anything else other than work. There are other platforms that we use to promote remote activities, such as meditation, live events, mindfulness practices and even yoga classes.



Lithic Team Zoom Call


Hebba Youssef
Head of People • Lithic


What they do: Lithic’s technology is used by businesses to issue company credit cards and manage expenses and disbursements.


Lithic’s current remote workforce: Lithic is a remote-first company and we recognize that great talent is spread all over the world, so that is where we are looking! Lithic is around 130 people with 60 percent of folks working remotely, and we span 47 cities, 19 states and three countries. In our most highly concentrated cities, NYC and San Francisco, we encourage our staff to meet up if they feel safe and comfortable doing so. We also have an office in SoHo for employees who enjoy coworking.

We are hiring across almost all our teams but our biggest focus right now is growing engineering, revenue and marketing. As Lithic continues to grow and develop new products, we want to ensure our teams are able to scale to support that growth.


Their remote work culture: Our work culture is built upon the idea that everyone should feel included regardless of their location. With that in mind, we focus on communication and inclusive programming to ensure employees feel connected, engaged and supported. We use Slack, Notion, asynchronous work and video calls to get to know each other and for collaboration. We host a weekly companywide all-hands to give updates on key initiatives, progress against our company goals and to introduce new hires, and the Zoom chat is always full of chatter. The people team is always looking for new ways to engage with our employees, understanding that each one is unique in how they prefer to communicate. 

Programming is core to the employee experience, and we do monthly virtual events like paint nights, trivia and cooking classes to bring everyone together. We accommodate for time zones, schedules and preferences, and each employee has the freedom to opt in or out. Fingers crossed we will be able to safely gather all employees in one location this year for a fun company retreat!



Andrew Bernstein
Senior Manager, GTM Talent Acquisition • SiteRx


What they do: SiteRx has developed software to give doctors and patients alternative treatment options. SiteRx’s technology integrates into a doctor’s electronic health records system and alerts them when a patient is a possible match for a clinical trial.


SiteRx’s current remote workforce: We currently employ individuals in our NYC headquarters as well as remotely, with a majority of our employees located outside of NYC in almost all 50 states. As we grow, we’ll look to maintain a healthy balance of in-office and remote employees on each team and be increasingly mindful of differing time zones. We offer remote flexibility to nearly every team, from go-to-market to our technical and general and administrative teams!


Their remote work culture: We engage our remote workforce by remaining communicative and transparent as we grow. Our frequent company all-hands meetings help everyone stay and feel connected, as do individual team video syncs and our one-on-one “coffee with the CEO” chats, which are available to anyone at SiteRx. We make our in-office holiday parties and major celebrations available to those who are unable to attend in person using Google Meet. Our company offsite in Charleston, South Carolina, in September 2021 was also a great opportunity for us to work on team-building and socialize in person!



Welcome Team Zoom Call


Brigid Wixted
Head of Talent & Culture • Welcome


What they do: Welcome is a tool for people team leaders to both benchmark and communicate compensation plans to candidates and employees. Its tech provides a detailed breakdown of a compensation plan and how it will increase in value over time, including the total dollar value of perks and benefits and company equity.


Welcome’s current remote workforce: Our team is currently in different pockets across the country. At the moment, we are pretty evenly split between the West Coast and East Coast with a few folks in between, and we are actually hoping to increase our Midwest representation even more this year! 

We have plans to keep hiring people from wherever home is for our candidates, a strategy that has allowed us to continue growing while landing talented people. We are growing in each department with our biggest focus being engineering and sales. Both of these teams currently span coast to coast and have established operating principles on how to work cohesively to keep building and selling amazing products.  


Their remote work culture: As a people leader, it’s really refreshing to work with a team that is eager to participate in and help grow a remote culture. Everyone here at Welcome makes an effort to engage with one another, whether it’s in our weekly randomized coffee chats or all-hands team meetings. We consistently celebrate our wins as one team and reflect on our losses as one team. This has allowed new folks to become part of the team really quickly. 

We do our best to hang out remotely with one another without feeling Zoom fatigue. One of my favorite things that we do is our “welcome wagon.” Every time a new person starts, the entire company gathers to introduce themselves and gives us their stance on a hot take like, “Does pineapple belong on pizza?” Hint: The answer is yes. 

We also have a program where each new employee is paired with a team member from a different department to meet informally and get to know one another. It’s hard to foster meaningful relationships outside of your team in the remote world and we do all we can to help facilitate this.



Carolina Zapata
Talent Acquisition Team • SwagUp


What they do: Creating branded swag can be time-consuming, which is why SwagUp has built a platform to do the heavy lifting for companies. SwagUp handles all aspects of the swag creation process, from design to inventory management and shipping.


SwagUp’s current remote workforce: SwagUp currently has more than 200 employees globally, with most spread across the U.S. Our operations team is concentrated in Piscataway, New Jersey, where our warehouse is located, and our leadership and other key teams call Miami home. We have ambitious hiring initiatives across all teams in 2022, and it’s an incredible time to be part of the SwagUp team! 

Our product team is hiring product managers, UX/UI designers and technical writers of all skill levels, while our data team is hiring data analysts, data engineers and data scientists. Our engineering team is hiring software engineers of all levels along with leadership and management roles. Within our corporate division, teams including marketing, sales, people and culture, and finance are all actively recruiting for key positions.


Their remote work culture: At SwagUp, we believe that the employee experience is just as important as the client experience. And since we were early adopters of the remote-first work model, we’ve had some time to test and implement some very successful engagement strategies. In addition to regularly scheduled companywide all-hands meetings, all teams meet regularly via video chat, and the SwagUp team participates in real-time fitness and wellness events through the Bright app.

SwagUp is a video-on culture, which we believe helps us all feel more connected. We also use Slack’s Donut app to randomly pair folks for quick meetings and host both in-person and virtual events. It’s been really fun to see our remote team members meet up organically when traveling. 

We’re particularly proud of our onboarding program, which gives our newest team members insight into our organizational structure through meetings with key leaders who provide a better understanding of how each of our teams work together. Of course, onboarding isn’t all work and no play. We make sure to include casual lunch sessions and fun games to keep our new folks engaged and excited about their place on our team.



Jess Haber
VP, Talent Acquisition • Angi


What they do: Angi is a marketplace that connects homeowners to vetted and local contractors, home cleaning companies, repair services and more.


Angi’s current remote workforce: We have people working in almost every major city in the U.S. and believe it’s critical to foster an inclusive and collaborative environment where everyone feels connected to each other across the country. We’ve introduced standards and practices to ensure people stay connected as we continue to hire remotely and believe our team members are successful wherever they work. 

We will recruit from across the U.S. for our many open senior software engineer, engineering manager and senior product manager roles. We are excited after our rebrand to Angi last March to work on scaling our platform and integrating features to best serve homeowners across the U.S.. As our team continues to grow and scale, we become closer in achieving our mission of becoming the home for everything home. 


Their remote work culture: We all commit to joining meetings via personal laptops, even if some people are in the same geographic location or office, as this ensures that all teammates have the same meeting experience. We frequently develop events for our remote workforce, such as a family-friendly magic show, pet introductions, happy hours for meeting new colleagues and yoga and breathwork experiences. 

We also host biweekly HQ team fireside chats where team members are given firsthand information about our goals and accomplishments and opportunities to interact with leadership during Q&A sessions. Regular Zoom touch bases are scheduled on a team-by-team basis and individuals are celebrated for living out our core values.



Boost Office


Jules Weeber
VP, People • Boost


What they do: Boost’s white label technology enables any company to offer its customers branded digital insurance products, which include renters insurance, pet health insurance and commercial cyber insurance.


Boost’s current remote workforce: Boost has a hybrid workforce and the team in our NYC headquarters works in a hybrid setup. Our team outside the NYC metro area is fully remote.


Their remote work culture: Communication is key! Leveraging tools like Slack, Zoom, Shortcut and Notion works wonders to keep our team closely connected and collaborative. Setting clear expectations, gathering feedback and being flexible helps keep us on the same page in achieving our goals. We hold company meetings, lunches, coffee breaks, check-ins and events to bring everyone together and connect, both in-person and virtually.


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