How Local Tech Teams Have Embraced the Hybrid Work Model

Ethic and CoreWeave have adopted hybrid work models that give their team members flexibility and chances to be together.

Written by Cathleen Draper
Published on Oct. 10, 2022
How Local Tech Teams Have Embraced the Hybrid Work Model
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It’s happening: the future of work is here.

According to Zippia, 74 percent of U.S. companies have already embraced a hybrid work model or are planning to implement one. 

Hybrid work, well, works well for a number of reasons. 

Accenture’s The Future of Work report recently found people enjoy being onsite for easier access to technology, in-person collaboration, a sense of routine and a refreshing space to ideate. But they also enjoy working remotely for a better quality of life, more autonomy, and they tend to have an established work-from-home space and access to the tech they need to get through the day. Hybrid work offers the best of both worlds.

At Ethic, employees punch in from across the United States and beyond, and Ethic makes it easy for them with company-provided laptops and a stipend to set up their home office. 

But the company still maintains an office in New York City with a brand-new space that’s equipped to handle a hybrid workforce. 

“There is more than enough work space to accommodate any team members who wish to drop by,” Associate Director of People Operations Jennie LaCourt said. “Open areas promote collaboration, and we have conference rooms equipped with tools that bridge the gap between in-person and remote attendees to maximize engagement.” Let’s not forget about the office movie room, too.

While many Ethic team members choose to work in the office, there’s no requirement for team members to be in person.

“Our workplace policies reflect our understanding that everyone’s needs and priorities are different,” LaCourt said. “Team members are afforded the flexibility to work at their preferred times and locations.”

Employees at CoreWeave have similar flexibility. Built In NYC found out more about Ethic and CoreWeave’s hybrid work policies and what the model looks like in practice. Good news: both companies are hiring.


Ethic employees pose for a group photo


Jennie LaCourt
Associate Director, People Operations • Ethic


What they do: Ethic is a tech-driven asset manager and investment advisor that delivers personalized investment solutions to its clients.


Down in Tribeca: Ethic’s new digs are in Tribeca, a vibrant neighborhood in downtown Manhattan. It’s surrounded by financial firms, media companies and design agencies. “It feels like a natural fit for Ethic,” LaCourt said. Employees can enjoy the private rooftop and take a midday break at local parks with views of the Hudson River, art installations, and walking and running paths.

Team members who don’t take a walk in the park during their lunch can find an array of food options nearby. “Sustainability is important to us, and Tribeca has an impressive selection of restaurants offering delicious plant-based and locally-sourced cuisine.”


Celebrate each other: Ethic regularly hosts events to celebrate employees, and they are especially important after time apart. “It’s important for us to focus on the ties that bind our people together and recognize our team’s invaluable contributions to advancing our broader mission,” LaCourt said.

Food is an important part of Ethic’s culture. The company hosts catered team events at area rooftop farms, and there’s often impromptu cooking in the office kitchen. Ethic’s team is diverse, and an informal but popular form of celebration is the “chef in residence” rotation where Ethic team members prepare traditional cuisine from their respective cultures.

Beyond celebrating team members and their backgrounds, the company celebrates learning, growing and reflecting. “Ethic offers opportunities for team members to come together and explore topics that are important to them,” LaCourt said. Ethic’s Women’s Affinity Group meets monthly to discuss issues affecting women in the workplace and wider world. They do this while bonding through activities like major league baseball games or yoga classes. The  diversity, equity and inclusion working group meets monthly to reflect on pressing issues like the gender and racial wealth gaps.



Michelle O’Rourke
HR Generalist • CoreWeave


What they do: Coreweave’s cloud provides enterprise scale with the flexibility of a startup to help creators and innovators work more efficiently.


A chance to connect: CoreWeave’s approach to hybrid work is all about flexibility. Some employees spend five days a week in the office, while others only come in three or four days. “This works well for us as an organization since other team members live across the country,” O’Rourke said. “It gives our local employees the ability to make the in-person connections they need or want.”

Brooklyn’s Finest: CoreWeave’s three offices are in Navy Yard in Brooklyn, the Center City neighborhood in Philadelphia and Roseland, New Jersey. All three offices are surrounded by amazing eateries according to O’Rourke, which makes catered lunches for in-person employees a breeze.

Come Together: A hybrid policy gives the CoreWeave team more chances to celebrate. Team members come together for lunch, a massage therapist visits the office every week, and there’s plenty of after-hours outings like picnics and baseball games. “We never missed a beat,” O’Rourke said.



Responses have been edited for length and clarity. Images via listed companies and Shutterstock.

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