7 of the hottest holiday parties in NYC tech

Written by Fergal Gallagher
Published on Dec. 18, 2015
7 of the hottest holiday parties in NYC tech

Dreaded by many, loved by others, and as inevitable as death and taxes is the annual office holiday party. Once you’ve managed to get a Secret Santa gift for your co-worker (it’s ok to just get a bottle of wine, again), and avoid any drunken romantic advances, the holiday party can be a great chance to relax with colleagues and have a bit of fun with the people you see everyday. Like everyone else, NYC’s techies have been partying over the last few weeks and we’ve taken a look at what some of the city’s startups got up to.

Digital agency Huge splashed out on a big bash in Brooklyn. More than 800 people gathered at the Grand Prospect Hall where break-dancers started off the entertainment before the masses took the floor.


Moven took their holiday on the road this year. The New York crew boarded a bus to Philly, where most of the engineering team is based. They look pretty enthusiastic on the bus, so no doubt a fun night was had by all. (We presume the guy in the shades woke up for the party). 


Zype decided to keep the party close to home in the New York office. Both staff and clients look to have had a good time with all the Christmas themed props though.


Sprinklr’s software helps companies run their social media. It’s obviously a creative workforce as proven by the results of a gingerbread house building competition at the office party. We particularly like this effort, which went for a McDonald’s themed house.


We know these guys are big on holiday parties. In the NYC office, Taboola employees took a break from the hectic schedule of ad tech for a party last week. By the looks of things the photo booth on site was a big hit with the staff.


Staff at ZocDoc, when not creating a website to help people find and book neighborhood doctors, are obviously a festive bunch. The New York office has seen an outbreak of ugly holiday sweaters which these employees are wearing proudly.

The staff at Percolate were in good spirits at their annual bash in Tropical 128 on the Lower East Side. Choosing a space outside the office gave team members time to shoot some pool before the festivities really began.

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